Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 3/10.
    Estimated time to 100%: 15 Hours.
    Missable trophies: None.
    Glitched trophies: None.
    Difficulty related: None.
    Playthrough: 50. 


    Welcome to the Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept Trophy Guide!
    Much like the stand-alone Killzone 3 Multiplayer on PS3, Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept is a stand alone version of the Intercept DLC co-op mode, featuring all the content from the DLC and a few new trophies.


    Step 1: Win 50 Games & Get Everything Else Along the Way
    The only real stage in completing this standalone game to 100% is to win 50 games while grinding out all the other miscellaneous trophies along the way. Aside from the seven trophies from the main game’s Intercept DLC, there are five new trophies to keep in mind.

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    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Bronze Pyromaniac
    Bronze High And Dry
    Bronze Necromancer
    Bronze Tactical Triplets
    Bronze Bare Hands
    Silver Wallstreet Banker
    Gold Co-op Captain
    Bronze Rampage
    Bronze Death From Above
    Silver You’re Fired
    Silver Technical Problems
    Silver Head Hunter

    Tips and Strategies:

    Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept is a stand-alone version of the Intercept DLC co-op mode from the original Shadow Fall game. This version is called “Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept” on the PSN store; the DLC name is “Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept Online Co-Op Expansion”. It is entirely identical to the DLC, with the notable addition of five new trophies.

    Thankfully, if you want to get the 100% for this stand-alone, you won’t necessarily have to do everything from the DLC again. Any trophy progress you made in the DLC will count in the stand-alone, allowing you to autopop any trophies you have already earned. If you complete the requirements for the five new trophies, they will also autopop upon starting the game! So, if you are playing the DLC and wish to get all the trophies in the stand alone, it is best to try and do all the new trophies along the way.

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    Most of the overall tips and tricks for winning in this mode are listed under GoldCo-op Captain.


    Intercept allows players to select from four different classes. Each class can only be used by one player at a time.

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    • Assault is focused on fast, close ranged attacks, entering the battle with a drone buddy, assault rifle, shotgun, and health packs.
    • Marksman is based around providing high-powered attacks from a distance, sporting an explosive sniper rifle and guard drone.
    • Medic is focused on healing other players with a healing drone, and reviving them as necessary.
    • Support is based around placing automated turrets to protect the uplinks. They also have a shield you can place to protect a player or a turret.

    Playing Alone

    While this is technically a co-op mode, it is entirely possible to play rounds of Intercept alone. In fact, if you don’t have any friends to play with, chances are you won’t find anyone through matchmaking. To play a game solo, simply search any playlist and hope nobody else joins. Thankfully, you can earn 11 of the 12 trophies in solo games. You will not be able to earn Bronze Necromancer, as it requires you to revive your teammates. The Gold Co-op Captain trophy is easier and generally faster when playing with a group, but once you get the hang of the mode, winning games alone won’t be much of a challenge.

    Trophy Guide:

    Get 250 kills with the Assault’s Breacher automatic shotgun in co-op

    The Breacher shotgun is the Assault Class’s default secondary weapon. It is a fast-firing shotgun with a 15 round mag, high damage, and pretty good range. Additionally, it fires incendiary rounds. The fastest way to get kills towards this trophy is to wait until an uplink has been taken, then rush in and blast away at the 10 or so enemies that like to occupy these areas after they are captured.

    If you choose to play assault class, this is likely to be your go-to weapon, and should easily come naturally while going for Gold Co-op Captain.

    High And Dry
    Get 250 kills with the Marksman’s LS70 sniper rifle in co-op

    The LS70 is the Marksman Class’s default secondary weapon. It is a sniper rifle that fires really powerful explosive rounds. However, you only get a maximum of 11 rounds before you have to resupply, either by dying or using a supply box. The LS70 is stronger than any of the Marksman’s primary weapons due to its explosive damage, and should be your go-to weapon for the class. In order to maximize your kills with this weapon, you should focus on reaching an elevated position (there should be one near the central spawn point on each map) and firing at groups of enemies, such as those that crowd uplinks after they have been taken. The rifle is also quite effective against attack drones and bosses.

    If you use the class often, this trophy will easily come while going for Gold Co-op Captain.

    Revive 50 Team mates in co-op

    The Medic class can either be an invaluable asset or borderline useless in the Intercept DLC. If you are playing alone, or have a good team, the medic class isn’t as beneficial, as their main purpose is to heal and revive the team. The medic only gets a sidearm, so they are quite weak in combat.

    However, if you find yourself partnered up with randoms, or a less skilled team, the medic will be very important to victory, since death results in a 50 point penalty. To get this trophy, you will need to revive your teammates 50 times. You will know when someone has gone down by looking toward them; you will see a red cross and timer counting down for 30 seconds. Reviving is very easy, just look in the direction of your downed teammate and hit to send them a revive drone. You can do this from relatively far away, and through some thin surfaces. They will have to hit to complete the process. There is no limit to how often you can do this, so you can easily get it in just a few games. If you somehow don’t have it after winning 50 games, have a partner just run right into all the enemies and go down and revive them repeatedly.

    Tactical Triplets
    Get 250 kills with the Tactician Turrets in co-op

    The Tactician class comes complete with three placeable turrets, assigned to the , , and buttons. These turrets will stay active indefinitely, until you either deconstruct them or they get destroyed. They have a pretty high damage output, and are effective against all infantry, ATACs, and even bosses.

    The easiest way to get this trophy is to place a turret near each of the three uplinks, preferably facing an enemy spawn point. The turrets will take care of the enemies for a while, but they will eventually become overwhelmed and destroyed. Every turret kill will provide you with points to bank, so you can technically hide out in the spawn room and keep banking points while your turrets and team do all the work. Given the tactician only gets a sidearm, this is a decent strategy while not replacing the turrets. 250 kills is not a lot, and can be unlocked within just a few games.

    Bare Hands
    Get 5 brutal melee kills as each of the four Combat Roles in co-op

    Brutal melee kills are a staple of the franchise, in which you perform some kind of special close range execution on an enemy, rather than just knifing them or beating them to death with the butt of a gun. To do a brutal melee, run up to an enemy and wait for an prompt to appear on screen.

    To get this trophy, you simply need to get five brutal melee kills with each of the four classes. Just rush up to an enemy, perform the brutal melee, then rinse and repeat until you get five. Then, switch classes and continue the process until the trophy unlocks. Each class has a challenge for getting five brutal melee kills, so this one is easy to keep track of.

    Wallstreet Banker upscale-245262160018212
    Bank 2500 points as each of the four Combat Roles in co-op

    Every time you kill an enemy or capture an uplink, you will gain points. Your personal, bankable points are shown beneath your character’s symbol on the left side of the screen. Your team score, the value that determines your ability to respawn or win the game, is listed on top of the screen. Every normal kill will net you five points, while other actions like headshots and ability kills will give you extra. When you have points, you can return to your spawn point and stand in a yellow circle to bank your points. They will be added to the team score. To get this trophy, you need to personally bank 2,500 points with each of the four classes.

    Unfortunately, the game doesn’t really keep track of this statistic. There are challenges related to banking points as each class, and the final points banking challenge does require 2,500 to complete, but this challenge won’t appear until you reach Tier 3 for your class, earned by completing all the challenges for Recruit and Tiers 1 and 2. The best way to keep track of your progress is to check and see how many points you banked on the statistics screen after every match (the number farthest to the left on your stats) and write the number down, subtracting it from the 2500 points needed for the class. Once you have banked 2,500 points with a class, and earned the respective class trophy, switch to the next and repeat the process.

    Co-op Captain Gold
    Win 50 co-op games

    This is it, the big grind trophy for this game. Winning 50 games, even if you have a really good team and win every game, will take a solid 12 – 15 hours. The fastest way to earn this trophy is dependent on how many people you are playing with. If you are playing either alone or with just one other person, you should stick with the two-player mode. In this mode, you only need to score 1,000 points. The role of each player is up to you and your partner, though if neither of you go down often, you should probably avoid the medic class. If you have a full four person group, the best mode to play would be quick games. These games will require you to score 1,500 points, but with four people, this can be completed relatively quickly.

    How the Mode Actually Works

    The goal of the Intercept co-op mode is to capture and hold three uplinks around the map. They are captured by standing in the surrounding circle for a set amount of time, more players in the circle will capture it faster. Enemies will spawn infinitely from all over the map and attempt to recapture the uplinks. If the enemies are in control of at least two uplinks, you will lose points, while you will gain points if you hold all three. Your goal is to reach the game’s given point limit. If your team runs out of points, you lose the game. If a player dies and is not revived by the medic, their respawn after 30 seconds will cost 50 points.

    In order to maximize your score, you will need to bank individually earned points. Individual points are earned by killing enemies, with more points earned for killing tougher enemies, using explosives, headshots, etc. Once you have some points, return to the spawn room to a yellow circle and stay in it for a second to bank the points, which will add to your score. Once the team has banked a total of 250 points, a petrucite capacitor will spawn nearby, which can be placed in the collector. This will allow you a bonus, such as a strong weapon, free respawns, or clearing the uplink sites.

    During games, you will primarily be attacked by normal Helghast carrying various weapons, as well as snipers. There will also be some blue shield enemies that can call in ATAC’s (the flying drones), and occasionally bosses.

    Tips & Strategies for Winning

    The two main tips for winning are to master a particular class, and to utilize your bonuses properly.

    The assault class should focus on rushing into uplinks with the Breacher shotgun and drone buddy, using adrenaline packs as needed. You also have access to relatively powerful grenades, and can pick up enemy weapons if you run out of ammo. The assault is the tank of the group, and should be used accordingly.

    The tactician should focus on placing turrets facing enemy spawn points near the three uplinks. Once the turrets are placed, they should stay in a safe area of the map, due to having a relatively useless weapon and being unable to pick up weapons from enemies. If the turrets are well placed, they can rack up a lot of points and stay in the base, banking them whenever they want.

    The medic should hang near the assault player to provide revives and healing, assisting the tactician and marksman when needed. They should also constantly place a supply box in the main base so the team can resupply.

    Finally, the marksman should find an elevated position near the base and snipe away with the LS70, banking points and resupplying as needed. They also have a guard drone that should be placed either near an uplink or in base to protect the tactician.

    The next tip is to try and take advantage of the multiplier. Under the team score, you will see a small countdown timer. When it reaches 0, the team will receive a score multiplier, giving you more points for everything you do. The multiplier is reset each time you go down or bank points. The tactician is probably in the best position to benefit from this, as they can stay in base letting their turrets do most of the work, only banking once the multiplier goes active. If your team goes down a lot, or banks points really often, then the multiplier might not be of much use.

    Finally, you absolutely need to take advantage of the bonuses. Whenever a petrucite capacitor spawns, it should immediately be placed in the collector. They mostly spawn by banking 250 points as a team, but can also spawn around the map at random intervals.

    Upon accessing the collector, you will find eight bonuses:

    • Recapture uplinks: returns all uplinks to your team.
    • Minigun: grants all players a minigun and 400 rounds of ammo.
    • Jetpack: grants all players a jetpack and 400 rounds of ammo.
    • Free respawn: each player’s next respawn will not cost points.
    • Full resupply: fully refills everyone’s ammo and grenades.
    • Turrets: spawns a bunch of high powered turrets around the map to kill enemies.
    • Mortar strike: lobs two sets of mortars on each uplink to clear it of enemies.
    • Double damage: doubles all damage done for 1 minute.

    When it comes to bonuses, the minigun and jetpack are exceptionally useful for taking uplinks. The minigun is the more powerful of the two, but offers far less mobility than the jetpack. You are allowed to have both, but you will lose them if you die and aren’t revived. The turrets won’t give you any bankable points for kills, but they will give you points towards winning the game, and can help clear out troublesome groups of enemies. The mortar strike is pretty much the same, except it specifically targets the uplinks. Use these two bonuses if you need an instant leg up on your enemies. Recapture uplinks are okay as a last resort, but isn’t as effective as the turrets and mortars since it doesn’t give you extra points. Free respawn is useless if you have a medic on your team, but if you don’t, it may provide some benefit, especially if you get low on points. Full resupply and double damage are pretty much useless.

    Once you have all the miscellaneous trophies out of the way, it is best for each player to pick their best class and stick with it. If your team plays well, you can finish each game in 10 minutes. Overall, this trophy really isn’t difficult, especially if you have a good team, it is just time consuming and grindy like many others in the game.

    Although each class has a few challenges for getting wins, most of them are for getting a single win with the class, so it is best to keep track of this manually.

    Get 250 kills with the minigun

    See Bronze Death From Above for more information about getting kills with the minigun and jetpack.

    Death From Above
    Get 250 kills with the jetpack

    This trophy, as well as Bronze Rampage, are very simple and earned in a similar way. For every 250 points banked by your team, a petrucite capacitor will spawn near the banking area. Take it to the collector within your main base (somewhere near where you bank the points), and you will be able to select a reward. For these trophies, you need to get 250 kills each with the minigun and jetpack. If you die and aren’t revived while using one, you will lose it. You can refill your ammo for each with the medic’s supply box, and you can have both rewards at once. The minigun is much more powerful than the jetpack and fires faster, but it takes a couple seconds to spool up before firing, and greatly slows your movement. The jetpack, despite the lower power and fire rate, allows you to continue moving at normal speeds, and allows you to jet around the stage with , which can be helpful in reaching a teammate or uplink quickly.

    You will have to manually keep track of your kills for each weapon, since the game doesn’t track them in stats. If you use these bonuses often, then you will easily reach 250 kills with each weapon before winning 50 games.

    You’re Fired upscale-245262160018212
    Kill 10 boss characters

    Boss characters are completely random spawns with no real pattern or timing. Compared to the air support drones, bosses can sometimes spawn as little as five minutes into the game, or may not spawn in a half hour long game. They tend to spawn a bit more commonly the longer a game goes, but there is no guarantee one will spawn.

    There are three different bosses: EchoTyran, and Saric. An announcement will come up on screen when a boss appears, and their picture and health bar will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. All bosses have a lot of health and special abilities: Saric has a deployable shield and annoying petrucite grenades, Tyran can launch spider mine clusters, and Echo can cloak and teleport.

    To get this trophy, you have to land the killing blow on 10 bosses. It doesn’t seem to matter if one of your abilities, such as the tactician’s turret or the assault’s drone buddy, gets the kill. As long as it is credited to you it should count toward the 10. However, if the kill is completed with the turret or mortar strike bonuses you can activate, the kill will not count. 

    If you play alone, chances are that some of the games will drag on long enough to spawn a boss. If you find yourself getting close to 50 wins without enough bosses killed, you may want to consider finishing with a few longer games. Also, there are no challenges for killing bosses, so you will need to manually track how many you kill.

    Technical Problems upscale-245262160018212
    Destroy 50 Air Support Drones

    Air support drones are called in by the Helghast with the glowing blue shields. They are the ATAC drones from the campaign, flying above the battle and attacking with a minigun. While they can spawn at any time, they tend to spawn more often the longer you play through a game, usually after 10 or so minutes have passed. Therefore, if you have a good team, you will probably finish a lot of your games before they have a chance to spawn.

    When a drone spawns in, focus all your fire on it to try and land the killing blow. They don’t have a ton of health, and are very weak to the minigun, but they can deal a lot of damage quickly. However, there is a somewhat efficient way to farm kills. Once you destroy a drone, stop fighting the Helghast; this will eventually cause more drones to spawn. Additionally, you can play alone, and the longer the game takes, the more drones should spawn.

    There are a handful of Marksman challenges related to destroying drones, but it is best to manually keep track of your progress.

    Head Hunter upscale-245262160018212
    Get 500 headshots with any weapon

    This is one of the grindier trophies in the game. Unless you are actively going for headshots, you will probably average 3 – 7 per game, meaning that you wouldn’t have it done by the time you have won 50 games. One good way to farm headshots is to wait until the Helghast have taken an uplink, as they will sometimes just stand there in a large group doing nothing. This can make it easier to line up a good number of headshots in quick succession. The Marksman’s starting weapon, the STA rifle, is quite accurate and damaging, as is the Assault’s M82 if you complete enough challenges to unlock it.

    One good location to grind this out is the B uplink on The Market. If you stand in the spawn room looking out the lower door facing B, the enemies will glow red. By staying here with an accurate weapon, you can consistently pick off enemies as they crowd B. You can easily get 20-30 headshots in each 1000 point game.

    There are individual challenges for getting headshots with each class, but no overall 500 headshot challenge or other stat tracker, so it is best to try and keep track of the number of headshots manually.


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