Killzone Shadow Fall Insurgent Expansion DLC Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 6/10.
    Estimated time to 100%: 25 Hours.
    Trophies: 7. 40-platinum 0 / Gold 1 / Silver 1 / Bronze 5 .
    Missable trophies: None.
    Glitched trophies: None.
    Difficulty related: Gold Like a Boss
    Playthrough: One. 


    Welcome to the Killzone Shadow Fall Insurgent Expansion DLC Trophy Guide!
    The Insurgent expansion for Shadow Fall brings in a new multiplayer class, new abilities for the old classes, new weapons, and a stressful new way to play the campaign!


    Step 1: Another Multiplayer Grind
    Insurgent is the first of two paid pieces of DLC for Killzone Shadow Fall. It is primarily focused on multiplayer, adding in a new Insurgent Class with two new abilities. It also adds a new ability for each of the three original classes, brings back three weapons from previous games, adds online collectibles, and a new campaign difficulty.

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    As with the main game, the trophies are pretty time consuming, with most of the time to 100% occurring in the multiplayer. Thankfully, most of the online trophies can be done in custom warzones with bots, greatly cutting down on the time and difficulty. There aren’t really any major new tips or strategies for this DLC, so please refer to each specific trophy for more information.

    A majority of your time completing this DLC will be spent doing some more multiplayer kill and ability grinding, so it is best to get the online out of the way first, given the game’s age.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Bronze Hacktivist
    Bronze Kleptomania
    Bronze All Flavors
    Bronze Finders Keepers
    Bronze Remember me?
    Silver New Toys!

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    Step 2: Elite Playthrough
    With the multiplayer portion completed, you will need to finish the campaign again on the new Elite mode. Overall, the 6/10 difficulty for this DLC comes almost entirely from Gold Like a Boss, specifically one or two missions on Elite, everything else really isn’t difficult, just time consuming.

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
    Gold Like a Boss

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    Trophy Guide:

    Reach the maximum level for the Hacking Ability

    The Hack ability is the first of the new Insurgent Class’s abilities. It allows you to take control of enemy equipment. To do this, approach a piece of enemy equipment and hold  to turn it to your side.

    There are six pieces of equipment you can hack:

    • Spawn Beacon
    • Turret
    • Supply Box
    • Nano Shield
    • E-Pulse Emitter
    • Tactical Echo Emitter

    To reach the maximum level for this ability, you need to hack 400 pieces of enemy equipment. This trophy is far harder than Bronze Kleptomania, as getting close enough to enemy equipment to hack it will often put you in danger of being killed by an enemy.

    If you try to do this against bots, you can theoretically set up a warzone on Penthouse in which all weapons are disabled, making it far less likely that you will be killed. However, the bots don’t use hackable equipment very often under these particular settings. If you set up a normal warzone against bots in which all weapons and equipment are allowed, the bots will constantly use shields, e-pulses, and tactical echoes, but you are at a much greater risk of being killed while hacking.

    If you want to boost this with another human player, it can be completed much faster. Have each player spawn with a tactical echo emitter, then meet up somewhere and place them. Have each player suicide from the pause menu, and then return to the emitters and begin hacking. Every time one is hacked, it will reset the timer on it, meaning that you shouldn’t have to spawn another one. Repeat this process for as long as necessary until the trophy unlocks. This will also allow you to make progress towards reaching the max level for the emitter for Silver New Toys!

    To check your progress towards this trophy, you have to view any of your custom Insurgent loadouts, scroll over to their “abilities” section, and view the challenges for the Hack ability.

    Reach the maximum level for the Stealing Ability

    The Stealing ability is the second of the new Insurgent Class’s abilities. It allows you to steal the abilities of dead enemies. To do this, approach an enemy within about 5 seconds of their death and hold . You will gain access to both of their abilities, while still retaining the ability to hack and steal.

    This trophy is pretty easy, as you simply need to approach an enemy’s body right after they are killed and steal their abilities 400 total times. The process of stealing takes about 3 seconds. You can steal abilities as often as you want, so you can complete this very quickly. It is recommended to set up a warzone on Penthouse with all weapons disabled to reduce the risk of being killed. You don’t have to be the one that kills the opponent, so anyone that your team downs can count towards this trophy.

    To check your progress towards this trophy, you have to view any of your custom Insurgent loadouts, scroll over to their “abilities” section, and view the challenges for the Stealing ability.

    All Flavors
    Make a kill with all primary weapons as an Insurgent

    Unlike the other three classes, the Insurgent doesn’t start with a primary weapon, only a secondary and a grenade. To obtain primary weapons as an Insurgent, you have to loot them from deceased enemies. Unfortunately this trophy is pretty much impossible to do legitimately or with bots, as there are some weapons that are very rarely used.

    Thankfully, there is a very efficient workaround that will keep you from having to boost with a human partner. Spawn in with any class and weapon, then choose the suicide option from the pause menu, and respawn as an Insurgent. Once you spawn in, pick up the weapon and get a kill with it. Repeat this process until the trophy unlocks.

    To check your progress, there are a series of challenges for getting kills with each weapon as an Insurgent; they can be checked by going to “challenges”, “Insurgent weapons”.

    Scout Weapons:

    • StA101 Kameraad
    • StA61 Vultur
    • LS70 Fors
    • LSR44 Spoor
    • StA14 Rifle (DLC)

    Assault Weapons:

    • LS21 Valk
    • StA25 Vlug
    • M55 Rumbler
    • StA409 Keyzer
    • LS36 Breacher
    • Note that the retro L512 SMG secondary does not count toward this trophy.

    Support Weapons:

    • VC30 Sickle
    • StA59B Pulver
    • StA4 Stova
    • Pnv06 Voltage
    • Vns12A Purger
    • M82 Assault Rifle (DLC)
    Finders Keepers
    Collect 25 Online Collectibles

    Online collectibles are small crates about the size of a supply box that have a slight yellow glow. Destroying one will give you 2,500 points and progress towards a number of challenges. Unfortunately, they only spawn in Official Warzones, not your player created warzones, and only one will spawn per game. Additionally, only a total of 25 can spawn in a playlist at a time, but this resets about every 2-3 hours, so it isn’t really a setback. Each map has a total of 70 places where the crates can spawn, so they can be very well hidden and a real challenge to find.

    To get this trophy, you have to shoot a total of 25 of these crates. At this point, there are very few people still playing the game, so if you select a less popular playlist, such as “extended warzone”, there is a good chance you’ll constantly be alone in the lobby. This will give you all the time you need to search the map. Even with a lobby to yourself, it can still be really difficult to find the collectible. Many of the maps are huge, with tons of little areas they can be hidden. Keep in mind that the collectibles aren’t always on the ground; they can often be found on top of objects or even outside the boundaries of where you can walk.

    There is a thread on PlaystationTrophies that lists an alternative method to potentially make this trophy a little easier, but there are reports of not being able to get it to work and having to search in the featured warzones only.

    Remember me?
    Make 25 kills with each one of the Retro weapons

    There are a total of three retro weapons added with the Insurgent DLC:

    1. Scout Class: StA14 semi-automatic rifle.
    2. Assault Class: L512 SMG (it is a secondary weapon).
    3. Support Class: M82 assault rifle.

    To get this trophy, all you need to do is kill 25 enemies with each of the three new retro weapons. To check your progress, you can go to the “challenges” tab, and view the weapons under the scout, assault, and support sections. You can very easily do this in bot matches; create a warzone on Penthouse, get 25 kills with one of the weapons, and then switch to another weapon after dying.

    New Toys! upscale-245262160018212
    Reach the maximum level for the E-Pulse Emitter, Tactical Echo Emitter, and Guard Drone

    The E-Pulse Emitter, Tactical Echo Emitter, and Guard Drone are the three new abilities added to Shadow Fall’s online, one for each of the three original classes. To get this trophy, you have to reach the maximum level for each. This process is pretty much identical to maxing out all the abilities from the main game, just a time consuming grind against bots. Thankfully, two of the abilities are pretty easy to max out, and the third still isn’t as bad as some of the main game abilities.

    You can check your progress for all three abilities by checking “challenges”, and then going to scout, assault, or support abilities.

    Guard Drone (Scout Class)

    The Guard Drone is a lot like the Drone Buddy from the main game. Once you call it in, it will stay in that general area and shoot any enemies that come near. They do a decent amount of damage and remain active for about 90 seconds, but can be destroyed relatively easily, especially if you use a stun drone. To max it out, you need 300 kills.

    The easiest way to grind these kills is to set up a warzone on Penthouse, play only Beacon Safeguard, disable all weapons, disable all abilities except the Guard Drone, enable 11 bots, and set both health and health regeneration to low. Now, whenever you or your team picks up the beacon, the enemies will constantly rush at you. Just keep popping the guard drone and let it go to work. If you die, your drone explodes as well. Once the drone times out, it will need to recharge for about 30 seconds until you can call it in again; if you die it recharges instantly. This ability isn’t too hard to max out, especially if the enemies don’t use their own guard drones very often, as you can sometimes get 15-20 kills per drone if you get lucky.

    Tactical Echo Emitter (Support Class)

    The Tactical Echo Emitter is the easiest of the new abilities to max out. It is essentially a stationary and constant version of the normal Tactical Echo. You place the emitter, and every 10-15 seconds, it will pulse and show the locations of all the nearby enemies. You need to tag a total of 500 enemies using this ability.

    The best way to do this is to play on Penthouse and set up your emitter near the enemy spawn points. You can use a similar setup to the Guard Drone, with the only changes being disabling the Guard Drone and enabling the Tactical Echo Emitter. Now, you can place the emitter near the staircases where enemies spawn, and let it begin tagging. Holding onto the beacon and staying near the emitter will also speed up the process. You can easily get over 100 tags per game with this method.

    E-Pulse Emitter (Assault Class)

    The E-Pulse Emitter is by far the most annoying of the three abilities to level up. When you place the emitter, it will constantly let out a pulse that stuns enemies and their equipment. To max it out, you need to stun 500 pieces of enemy equipment.

    Stunning enemy equipment requires more luck than scanning enemies with the tactical echo, but it can be completed in a similar way. You will want to create a warzone on Penthouse, but leave all abilities and weapons enabled. The bots actually use a fair amount of equipment, sometimes placing as many as 3 items pretty close together, and don’t usually destroy yours. Any equipment you stun with the device will count, including enemy drones, so it is sometimes possible to rack up a good number of stuns per use.

    If you want to try and boost this with another human player, you can each place a turret somewhere on the map, commit suicide, and then place an E-Pulse Emitter near the enemy turret. For as long as the two items are active, you will each continuously get a few stuns. This method is more consistent than trying to grind it out against bots, but the potential time save is questionable.

    Glitch Note: a few users have stated that this trophy may be glitched in a good way. They have stated that after finishing two abilities, you will only need to complete 250 of the kills, tags, or stuns before the trophy unlocks. In case this is true, it is recommended to do the Guard Drone and Tactical Echo Emitter first, and save the E-Pulse for last, as this could cut down on your grind by a few hours.

    Like a Boss Gold
    Finish the campaign in Elite mode

    Elite mode is Shadow Fall’s new highest difficulty. However, it doesn’t function the same way as Elite from Killzone 2 or 3. Instead, combat difficulty is set to hard, but you only get three lives for the entire campaign. Additionally, there are no checkpoints within missions, so if you die, you have to restart your current mission.

    If you die in a mission, you can hit Options to pause the game and quit to the main menu to avoid spending a life at all. You can also quit the game after you complete each mission and back up your save to the cloud or to an external drive, so the life system is honestly pretty insignificant. The real difficulty of this run comes from the lack of checkpoints. Despite the overall short length of the campaign and only having 10 missions, many of the missions are quite long, so screwing up just once can mean having to restart.

    Thankfully, you are allowed to be revived by your OWL, though this requires you to have an adrenaline pack, and you can only carry two at a time. You can skip cutscenes by pausing and hitting after enough time has passed. Below is a series of general tips, and light walkthroughs for each chapter of the game.

    General Tips

    Your OWL is your best friend. Abuse the scan ability to point out enemy locations at all times, and use the OWL whenever possible to clear enemies with the assault setting.
    In relation to the first tip, the assault feature of the drone isn’t good in close quarters situations. It is often better to rely on the stun feature, as this will temporarily stop enemies from fighting.
    The scan feature can detect weapons and adrenaline packs, which will show up as white diamonds on your HUD.
    Headshots are instant kills, so try to go for them whenever possible.
    This game has a fair amount of stealth sections. Provided you disable alarms and stealth kill enemies, it is possible to sneak through some parts of levels completely undetected.
    Additionally, your objective is sometimes just to get through an area, not necessarily kill all enemies. If you want to take the risk, you can try to run past all the enemies in some areas to complete them quickly, though this isn’t usually a reliable strategy.
    If you go down while your OWL is deployed, you won’t be able to be revived.

    YouTuber Katana has produced a walkthrough of each mission on Elite. The walkthrough also shows the locations of all the collectibles. It is recommended that you watch the videos before or during your playthrough so you know what to expect if you’re just coming back to the game years later.

    Chapter 1: The Father

    This mission is completely linear and features no combat. Just follow the objectives until the chapter is completed.

    Chapter 2: The Shadow

    This mission serves as a tutorial for combat, stealth, and using the OWL. The sections inside the factory are pretty easy, just follow the prompts on screen to stealth kill the few enemies and make your way outside. Here you will get your OWL.

    Once outside, focus on taking out the alarm towers first. Even on hard, the enemies don’t kill you extremely quickly, and there is a lot of natural cover you can use to avoid getting hit. Once you take out an alarm and start killing the nearby enemies, they will usually rush at you in a line, making them easy to kill.

    The only potentially hard part of chapter 2 is the final defensive portion, in which you must fight off a few waves of enemies while waiting for extraction. It is best to hang out on one of the staircases leading into the building, only popping out for a few seconds to kill a couple enemies at a time. As long as you keep ducking into the building, you should be able to stay alive until you can escape.

    Chapter 3: The Doctor

    This chapter is relatively light on combat, with most of the enemies popping up at the very end. There is a continual “puzzle” if you could call it that throughout the chapter where you have to move petrucite capacitors around to open and close doors, but it isn’t too hard to figure anything out. Just play the last part of the chapter safely, trying to avoid shooting the panels since they reveal a scorching sun, and you should be okay.

    The chapter does have one fairly infamous portion in which you have to place capacitors in four devices in the reactor room. After one is placed, it will make that segment of the reactor spin around. If you get hit, you die. The best way to complete this part is to work from the inside to the outside to minimize jumps. Additionally, when you have to get to the exit, you can actually hug the outer wall; when you fall you will take a little damage but shouldn’t die, allowing you to climb the ladder next to the entrance.

    Chapter 4: The Patriot

    The first part of the chapter has a couple of cinematic walking/flying/talking sections, and will have you clear out about 20 – 30 enemies from an ISA building. You can let your OWL do most of the work and hang back or above the enemies, picking them off one at a time. You will encounter a shielded enemy for the first time; you can quickly destroy the shield with a charged shot from your starting gun.

    The second part has you clearing three trains filled with enemies. The interior of the trains are easy to clear, as there are only a few enemies and they run right at you. On the outside, enemies will attack from every direction and multiple heights, so stay in the trains as long as possible and clear them slowly. Also, you have to avoid being struck by a moving train, or you die instantly. At the end of this section, you will need to use a minigun to shoot the train off it’s rails within 25 seconds or you fail the level.

    The final part is relatively easy, requiring you to clear a building of Helghast. You can use your OWL for most of it, and won’t get attacked by more than 1 or 2 enemies at once. After clearing the building, you have to shoot two enemies while hanging from a rope of an ISA dropship, then you will have a quick time event at the very end.

    Chapter 5: The Helghast

    Chapter 5 is the longest yet, and features quite a few sections where you will be waiting around letting the game play out. For the first half of the mission, you will want to try and sneak around, disabling all the alarms you come across, and avoiding or stealth killing any Helghast. This is the first chapter where you will encounter riot shield enemies; they use shotguns that can stagger your movement/aim and are tough to hit. It is best to use the stun setting on your OWL to try and take them out, or use grenades. Provided you hack all the alarms relatively quickly, you shouldn’t be attacked by too many enemies.

    Next, you will have to pass through some more vertical slum areas with narrow catwalks. This area doesn’t have very many enemies, so progress slowly and use your scan often to kill them all.

    After using three cranes to cross a gap, you’ll have to fight one last large group of enemies, though you’ll be provided a minigun if you want to use it. When you reach the primary target, you will have to complete a melee quick time event . Following this, you will have to escape, including a bit of walking on very narrow ledges while being shot. Once you get through this part, you will be captured and the mission will end.

    Chapter 6: The Agent

    Chapter 6 is one of the worst in the game. It is extremely long, filled with very slow stealth and cinematic sections, and has a somewhat tricky final battle that is very easy to die in. Additionally, you won’t have access to your OWL, meaning that if you go down, you can’t be revived.

    For the first quarter of the chapter, just follow Echo’s orders to avoid the enemies. In the second quarter, you will have to use Echo and a suppressed pistol to get past a few groups of enemies. You can use the spider mines to destroy cameras, causing machine guns to target the Helghast. You will have to get through three sections like this, and then you will have to fight a Walker. These things will kill you very quickly and have a lot of health. Thankfully the first one is easy to kill; wait for it to get under a container, hit it with an EMP grenade, then have Echo shoot the container to get an instant kill.

    The third part of the level will involve sniping a few targets to cover Echo, nothing too difficult here. After one final stealth section, you will reach the final battle.

    The final battle is quite problematic. After running a capacitor over to an antenna tower, you will come under attack from two Walkers and infinitely spawning Helghast of varying types, including some riot shield guys. As soon as your ATAC drones go online, start using them. Some players suggest using the drones on the Walkers, other will say they should be used on all the ground troops. However, it is probably best to have them focus on the Walkers, since they need to die to forward the game. The Walkers can hit you with a machine gun, as well as a grenade launcher that fires about a dozen small grenades around you at once. If your health gets low, immediately use a health pack (there are two more on the upper ledge and more scattered around). Once the first two Walkers go down, two more will spawn from across the bridges. If you have a minigun, use it with EMP grenades to deal extra damage to the Walkers, since the ATACs aren’t the most useful.

    There is a possibility that the game can screw you over and occasionally have one of the ATACs fly directly into you and explode, though this only tends to happen if you hang around the railing. This section requires some degree of luck, as there is no guarantee to how the enemies will behave. You may get lucky and have very few attempt to get to the upper area where you hold out, or you may have them constantly move that way. The Walkers may choose to stay on the lower levels and only fight the ATACs, or they might try to kill you instantly. The faster you kill the Walkers, the faster you get through this section, as destroying the last Walker will cause the remaining enemies to retreat. Spam your radar to make sure nothing sneaks up on you.

    Once you finish this tough fight, get on the ATAC, which will cause a crash landing. For this final section, sprint toward the Vekta side of the wall. Avoid running near enemies and use a health pack as soon as your health gets low. Once you enter the wall, move forward until the mission ends.

    Chapter 7: The Handler

    At the beginning of the chapter, after flying into the ship, you will have a section where you have to free fall. You’ll need to avoid all the moving platforms and land on the pad your OWL launches. Following this section, you’ll have to clear a few rooms of enemies. Use your main weapon’s secondary fire and your OWL’s stun feature to bring down the shielded enemies. You will also want to use your OWL to disable the spider mine launchers. Just play this area cautiously and you should be fine, there aren’t all that many enemies and no alarms to worry about.

    After meeting Massar at the halfway point, you’ll be ejected into space and have to protect her container. You’ll have some kind of missile launcher attached to yourself, which you will need to use to destroy about a dozen groups of flying drones. You will also need to destroy four containers before they can hit Massar’s.

    Once you have secured Massar inside a room, you will have to deal with another massive battle. This battle has been known to cause a lot of players trouble, but it’s not too bad with a good strategy. You will want to grab some laser trip mines and place at least one on each staircase. Then, pick up the Pnv06 and launch your OWL’s shield right on the edge of the railing for protection. From here, you can simply blast away with the Pnv. Focus on the shielded enemies as well as the ones with riot shields, prioritizing any enemies that get close to your platform. If any make it to the stairs, the trip mines should kill them, or at least notify you of their presence. You will have to hold out for about four minutes. There are a couple ammo crates on this platform and two Pnv06s, so you should have just enough ammo.

    To finish the mission, you will have to board a ship and use its turret for another 2-3 minutes. There will be a few ATACs that should be destroyed first, then focus on the shielded enemies and chain gunners. Try to prevent anyone from getting on the platform below you. This section will come down somewhat to luck as to how much you get hit, and which enemies get closer to you. If you can hold out here, the enemies will eventually retreat and the chapter will be over.

    As a note about this final battle, it has been stated in forums that the number of enemies you have to destroy while in the turret is equal to the number of enemies you have left on the ground when you first enter the turret. So, if you have 10 of the blue shield guys on the ground when you enter the turret, you will have to kill that many of them in the turret. Therefore, try to kill as many shielded enemies as possible before entering.

    Chapter 8: The Dead

    At the beginning of chapter 8, you will be using a wingsuit to navigate the crumbling remains of Helghan. The controls and camera aren’t great, but the segment is still pretty easy. When you reach the automated defensive platform (resembles a giant box with a rotating red detection beam), you can actually cheat the section a bit. Shoot two petrucite capacitors out of the flying drones and place them in the two devices near the defensive platform. Now, you can shoot the two capacitors at nearly the same time, destroying the platform and resulting in only a couple ATACs coming at you, which can be easily killed from the nearby building.

    After going through the double doors, you’ll have another automated defense platform and a Walker drone. Sneak around to the right side, going through all the buildings, and pick up a minigun from one of them. From here, you can plant a capacitor on the right side of the platform. Before shooting it, run into the central building. In here, you will be very well protected from both ATACs, as well as the Walker, allowing you to carefully take them out. From here, as long as you don’t run into a random spider mine, you should be fine. Use another capacitor on the left side of the platform and continue to the final area.

    In the final area, you will need to destroy yet another automated platform, only this time, there are two Walkers. If you hide in the trench near where you first drop into this area, the Walkers won’t usually hit you unless they use the grenade launcher. From down here, you can pop off bursts of minigun fire and duck back into cover without significant risk. There are some EMP grenades and health packs in the area as well. Once both Walkers are down, destroy the last automated platform and follow the path to the end.

    Chapter 9: The Destroyer

    Chapter 9 is another pretty tough one due to its very long length, a significant amount of combat, and a boss fight. At the beginning, you’ll be outside a Helghast facility. There are quite a few enemies in the area, but you’ll gain access to a sniper rifle, and rarely will more than 1-2 come after you at a time, so you can take your time and carefully pick them off. Once you destroy the automated defense platform, you’ll have to kill about 10 more enemies inside before riding a cargo transport.

    In the next segment, you’ll have to fight your way through a large group of varying enemies, which isn’t too bad since they once again don’t come in very large groups. The mission starts to become difficult in the next section, where you will have to fight off infinite waves of enemies until your OWL is able to disable two doors. The main concern here are the riot shield enemies, as they can instantly down you up close and take a lot of shots to kill. To disable the first door, you will want to throw laser tripmines at the door while the OWL disables the nearby panel and hope you get lucky. There is about a 10-15 second delay between waves of enemies coming from door, so use that to your advantage. There are also EMP grenades and rocket launchers in the area you can attempt to use. The second panel is easier, as it usually won’t be very well guarded, though you will also be attacked by two ATACs, which can be killed relatively easily from the central building.

    Once you have finished the last wave of enemies, Echo will move upstairs. Instead of following her, drop down to the side of the building to find a supply room with a minigun, two health packs, other ammo and grenades, and a spider mine. You will need the minigun for the coming battle. Head upstairs for a cutscene, which will segway into a boss fight.

    The boss uses a shield, which can be disabled by destroying the robot following him. This will cause him to run at you with a weaker shield that you can destroy with your minigun. Once it is destroyed, he will teleport away and be vulnerable. Deal enough damage and he will go down, only to be revived. You will need to complete this cycle two more times before the boss is killed. He attacks by launching tons of spider mines at a time, as well as a couple of buddy drones. These attacks can kill you very quickly, so try to circle the central building to keep him away. The minigun makes this fight much more tolerable.

    After defeating the boss, you will kill a few more enemies, then get a cutscene that can be skipped. After the scene, you will be flying upward; it is possible to die here if you run into the large rocks or buildings, but they are very easy to dodge. Upon gaining control of your character, fly toward the objective. Inside this area, you will have to fly around and destroy three turrets, as well as a few rocket launcher enemies. You can take a number of hits, so just keep moving left and right while firing at everything. Land at the access panel after the third turret to enter the base.

    After a couple rooms and a ladder, you will reach a large supply room leading up to the final real battle of the game. Make sure you have a Pnv06 and full ammo, full grenades or EMP grenades, and two health packs. When you’re ready, enter the elevator and head on up.

    The first room is relatively easy, containing about six regular and riot shield enemies. Your OWL and Pnv can take care of them relatively easily. There are a lot of ammo crates here to restock. Now, head upstairs for the real final battle.

    The final room can be quite difficult. It is filled with pretty much every kind of Hig in the game. At first, you’ll need to kill the enemies that initially spawn in the room, including two shielded guys and a bunch of others. Again, the OWL can do most of the work for you. However, once you get down to four enemies, they will infinitely respawn, forcing you to enter the room. At this point, it is best to head to the left side and look toward the door. Once you kill a couple of the respawning enemies, the door will open to reveal a number of riot shields, blue shields, and minigun enemies all at once. If you time it right, you can fire on the open door with the Pnv and kill most or all of them. It is recommended not to send your OWL out once you enter the room, as you need it nearby for reviving. If you kill the enemies from that doorway, you won’t have many more to kill from the other side of the room. At that point, run around the room, staying away from the enemies, and pop off a few shots at a time with the Pnv. There are two health packs at the back of the room as well.

    Once you have finally killed all the enemies in this room, get on the elevator in the center, ride it up, approach the true mastermind behind everything, and watch the cutscene play out.

    Chapter 10: The Savior

    The Savior is the final chapter of the game, beginning shortly after the start of the credits sequence. It is extremely short and easy. In the first part of the chapter, you will go through a building in stealth, killing a few ISA and cameras. Once you get outside, you will need to disable two camera systems and obtain a sniper rifle. You will have access to a cloak and a suppressed pistol. The enemies aren’t very smart, but if they detect you, a timer will appear giving you three minutes to finish the mission. The camera access points are located in the lower part of the level and behind the central garden/market area. The sniper rifle is in the circular tower in the center. Once you have finished all three objectives, head to the underside of the level through the grate and take the shot. It is recommended to follow the video to see an optimal strategy. Do note that if the timer appears you can still complete the mission, but turrets that can see through your cloak will be deployed.


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