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Maneater Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 3/10.
Estimated time to Platinum: 10 – 15 Hours.
Trophies: 33. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 6 / Silver 6 / Bronze 20 .
Missable trophies: None.
Glitched trophies: None.
Difficulty related: None.
Playthrough: N/A


Welcome to the Maneater Trophy Guide!
Your mother has been killed, and you got tossed into the sea after being cut from her. Now you’re hellbent on revenge. Swim through many areas, eating fish, getting bigger, and hating humans!


Step 1: Finish the story!
The first step will be working through the story of the game. It is possible to get everything done before you finish the last story mission, so the trophy pops when you beat it. So you can do that if you’d like, but for this guide, we’ll split it into two things. One thing I recommend is using the Shadow Teeth once you unlock them! As they are fantastic. I used mostly Bio-Electric body parts myself, except for my teeth, and it worked wonders for me. After this step, you’ll have most of the trophies done!

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze Survivor
Bronze Learn to Swim
Bronze Growing Up
Bronze On Your Own
Silver Wiser
Gold Ocean Terror
Bronze Adaptation
Bronze Gator Meat
Bronze Delicious
Bronze Shark on Shark Violence
Bronze Pound It
Bronze This Is My Movie
Bronze Tricks Didn’t Help Ya
Bronze I Thought You Were Tough
Gold The New Apex Predator
Silver Survived Again
Gold Vengeance Is Mine
Silver Infamy Level 1

Step 2: Clear every area to 100%
Now it’s time to go back to every single area and get the collectibles. Each area related trophy has a nice little map to go along with it! When you’re at Mega Growth, you get to hit L2 for 3 extra mid air jumps. So don’t forget this. It makes getting some collectibles very easy! After this step, you’ll be down to only a couple more trophies!

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Silver New Breed
Bronze Dominating The Bayou
Bronze Queen Of The Wasteland
Bronze Tourist Terror
Bronze Dropping Property Values
Bronze Vacation From Hell
Bronze Entertained To Death
Bronze Ruler Of The Deep
Gold Queen Of The Ocean
Silver Deep Sea Explorer
Bronze Garbage Collector
Gold Tourist

Step 3: Infamy grind
In the odd chance you haven’t reached Infamy Rank 10 yet, now is the time to do the kind of boring grind. But luckily, after this, you’ll have a platinum! So slap on some music to make it a bit easier, and enjoy eating people and popping that shiny trophy!

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
Gold Science Experiment
Silver Infamy Level 10

40-platinum Platinum

Trophy Guide:

Obtain all other trophies

Obtain all other trophies

Survive Birth

After the tutorial, you get this trophy automatically!

Learned To Swim
Complete the tutorial

This is for finishing the tutorial!

Growing Up
Reach Teen Growth

This comes automatically as you work your way through the story. You evolve at level 4 to a Teen.

On Your Own
Reached Adult Growth

Once you reach level 10 and get back to your grotto, you’ll age to an adult. This will also come naturally through the story.

Wiser upscale-245262160018212
Reached Elder Growth

After you complete the story in Sapphire Bay, and reach level 20, next time you’re in a grotto, you’ll age up to be an elder shark!

Ocean Terror Gold
Reached Mega Growth

When you reach level 30, and you’re in the Prosperity Sands area, you’ll need to go back to your grotto to be able to age up to a Mega Shark!

Evolve for the first time

You get your first evolution as part of the story to make your sonar better!

New Breed upscale-245262160018212
Acquire 50% of available evolutions

This trophy is for getting 50% of all available body mutations. This will come naturally as you get collectibles, and finish quests.

Science Experiment Gold
Acquire 100% of available evolutions

This is for getting all of the Mutations possible. This will come naturally as you clear all the side quests, the story, and get all the collectibles in the world! You also have to reach Infamy Rank 10 to get some mutations. Refer to Silver Infamy Level 10 on how to gain the ranks.

Dominating the Bayou
Complete all objectives in Fawtick Bayou

This is for completing every single quest and getting all the collectibles in Fawtick Bayou.
Below is a map showing the location of all the collectibles!

Queen of the Wasteland
Complete all objectives in Dead Horse Lake

You get this trophy once you’ve completed all the activities, and collected all of the collectibles in the Dead Horse Lake area!
Below is a map that shows all the collectibles!

Tourist Terror
Complete all objectives in Golden Shores

Once you finish all the activities, and get all the collectibles in the Golden Shore area, this trophy is yours!
Below is a map that shows all the collectibles!

Dropping Property Values
Complete all objectives in Sapphire Bay

This trophy is for completing all of the activities in the Sapphire Bay region. This includes all of the collectibles and quests!
Below is a map that shows you where all the collectibles are!

Vacation From Hell
Complete all objectives in Prosperity Sands

This trophy is for completing all the activities and getting all the Collectibles in the Prosperity Sands area!

Entertained to Death
Complete all objectives in Caviar Key

You get this trophy once you completed all the activities, and collected all of the collectibles in the Caviar Key area!
Below is a map that shows the location of all the collectibles!

Ruler of the Deep
Complete all objectives in The Gulf

After you complete all the activities and get all the collectibles in The Gulf area, this trophy is yours!
Below is a map that shows the location of all the collectibles!

Queen of the Ocean Gold
Reach 100% objective completion in all regions

This trophy is yours after you finish all of the areas in the game to 100%.
Crawfish Bay doesn’t have a trophy tied to it, so below is a map that shows the collectibles in the area!

Gator Meat
Kill the Apex Predator in Fawtick Bayou

When you’re doing the story in the Golden Shores area, one of your objectives will be to kill the Apex Predator in the Fawtick Bayou. It’s a big alligator! To get it to appear, you have to clear every single quest in the Bayou.

This Gator is fought, the same way you used to fight gators. Swim away from it, then when it attacks, dodge out of the way. Try not to get too many attacks in at once, because depending on your level, its tail attack will hurt you! After you kill it, you get this trophy!

Kill the Apex Predator in Dead Horse Lake

This trophy is for killing the Apex Predator in Dead Horse Lake which is a Barracuda.

This fight can be a pain because it moves so fast. But there’s plenty of fish to eat around it for food. If you can’t dodge it to hit it while it recovers, just attack it a few times then back off.

Shark on Shark Violence
Kill the Apex Predator in Golden Shores

This is for killing the Apex Predator in Golden Shores, which is just a giant Maiko fish.

Chances are you’ve already killed a ton of these fish, and they’re super easy to take down. No real strategy needed.

Pound It
Kill the Apex Predator in Sapphire Bay

In Sapphire Bay, when you finish the story quests there, the Apex Predator appears, and once you kill it, you get this trophy. The Apex is a giant Hammerhead Shark, and is tough to take down.

I recommend getting two or three attacks in then backing off, as it can catch you between its jaws and destroy your health.

This Is My Movie
Kill the Apex Predator in Prosperity Sands

The Apex Predator in the Prosperity Sands area is a Great White Shark. Now this shark is just like the Hammerhead Shark you fought earlier. I recommend waiting until you’re level 30 though, with some maxed out body parts!

You can go crazy on it up close and it shouldn’t have an issue killing you, or you can wait until you have a chance! Either way, when it’s dead, this trophy is yours.

Tricks Didn’t Help Ya
Kill the Apex Predator in Caviar Key

This is for killing the Apex Predator in the Caviar Key area. This Apex is an Orca and it is tough.

You have to be on your toes for when to dodge, and only attack it when it’s flashing yellow after you dodge, because it will hit you hard otherwise. There’s only a few seals around for health as well, so this may take a few tries!

I Thought You Were Tough
Kill the Apex Predator in The Gulf

In The Gulf area, you’ll fight this Apex Predator for the story. It’s a giant Sperm Whale, but it’s slow and easy to beat.

You can get in about 3 attacks before you have to dodge, and then you can attack it like crazy again! Compared to the previous Apex, this is a cakewalk.

The New Apex Predator Gold
Destroy all Apex Predators

Once you defeat all the Apex Predators, this is yours. It will come naturally with the story.

Survived Again upscale-245262160018212
Survive Again

At the end of the story quests in Sapphire Bay, you’ll battle Scaly Pete. Once you beat him, this trophy is yours!

Vengeance Is Mine Gold
Get revenge

This trophy is for beating the final mission in the game. When you fight Scaly Pete, he’ll shoot torpedoes at you. You have to dodge them, then bite them and hold . Then get close to his boat and hold until you have a reticule on the electricity rods on the bottom of the boat.

Once they’re destroyed, attack the boat. Eventually he’ll leave and you’ll need to destroy 3 boats that come to help. Once they’re destroyed, repeat the original process and then you win!

Deep Sea Explorer upscale-245262160018212
Find all nutrient caches

You get this trophy for finding all the Nutrient Caches in the game. This will come naturally as you clear out every area of the game.

Garbage Collector
Find all license plates

This trophy is for collecting all of the license plates in the game. This will come naturally as you clear out every area!

Tourist Gold
Find all landmarks

In order to get this trophy, you have to find all of the landmark spots in the game! This will come naturally as you clear out every area. Also a thing to note, is that Crawfish Bay doesn’t have any Landmarks in it at all!

Infamy Level 1 upscale-245262160018212
Reached Infamy Level 1

This trophy is for reaching Infamy Rank 1. Refer to Silver Infamy Level 10 on how to gain Infamy.

Infamy Level 10 upscale-245262160018212
Reached Infamy Level 10

This is for reaching max rank in the Infamy Ranks. This trophy is a little grindy, as Infamy ranks don’t come naturally. To gain Infamy ranks, you have to kill humans or attack boats, until hunters come after you. You then have to destroy their boats!

Once you fill your infamy bar, you’ll have a special bounty hunter appear to try and kill you. Once you beat them, you then gain a new infamy level. The fights for Infamy Rank 9 & 10 are the toughest, as they have lightning rods on their boats. So you have to find a big fish, or human, and bite them and hold , then go under the boat, and hold to target the rod, then release to throw it at the rod.

Once it’s destroyed, you can then kill the boats!


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