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Love Is All Around in Fiesta Online

It’s time to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Fiesta Online with special events, quests, and new items

Gamigo sends greetings to all lovers and soon-to-be lovers and invites them to the Valentine’s Day celebrations in its anime MMO Fiesta Online that begins today. 

Lovers who aspire to marry their partner in a special Valentine Wedding ceremony during this event should keep their eyes peeled for an announcement of when it will take place. They will then be transported to a glamorous location and united in marriage through a Game Master. 

And then there’s Florenz who will need the players’ help again to find a special Valentine’s gift for his beloved Carol! His cries for help sound through the streets of Elderine, so players should get there quickly to relieve him from his sorrow. 

To spruce up for the occasion, players can acquire new outfits, pets, mounts and houses during the event. 

The Valentine’s Day event in Fiesta Online will take place between February 8 and March 1.

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