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Mekabolt Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 2/10.
Estimated time to Platinum: 30 Minutes – 1 Hour.
Missable Trophies: None.
Glitched Trophies: None.
Difficulty related: None.


Welcome to Mekabolt Trophy Guide!

Mekabolt was developed by somepx and has been ported to the PSN by Ratalaika Games. The game itself is a Pixel Art style puzzle platformer.
You take control of a “Theme Park Technician who has only her trusty Mekabolt weapon to shoot and deactivate the out of control robots”.


All of the trophies themselves will come through natural play and in the same order for everyone playing the game. The Platinum Trophy can be earned in no time at all and without even finishing the game; there is also chapter select available for you to replay the levels should you wish after obtaining all the trophies.

Step 1: Play through the first 48 levels.
I highly recommend you play the game without the aid of a walkthrough, as it is an extremely easy game that in all honesty does not require a Trophy Guide. All Trophies will come through natural gameplay and none of them are missable.
You will simply need to play the first 48 levels and collect the Battery within each one, with each level taking approximately 30-45 seconds to complete.
Youll be earning these trophies naturally through gameplay:

Bronze Lift me up
Bronze Bouncy
Silver Dangerous
Gold Starting
Gold Deserted
Gold Steping on spears
Gold Not friendly
Gold A good amount
Gold What was this created for?
Gold I can fly!
Gold Speleology
Gold Its on fire
Gold Cant see any use for this one
Gold Collector
40-platinum Platinum Mekabolt

You can also follow this video if you prefer a visual explanation of the game.


2L1ac2b7Platinum Mekabolt
Get all other trophies

As with all Platinum Trophies, you will earn this one automatically when you have earned all of the other trophies.

22Lff65e1Lift me up
Meet the Flying Robot

Earned automatically within the third level of the game. Shoot the flying Robot to put it into a daze and then stand on it to be lifted up to the platform you need to reach.

Meet the robot to jump

Earned automatically within the fourth level of the game. When you shoot and daze the bouncy Robot you will be able to push it along to be able to get it to the right place for advancing in the level.

Meet the shooter robot

Earned automatically within the ninth level of the game. The shooter Robot will shoot fire balls that will roll along the floor. These Robots will be needed to destroy some obstacles in the levels on occasions. You can also change the direction the fire by shooting the Robot itself.

2L1ac2b7Steping on spearsGold
Meet the spear throwing robot

Earned automatically within the thirteenth level of the game. Shoot the spear Robot to have them fire spears for you to jump onto when trying to reach a section. The spears themselves will also kill you, so be careful when you first shoot at the robot.

2L1ac2b7Not friendlyGold
Meet the bomb dropper robot

Earned automatically within the eighteenth level of the game. The bomb dropper Robot will rotate on its’ axis firing alternate shots down, then up. Wait for the bomb dropper Robot to fire a shot before choosing to moving above or beneath it.

2L1ac2b7What was this created for?Gold
Meet the cactus

Earned automatically within the twenty-fifth level of the game. The Cactus with the red dot on can be used as a step to reach a higher level. Simply shoot the Cactus and then jump onto it.
Be careful though, as the Cactus will return to normal after a short time and kill you.

2L1ac2b7I can fly!Gold
Meet the wind maker robot

Earned automatically within the twenty-ninth level of the game. The wind maker Robot will enable you to float above it and reach higher areas.

2L1ac2b7Cant see any use for this oneGold
Meet the flying robot with a spike

Earned automatically within the forty-first level of the game. You cannot use these robots to your advantage unfortunately. You will need to avoid them, or shoot them to proceed past.

2L1ac2b7Its on fireGold
Find a flamethrower

Earned automatically within the thirty-seventh level of the game. Simply avoid the flame and wait for it to disappear before trying to proceed past it.

Unlock desert

The Desert will be unlocked upon collecting 12 batteries.

Unlock caves

The Desert will be unlocked upon collecting 36 batteries. If you continue playing the first world until the end, this trophy will unlock half way through the Desert World.

Get 12 batteries

Complete the first 12 levels within the first world and this trophy will be yours.

2L1ac2b7A good amountGold
Get 24 batteries

Collecting 24 Batteries is simple within this game. You can continue within the first world, or move to the Desert World after collecting the first 12.

Get 48 batteries

The last trophy before the Platinum. Once you have completed the Desert World this trophy will unlock.


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