Marvel’s Spider-Man: Silver Lining Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 2/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 5 – 6 hours
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    Difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 1


    Welcome to the Marvel’s Spider-Man: Silver Lining Trophy Guide!

    The epic conclusion to the City That Never Sleeps is at hand, now with Hammerhead seemingly taken care of and the gang war coming to a close there can’t be much for a superhero to do right? In the closing to Turf War, we find out Hammerhead has more planted than he can be given credit for and like any “patient” Maggia Hammerhead will wait to bring the glory days of the Maggia back.

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    Step 1: The City That Never Sleeps Part 3: Silver Lining
    Enter into the conclusion of the CTNS DLC with Silver Lining, where unlike alliances are forged and a familiar face returns to aid the Spider when all seems lost. Conclude the ambitions of the Maggia Mob Boss Hammerhead and save the city in CTNS Silver Lining.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:


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    Step 2: Challenge Completed… Finally!
    Unfortunately, once again you will be tasked with taking on the challenges set by Screwball, and finally catching her.

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

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    Step 3: The City can Finally Sleep Soundly
    Now with the city safe from the Maggia, you will want to complete all the little things that you might have left in order to obtain the 100%

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:

    The City Sleeps
    The Wages of War

    Tips and Strategies:

    Once you have constructed the Advanced Suit you will be prompted that you can access the City That Never Sleeps. Any time after this you can go into the menu and pick to load into one of the DLC packs.

    Please refer to the Base Game Guide for information on Tips and Strategies.

    Once you complete the mission Trust Issues you will get the 3 Olympus Hidouts added to the map.

    Trophy Guide:

    The City Sleeps
    100% Complete CTNS: Silver Lining

    Much like the other parts of the CTNS DLC, you will be required to complete it 100%, this means that you will need to complete the campaign of Silver Lining and fully complete each of the 4 districts to 100%, which are:

    • Financial District
    • Chinatown
    • Greenwich
    • Midtown

    Like the previous DLC, you will have similar things, in The Silver Lining however you have:

    • Hammerhead Crimes
    • Screwball Challenges
    • Olympus Hideouts
    • Crime Scene Recordings
    • 2 Side Missions

    Once you have completed the campaign, just complete the 4 Districts and claim the trophy for The City Sleeps.

    Get Spectacular or better in all Screwball Challenges

    Upon completing the mission Old Friend you will get contacted by Screwball telling you to start the Season 3 event. Head over to the marked location and like the other times you will get all of the challenges added to your map. Complete the first one to move the story on, this time like the other CTNS DLC has 5 challenges which are highlighted below.

    Marvel's Spider-Man: Silver Lining Trophy Guide - Screwball Challenges

    Like the other times, you will not need anything higher in rank than a Spectacular.

    Complete the “Old Friends” Mission

    This is the first trophy you will obtain in CTNS Silver Lining. When you start the DLC you will be swinging through Manhattan towards your mission, once you get there beat up a good few Maggia and battle Silver Sable before finishing the mission.

    Complete the Screwball Chase

    Upon completing all the challenges in the Silver Lining DLC you will need to locate the party Screwball is throwing for her fans. Conveniently Miles will call and be set the task of finding Screwball. Just hang around the city or complete a mission or two to give Miles the time to find your target. Once he finds Screwball he will let you know to head over to the north Financial District where a side mission called Wrap Party has been added. Head over to the party and you will end up having to chase down Screwball. She will put obstacles in your way like bombs that you will need to throw away from people, and drones that make it hard to get close to her, in addition to this you will need to complete the photo event or have to retry. Once the drones are dispatched you will be able to get close and catch her, completing the mission and getting the trophy.

    Complete the “One Plus One Equals Win” Mission

    This is the final mission in Silver Lining and the one where you will finally dispense “justice” to Hammerhead. Once you have sorted out tech support for the battle, Hammerhead will show up and you will need to restrain him so that he can be weakened. You do this by webbing him up and hitting his knees, then holding him in place. After a few of these instances, Hammerhead will add shields to himself, which you will need to disable in order to attack him. You do this by throwing bombs that are dropped at him, then it is just a case of webbing him up and attacking again. After the credits, the trophy for this and The City Sleeps will unlock if you have completed all districts.

    The Wages of War
    Complete the “Aiding a Human” Mission

    Once you have completed the Olympus Hideouts you will get a call from David saying he thinks he is being followed and then it will cut off. At this point, a new mission will appear on your map in East Financial District. There is a list below for the Olympus Hideouts.

    Head over to the mission to find David being attacked by a group of Hammerhead’s men. Take them out and more will spawn in, once you take all the enemies out the mission will end after a cut scene and your trophy will unlock.

    Complete the “Scales of Justice” Mission

    Upon returning from the Sewer you will get a mission called Mysterious Mystery. This will be designated by some yellow and black police tape in front of Spider-Man when you take back control. You will need to collect all 9 of the reports that will be added to your map as a magnifying glass. Once all 9 are collected you will get a mission called Scales of Justice located in Midtown. When you reach the location you will find a victim tied to a pipe by yellow and black tape with a lot of case files at his feet. Listen to what’s going on and once it’s over the trophy will unlock.

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