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Kitten’d Review

Isn’t this the cutest looking thing…!? Having looked at the trailers I could not resist Kitten’d; a VR game by Star Vault AB about our friendliest feline housemates. Everything about the trailers and the images screamed “play me” and I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it out.
Kitten’d is now available on PSVR after releasing earlier on Steam and brings to life the joy of looking after multiple cute little family friends, whilst trying to protect your valuables.
The game has 44 PSN Trophies, including a Platinum and has 2 available trophy lists (EU & NA).


From the outset, there are two modes to chose from; “Story Mode”, which takes you through 28 levels of variable difficulty over 4 different worlds and “My Room Mode”, where you can simply hang out with your new feline friends and learn how the game all works. “My Room” serves as basically your training mode, but also has a shop via your phone where you can purchase upgrades for Story Mode and purchase new items for your room, including new Kitten’s.


It took a while to get used to the controls. I was playing with the move controllers and kept gravitating to the X button to control what i wanted. The game however is simple to control once you get used to the game and works well in the end with the main and trigger buttons used on the Move Controller to do exactly what you need. There was nice movement within the game and it felt comfortable playing.

You are tasked with keeping your Kittens happy, whilst making sure all around you is not destroyed by them. Kittens are mischievous in real life, now imagine them in a game where they have free reign…. If you don’t keep them happy they’ll not be best pleased.

The game draws you in, capturing your inner pet lover straight away. You are introduced to your newest 2 friends in Story Mode immediately and shown the basics of what you have to do; from clearing their poop up, to feeding them and interacting with the toys. Kitten’d does not stay this easy for long…..
Over the course of the first few levels you are quickly introduced to more kittens to look after and more things that they are attracted too. Be prepared to look after numerous Kitten’s at the same time, whilst trying to master the changes in the environment too.


This trophy list is stocked. 44 trophies are available including a nice shiny Platinum if you are able to master it. Be prepared to spend a number of hours unlocking all your new friends and trying to achieve the elusive 7th star on a number of levels.
Initially, the list may seem easy, but do not be fooled; these Kittens are very naughty and will have you trying over and over for those trophies.


Kitten’d will have you coming back for more and more; it’s cute, fun and has a difficulty level that will have you saying “just one more try”. The music did not overpower the game and I even found myself moving along to it whilst entertaining my newest best friends. You will need to spend a good few hours mastering this game, but if you are a perfectionist and want those 7 stars on each level be prepared to add numerous hours to your time here.


Kitten’d is a fairly fun interactive game that is good looking and ideal for couch play. The game utilises the PSVR to great effect and works nicely with the Move Controllers and the difficulty levels have a varying range that keeps you engrossed the whole time you are playing. There is a nice soundtrack to the game and despite the “meow” of the cats themselves being a little annoying sometimes I did not have any issues with the music at all.
Kitten’s would be a fantastic game to play with friends in the same room where you can challenge each other and try to beat the high scores.

I would like to thank Star Vault AB for the opportunity to try this game out. If you want to see some videos of myself playing the game feel free to check out the below live-stream.

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Value For Money



  • Fun quirky soundtrack
  • Keeps you coming back for more
  • Challenges your concentration
  • Global leader-boards


  • Disappearing items
  • Kittens can get stuck
  • Price may put some off
  • Kitten “Meow” can get annoying
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