Marvel’s Spider-Man Corrupted Student Locations Guide

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    Welcome to our Marvel’s Spider-Man Corrupted Student Locations Guide, this will also serve as a guide for the Schooled trophy for our Spider-Man Trophy Guide. For this mission set, you will need to complete 5 missions for Philip Chang a student at ESU. He will ask you to find some missing students after the Party mission, Back to School. Each mission has the image that Chang sends you so you can work it out more easily than looking at the one in the game.

    College Buddies

    Spider-Man Corrupted Student Locations Guide - image 1

    The first of the Student missions is straightforward and will start your journey to finding all the Corrupted Students. This location will point you to the Financial District, specifically the very south and on the rooftops.

    There is the Statue of Liberty in the background of the image which will be the main location that you will want to find. in addition to this, it is shown as an elevated location off the ground and a building on the waterfront. This is enough to go on to find.

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    When you get to the location highlighted on the map or close enough to see the flames on the building Spidey will make a comment and getting close to the building will make the mission progress. The next part of the mission is simply just subduing the corrupted students, there are 10 corrupted students at this location.

    Tick Tock

    For the second of the Student missions, you will head back to ESU and talk to Chang. This time you get a photo of the Elevated Rail lines. If you know New York or have been swinging around the city you will probably know that they are only in one location, Harlem.

    From the image, we can see that there is only an Elevated Rail Line, which is predominately in Harlem, we can also see that there is a station, which is all we should need. Spidey will chime in saying that it’s on the Weast Side of Harlem but really there are only 1 or 2 locations that you could go to for this one.

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    The image above is the station that is shown in the photo from Chang, to get to the required location you will need to head to the road under the station. Talk to a civilian and he will tell you that you need to head up the road, there are a total of 16 students at this encounter that you need to subdue.

    Over His Head

    The third mission is to rescue a corrupted student from Tombstones men. Kinda ironically you will still have an encounter with the corrupted student but by this point, you should be a master at subduing them. This one directs you to the Upper West Side and the park runs length of the district near the waterfront.

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    The image shows a Pergoda near some greenhouses which are the best landmarks that we get with this one. Fortunately, the Pergoda is actually on the map so it makes locating the point that much easier.

    Once there you will need to either utilise stealth or charge in and beat everyone up. There are a total of 10 Tombstone Thugs and 1 Corrupted Student.

    A Matter of Debate

    For the fourth mission, you will need to find the Debate Team who is missing. Thankfully you get a pretty distinctive landmark, and even someone who doesn’t live in New York should know it.

    The image shows the Brooklyn Bridge in the background, which is located on the East side of the Financial District. It’s hard to miss as it is the only bridge on the East side of the district, not to mention it is also a Landmark for Sightseeing. The actual location is between the on and off-ramp of the Bridge as illustrated below.

    This time you will need to protect the corrupted students from killing themselves by subduing them in battle. There are a total of 10 students that you will need to deal with, the catch is you only have 50 seconds to take them all out.

    Home Team Advantage

    For this final mission in the corrupted student missions, you will have to go up against the entirety of the ESU Football team, however, that is not all, you also have the Staff and Fans to deal with.

    Thankfully this is an easy location, just head outside of ESU and find the little park with the Arch, known as Washinton Square Arch.

    As stated, there are a bunch of students to take out in this encounter, and not just standard ones you will have brute-style enemies as well. To do this it is advised to use Web-Bombs, Impact Webbing and every trick you can to dispatch the corrupted easily.

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