MagiCat Review

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    Meow meow miaw hiss! Mrow mrow meow miaw purrrrrr! That’s the dialogue you get to read in the weird platformer of MagiCat. You’re a cat, who is traveling the world, looking for pieces of a broken gem, to beat the big bad baddies of the world! This game is surprisingly long, and brutal! Unfortunately, there’s no story in the game. But the cool levels and good gameplay do make up for it!


    The game starts out like any platformer. Easy, fun, and quick to understand. You jump, climb, and spit hairballs at enemies to kill them. Thought each level, there are 3 hidden gems. Think of New Super Mario Bros. with the big coins in each level. You use these gems to buy “magical” items from the shop. So you can end up dashing through cracked walls. Or heal yourself. Or make a body double when you dash, so it can push buttons! It’s quite unique, and all these abilities are useful for grabbing all the Collectibles.

    Now the game is pretty massive. 63 levels in total. They also take a lot longer than you’d expect to finish, trust me. At the end of each level, there’s a boss fight, with a big health bar. The best way to describe these, are Megaman styled bosses. They have their own abilities you have to look out for and dodge. No, you don’t get their abilities once you kill them sadly. Now the art styles in the game are gorgeous. They range from basic levels to cloud-style levels, to candy blocks! Heck, there’s even a level that looks like a painting. Or one where it’s all black, and all you see is the red eyes of enemies, and the outlines of blocks. It’s so cool! Now between each level, there’s a little overworld map you get to explore. You find some shops, or walk to the levels, or find the ponds that hold the gem pieces. In these ponds, there’s also pools of paint so you can color your cat!

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    By the point you reach the halfway mark in the game through the game, the game spikes like crazy. You’d expect a gradual increase in level difficulty, but this is wild. By the last few levels, I was lucky to stay alive for more than a few seconds. Luckily, there’s a system in the game where you can use points to respawn where you stand. Though you have to use those sparingly too, or you’d be all out before you know it. Each section of the level has a checkpoint though. There’s 3 sections to each level and a boss. Each checkpoint requires bottles of magic to activate, which are a basic collectible at least.


    The graphics for the game are nice and crisp. There’s nothing to advance, but for the art style, it works! Nothing is blurry, everything has the cutesy feel, even when they wanna kill you. There are a few levels where clouds would block platforms. But that was more for a challenge. It was still a little annoying considering they weren’t translucent. So the amount of times my jump got messed up was annoying.


    Then there’s the bosses. All follow the same formula. Take away a quarter of their life, survive the invulnerable time the boss has, take away more health, survive, all until their dead. After each section though, every boss throws out projectiles, or enemies that stay on screen with it all the time. So by the time it’s half dead, you’re taking way more damage then you’re dealing, and you’ll be dying constantly until you decide to just not care about taking damage. Eventually, each boss fight just seems brutally unfair. But with enough revive points, you don’t have to worry about it at all.

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    The big downside of this game, is that there’s no ultimate boss. The last boss is just a basic boss. The last level is just a basic level. There’s no big deadly fortress, or big intricate boss fight. So the end just seems anticlimactic with no real pay off. So even if it takes you years to beat this game, that’s okay, because there’s no real motivation too, which sucks.

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    • Cute Cat that you can color
    • Great level designs
    • Fun gameplay


    • Difficulty spike is outrageous
    • Bosses get very difficult
    • No incentive to finish
    • Anticlimactic ending



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