Koi Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 2/10
Estimated time to 100%: 24 hours
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1


Welcome to the Koi trophy guide! A puzzle adventure where you swim with koi until you save all the waters from pollution.


Step 1: Complete the game, open all flowers, and collectibles.
During this step, focus on completing all the 9 levels of the game while collecting all the puzzle pieces, all the stars, and opening all the flowers. Don’t forget to find and speak with the Old Toad in levels 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7.
If you want, you can also focus on some miscellaneous trophies but it’s better to enjoy this cute game and do them during step 2.

At the end of this step you should have these trophies:
Silver In Full Bloom
Silver Super Star

Bronze I Remember
Bronze Until the End
Bronze Sink or Swim
Bronze Ribbit
Bronze Papa Fish
Bronze Went the Distance

Step 2: Miscellaneous trophies and eventual collectible cleanup
In this step, you should focus on repeating some levels and do specific things just for trophies. It should be possible that you already have some of them but for others, you need to really try for getting them.

At the end of this step you should have all these trophies:
Bronze Scale in all Colors 
Bronze Fast as Lightning
Bronze The Edge
Bronze Stalker
Bronze Fish Bait
Bronze Super Splash
Bronze Ouch
Bronze Flashy
Bronze Sparky
Bronze Like a Fish in the Water 

Step 3: Play for 24 hours in total
For the last step, you just need to stay active for a total of 24 hours. Luckily, you can farm hours while doing something else by rubberbanding your controller, but unfortunately, there is no in-game counter and the trophy may require you to complete the level after that as well.

At the end of this step you should unlock your last trophy:
Bronze On Time’s Side


In this section of the guide, you can find a video walkthrough or, if you prefer, a text walkthrough as well.


All the videos are provided by rus199410 and you can find this amazing playlist here:


If you prefer a text walkthrough, you can find a good one made by the steam user Thia.
Remember that this walkthrough DOESN’T TELL you the locations of the flowers but gives some useful tips on how to unlock some of the other trophies as well.

You can find this amazing walkthrough HERE.

Trophy Guide:

In Full Bloom upscale-245262160018212
Open all the flowers in the game

Flowers can be found around the various levels of the game and almost all of them are straight forward to the end of the level. 
The only ones that need a bit more attention are the flower in the bottom left corner in the last screen in Level 2, and the flowers in level 8 which is composed of a big area.

To open them, you need to find the fish of the same color as the flower and swim close to it then press the button. 
To be able to find them all easily, you can keep pressing to display an arrow that indicates the location of each flower.

Super Star upscale-245262160018212
Collect all the Stars in the game

Stars are one of the 2 collectibles of the game. You can find 3 of them on each level except for the last one which is given for finding all the collectibles in a level.

NOTE: To make a collectible count, you need to complete the level. 

I remember
Collect all the Puzzle Pieces in the game

Puzzle Pieces are the other collectibles you can find scattered throughout the various levels.
Each level except level 9, has a total of 4 pieces that you need to find and collect.

Scales in All Colors
Unlock all the Skins

There are 8 skins you have to unlock to be able to get this trophy.
Since you are going for 100% of this game, you will unlock all the skins by simply collecting all the other trophies.
However, here a list of all the skins and the requirements to unlock them all:

  • Starting Skin – Available since the beginning of the game;
  • Black Fish Skin – Suffer 20 attacks by the Black Fish (Bronze Fish Bait);
  • Blue Skin – Reach the frontier of the world in Level 7 (Bronze The Edge);
  • Green Skin – Don’t miss a single encounter with Old Toad (Bronze Ribbit);
  • Pink Skin – Lead more than 50 Small Fish in total (Bronze Papa Fish);
  • Fuchsia Skin – Complete every level (Bronze Until the End);
  • Light Blue Skin – Complete the 2nd part of Level 7 in under 3 minutes (Bronze Super Splash);
  • White Skin – Open all the flowers (Silver In Full Bloom);
  • Yellow Skin – Collect all the stars in the game (Silver Super Star).

NOTE: For some players, the trophy didn’t pop after unlocking all the skins. If that happens to you as well, you need to start a level by putting one different skin. 
If neither this method works, try to put on every skin and the trophy should pop. 

Until the End
Complete every level

This trophy will pop after completing the game. 
There are 9 levels in total but the last one is a cutscene so you will only need to play 8 levels to make this one pop.

NOTE: The game doesn’t tell you what you need to do, but to complete the last section of Level 7, you need to be attacked by the Black Fishes. 

Fast as Lightning
Dodge 20 attacks of the Black Fish

Black fishes can be found starting from Level 2. To get this trophy, you need to swim close tho them and dodge their charges 20 times in total. 
When you get close to them their eyes will turn red and then the will charge you.

There are plenty of opportunities where you can go for this trophy, but the best ones are in Level 5 or in Level 7.

The Edge
Reach the frontier of the 3rd part of Level 7

To get this trophy you need to reach the right side of the last area in Level 7.

Once you reach the last area of the game after the summary of the level, you will find yourself in an open area with Black Fishes that comes to you diagonally. 
Swim to the right while dodging the Black Fishes’ attacks, until you reach the board of the area and you disappear from the screen.

Be careful to not get hit repeatedly from the Black Fishes because, after 5 hits, you will end the level.

Remain undiscovered by the Black Fish in Levels 2 and 5

To get this trophy, you need to be a stealthy fish and avoid all the Black Fishes in levels 2 and 5.
You should not have any issues in Level 2 as there is plenty of space around. The “pain” begins on Level 5 as there are some narrow paths and you need to study the Black Fishes routes to be able to blend in.

Fish Bait
Suffer 20 attacks by the Black Fish

This trophy is the opposite of the Bronze Fast as Lighting one as you need to get hit 20 times by the Black Fish.

Super Splash
Complete the upstream part of Level 7 in under 3 minutes

This trophy will pop after completing the second part of Level 7 in under 3 minutes. 
Unless you are not fast during your first time, you will have to repeat this level and try to avoid the whole stream to make your way to the end of the level as fast as possible.
Here a couple of useful tips to have in mind while trying this trophy:

  • Ignore the collectibles. If you have missed some of them in the previous playthrough, take note and when you have the trophy, collect them. However, to proceed you will need to open the flowers so remember to pick up the little fishes;
  • Little fishes will come to you if they enter the circle around your character;
  • If a little fish is taken away from the stream, you don’t have to wait for it to swim and reach the correct flower. It will open no matter if the fish is close to you.
  • Time your movements and learn how to avoid the stream as good as possible. Hide behind the rocks and wait for the right time;
  • If you get caught by the stream, keep on swimming against it. This will allow you to resist a little bit and you won’t swim back a lot.

Once you have completed this part, the trophy will pop. There’s no need to complete the last area as well. 

Sink or Swim
Complete the upstream part of Level 7 in over 3 minutes

This trophy should pop normally while doing Level 7 for the first time. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, refer to the Bronze Super Splash trophy description.

Don’t miss a single encounter with Old Toad

The Old Toad is a character you can find during the various chapters of the game. He will often give you a puzzle piece so you MUST find and talk to him by pressing when close to him.
You can find him in Levels 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7:
Level 2: Once you have restored the Black Fish, swim in the upper left corner of the area to find him;
Level 3: After descending the first waterfall, go right and swim up to find the frog;
Level 5: After the cutscene with the Black Fish, go down the pipe and open the yellow flower. Then overpass the gate and swim right (avoid the second Black Fish) to find the Old Toad;
Level 6: At the beginning of the level, swim up to find the toad;
Level 7: You can find him at the beginning of the second part of the level. 

Papa Fish
Lead more than 50 small fish in total

This trophy will pop by playing normally as you will need to lead more than 50 little fishes in total.

Bump into an obstacle 200 times

This trophy might or not come naturally over the course of the game. Everything depends on your abilities in controlling Koi.
An obstacle is everything that is not a lilypad or a flower so be free to crash your poor Koi against walls, enemies, and everything on the scenario.

Went the Distance
Total distance traveled over 8000 meters

This trophy will surely pop by normally swimming through all the levels of the game.  

On Time’s Side
Total play time is 24 hours

This is the trophy that nobody wanted nor asked for. You need to play actively in the game for 24 hours in total. 
Unfortunately, the game lasts around 2 hours so you will need to grind out the remaining hours.
How? you can actively play if you have nothing else to do but if you want to farm hours while AFK you only need to pick up a rubber band and set the following PS options:

  • Disable any power saving setting (Controller and Console);
  • Plug the controller in the USB port of your PS4 to avoid that it runs out of battery;
  • Start the game and swim against a wall then rubberband the analog to make Koi swim for 24 hours;
  • Make sure that Koi is moving his tail and he doesn’t swim away from the wall.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some players have reported that the trophy pops right after the 24 hours of “gaming” but others have reported that you need to save the game to make them count towards the progression of the trophy. If you are splitting this trophy into parts because you don’t want to leave your PS4 running for 24 hours in a row, ALWAYS make sure to complete the level BEFORE turning off your system!

Make an opened flower light up 30 times

Once you have opened a flower, it will light up every time you swim below him. To get this trophy, you need to pass under 30 opened flowers 30 times and light them up.

Get hit by sparks 5 times

Sparks are obstacles you need to avoid during the game. 
However, for this trophy, you need to get hit by them 5 times. Every time you get hit by a spark, your controller will shake and you will be stunned for a brief time.

The first encounter with a spark will be on Level 6 but if you get hit by one in this level you will fail the Bronze Like a Fish in the Water one unless you reload it. You can even get hit by the glowing light around it. 

Like a Fish in the Water
Avoid being hit by a single spark in Level 6

This trophy is the exact opposite of the Bronze Sparky one and can be a little annoying as well.
To avoid being hit by a spark, make sure to even avoid the glowing yellow area around it. 
Here a couple of useful tips to have in mind while attempting this trophy:

  • Timing is important here but unluckily it will not be your best friend as some sparks can have a different timer every time they light up;
  • You will need to cross the path with the 3 sparks three times: the first one to pick up the small yellow fish, the second one to open the yellow flower, and the third one to reach the end of the level;
  • You can avoid the sparks by swimming against the ceiling of the area but be careful to the little ledges as they can bounce you against the spark;
  • When you have picked up the little yellow fish, only focus on your main character! Don’t worry if the other fish gets electrocuted. Remember that your controller will shake even if is the other fish that gets hit.


My career of trophy hunter starts from the AC II platinum. I love videogames and I want to transmit my passion to the whole world by writing guides etc.

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