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Kamikaze Veggies Out on Steam Tomorrow

3D action-adventure game

Independent game developers Red Limb Studio is releasing Kamikaze Veggies, a 3D stealth adventure game on Steam tomorrow.

Kamikaze Veggies is about a squad of crazy professional kamikaze warriors who are ready to use their potential and fight red communist vegetables who want to take control over the world.

In Kamikaze Veggies, one wrong move means death. You need to be focused to react quickly to a threat. When the frontline situation is dire, use a suicide blast. 

The game features many interesting missions, fascinating characters, beautiful art styles, single-player mode, a split-screen mode, and many more.


  • Single-player mode with an interesting story
  • Third-person perspective
  • 3D graphic
  • Split-screen mode option (co-op for two players)
  • Unique gameplay based on the sacrifice of kamikazewarriors
  • Many interesting missions
  • Many fascinating characters with different skills
  • Beautiful and contrasting art styles with great music

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Dex Fragg
Dex Fragg
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