Many Faces Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 2/10
Estimated time to platinum: 10/20 Minutes
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
difficulty related: None


Welcome to the Many FacesTrophy Guide! Blast your way through randomly generated levels to confront the Many Face King!


Step 1: Finish The Tutorial

You have to finish the tutorial in order to play the game normally. This will teach you all about hats and how to use the controls. Once it’s done, you’ll have a trophy and access to the main game.

You’ll be earning these trophies:

Gold Fast Learner

Step 2: Play The Game

The longest trophy is beating 3 bosses. A boss shows up every 4 levels. So you can keep playing to see how far you get, or at least play past level 4, on three different tries. After this step, you’ll have every single trophy.

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

Silver Funky Hat
Silver Creamy Enemy I
Gold Creamy Enemy II
Gold Creamy Enemy III
Silver Broken Heart I
Gold Broken Heart II
Gold Broken Heart III
Silver Step Dancer I
Gold Step Dancer II
Gold Step Dancer III
Gold Fluffy Boss I
Gold Fluffy Boss II
Gold Fluffy Boss III
40-platinum Many Dodos

Video Walkthrough

Trophy Guide:

Many Dodos
Unlock all other trophies.
Fast Learner Gold
Complete the tutorial.

This trophy is acquired from beating the tutorial. The tutorial can’t be skipped unfortunately. But it tells you about hats, and how to control the game.

Funky Hatupscale-245262160018212
Collect a hat (excluding tutorial).

For this trophy, you have to collect a hat, outside the tutorial. At the end of every level, a chest appears. You have to walk into it, to open it. Then a hat appears, and you walk into the hat to collect it!

Creamy Enemy Iupscale-245262160018212
Kill 5 enemies.

This trophy is obtained after you kill 5 Enemies. There are 4 to 6 enemies per level. So this will be unlocked on the second level! But there are reports that it pops after 8 instead of 5. Not a bad glitch, because it will pop none the less!

Creamy Enemy II Gold
Kill 24 enemies.

For this kill trophy, you have to eliminate 24 enemies! Now there are 4 to 6 enemies per level. So this will unlock anywhere around level 5. Luckily this is cumulative across all runs.

Creamy Enemy IIIGold
Kill 48 enemies.

To get this kill trophy, you have to kill 48 enemies! As there are 4 to 6 enemies in a level, this will unlock around level 8. Although if you die, this trophy is cumulative. So it will pop eventually!

Broken Heart Iupscale-245262160018212
Collect 1 heart.

This trophy requires you to collect 1 Heart. Hearts are dropped from enemies and they are used for health. Unfortunately, you have to take damage to collect a heart. After your first heart picks up, this trophy is yours.

Broken Heart IIGold
Collect 5 hearts.

In order to get this trophy, you have to collect 5 hearts! Hearts are dropped randomly from enemies upon death. But to pick up a heart, you need to have taken damage. This trophy is cumulative across runs. So once you get your 5th heart, you get this trophy.

Broken Heart IIIGold
Collect 10 hearts.

This might be one of your last trophies. You need to collect 10 hearts to get this trophy. Like the previous two health trophies, you have to have lost health before you can get a heart, and the trophy is cumulative across all runs!

Steep Dancer Iupscale-245262160018212
Beat stage 1.

For this trophy, all you have to do is beat stage 1. All this requires is defeating all enemies on screen, then the spaceship teleports you away!

Steep Dancer IIGold
Beat stage 2.

just like the last trophy, all this one requires is for you to beat level 2! After you defeat every enemy that appears, the level eventually ends once the spaceship comes and picks you up!

Steep Dancer IIIGold
Beat stage 3.

As with the other level related trophies, you have to just best the 3rd level! Once all the enemies are dead, the spaceship will eventually come around and zap you off, and this trophy will be yours!

Fluffy Boss IGold
Kill 1 boss.

For this trophy, you have to beat at least one boss. Bosses appear every 4 levels, and they’re always different. But the 1st boss is easy. It’s just a giant heart that bounces around the screen. It will shoot explosive hearts at you for its attack, and cause pillars to come out of the ground. If you roll through all these attacks, you’ll take no damage. When it’s almost dead, it will bounce around very fast and attack a bit faster. But once it’s dead, the trophy is yours.

Fluffy Boss IIGold
Kill 2 bosses.

This trophy requires you to beat 2 bosses. Luckily, this is cumulative, so you can kill the 1st boss, again and again, refer toGold Fluffy Boss I for info on the boss.

Fluffy Boss IIIGold
Kill 3 bosses.

Getting this trophy, means you just have to kill 3 bosses. Luckily this is cumulative across all runs, so you can beat the 1st boss 3 times. Unfortunately that means beating level 4 again and again and again. Refer to Gold Fluffy Boss I for info on the boss, or look below for a full trophy run of the game!


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