Island Saver Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 1/10
Estimated time to 100%: 4/8 hours
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1


Welcome to the Island Saver Trophy Guide! This Free to Play game will entertain you for some hours and teach you the importance to keep a cleaned world while saving money!


Step 1: Finish the game

During this step, you will earn all the trophies as they are straight forward except for Bronze Money Matters that will require a little bit of attention.

There are 3 islands in total:

  • Sandy Island;
  • Icecap Island;
  • Eruption Island.

Each island has a lot of areas you are forced to clean to be able to progress through the game. Keep in mind that you don’t have to clean them perfectly to proceed.
Keep on completing the various goals until the end and you will get all the trophies by simply playing the game.

You’ll be earning these trophies:

Bronze Deposit
Bronze Quids In
Bronze A Personal Loan
Bronze For The People
Bronze Community Service
Bronze Bridge Builder
Bronze Save The Date
Bronze Money Matters
Bronze Fair Trade
Silver Debt Free
Silver Big Spender
Silver Bureau de Change
Gold Charity Champ

Flora and Fauna of Every Island

In this section of the guide, you can find a descriptive table of every animal that lives on every island.  All of them require specific food to be able to be rescued and you can harvest it from plants.

There are 2 Apex bankimals for each island: these types of animals have a specific ability and after rescuing them, you can summon them.

Some plants will be available after cleaning them but some require seeds you need to purchase from Pigby’s Store or exchange them with Kiwi, the parrot.

Sandy Island

ImageBankimalFood Required
To Rescue
Plant Needed
For Food
CrabClam NutClam Tree
Beach SnailCandy FruitCandy Flowers
ChameleonDune FliesDune Flowers
Tree FrogBeesBumble Flowers
CapybaraStar FruitStar Fruit Tree
AnteaterAntsAnt Hill
TurtleFishberrySea Grass
Red PandaBamboo ShootBamboo
MonkeyMonkey NutMonkey Nut Tree
CrocodileDrumstickSnap Lily
WarthogHogberry Hogberry Patch
HippoGrass BallGrassball Bush
RhinoberryRhinoberry Bush
GornanaGornana Tree

Icecap Island

ImageBankimalFood Required
To Rescue
Plant Needed
For Food
Arctic CrabFrosty ClamArctic Clam Tree
Rockhopper PenguinShrimpShrimp Stack
ScorpionTermitesTermite Mound
ArmadilloCricketDesert Poppy
BisonSnow GemSnow Gem Bush
Emperor PenguinScoop FruitIce Cream Flowers
OstrichGrubGrub Nest
WalrusIce Cumber Ice Cumber Plant
Arctic FoxDrumstickWinter Foxglove
CamelDesert JewelJewel Palm
GiraffeTallmelonTallmelon Tree
Polar Bear
Steak FruitCrystal Snapper
ElemelonElemelon Patch

Eruption Island

ImageBankimalFood Required
To Rescue
Plant Needed
For Food
Forest SnailCandy Fruitcandy Trees
SquirrelAcornAcorn Bush
Fire ScorpionFire TermitesFiremite Mound
AlpacaYarn BallYarn Tree
FoxDrumstick Foxglove
BadgerBlueberryBlueberry Bush
Giant TurtoiseLettuce ShellTortoshrub
IguanaFire FliesFire Flowers
Grizzly BearSandwichPicnic Plant
TapirTapimelonTapimelon Tree
Wolf PeakMoon FruitMoon Bush
MooseMaple LeafMaple Tree
HamTropical Snapper
Mountain Goat
Boulder NutBoulder Nut Tree

Trophy Guide:

Deposit 100 gold doubloons.

To get this trophy, you need to deposit 100 gold doubloons in your bank.
Refer to the Bronze Quids In trophy description for further details.

Quids In
Deposit 1000 gold doubloons.

Doubloons are the main currency of the game and you will earn them by everything in the game. Most of them are earned from Bankimals but you can also trade them with fruit to Pigby’s Stand.

You will have a lot of them so don’t worry and keep depositing them in a bank when you can. Remember that for every 10 golds earned, one of them will become a tax token, and further in the game, you will have different currencies you have to exchange at the currency exchange machine.

The first time you unlock a bank, you need to create a pin: make sure to digit an easy one to remember it. Here an image that shows how a bank looks like:

A Personal Loan
Take out a bank loan.

To take out a loan you will need to make one first. There will be two opportunities:

  • Icecap Island (MISSABLE): In the beginning, you have to refuse the Shark deal. If you do so, you will need to repay 55 doubloons to the bank ;
  • Eruption Island: this will be the expensive one as it will cost you 220 doubloons, but it’s unmissable and you will have no trouble taking out that.

Check the Silver Debt Free trophy description for further details.

For The People
Earn 50 Tax Tokens.

You will learn about taxes when you reach the Tax Creek area. 
To earn a tax token, you will have to collect 10 doubloons in total and one of them will be automatically converted in a tax token.
After you have earned a total of 50 tokens, you will get the trophy.

You can see how many tax tokens you have from a Tax Machine (See image below).

Community Service
Use tax to empty a recycler.

Recyclers are trash cans where you have to throw every piece of trash you collect while cleaning the 3 islands. There are 3 types of recyclers:

  • Blue recycler – throw plastics inside it;
  • Yellow recycler – throw metals inside it;
  • Green recycler – throw glasses inside it.

You can throw a total of 50 pieces before it turns full and you will earn a doubloon for every 10 pieces. Then you will need to throw a tax token inside to empty it and be able to reuse it. 

Bridge Builder
Use tax to build a bridge

You will encounter your first bridge In Croc Beach on Sandy Island.
Before you can interact with the generator, you will have to clean the area and rescue all the bankimals. 
After that, you have to pay 30 tax tokens to be able to build the bridge. When you accomplish that, you will earn the trophy.

Save The Date
Earn first interest on your savings.

After depositing some doubloons in the bank, sometimes while playing you will receive a small amount of interest on your savings. When you receive your first interest, you will get the trophy. 

Money Matters
Exchange any currency at its best price.

During the game, you will meet different bankimals which contain a different value. The first ones you will meet are on Icecap Island in the Frosty Floes area and they will give you Yens.  
After you have rescued all the animals and cleaned the whole area, you will gain access to an exchange machine. 

This machine has a screen where you can see the fluctuations of the different values of the game. To get this trophy, you have to fire the money inside the machine, when this value reaches the top of the screen (Yen in that case).  You will receive 3 doubloons for each Yen you throw inside. Here an explanatory image.

Fair Trade
Barter with Kiwi.

To get this trophy, you need to trade some items with Kiwi, the parrot. to receive some special seeds.
The first time you can trade something with him will be In Primate Playground on Sandy Island.

Here you will need to gather 10 of any items shown to receive Gornana seeds in change. 
After collecting the required items, return to KIwi and shoot them inside the cage. You will receive the Gornana seeds and this trophy too.

Debt Freeupscale-245262160018212
Repay a bank loan.

To repay a bank loan you will need to make one first. There will be two opportunities:

  • Icecap Island (MISSABLE): In the beginning, you have to refuse the Shark deal. If you do so, you will need to repay 55 doubloons to the bank ;
  • Eruption Island: this will be the expensive one as it will cost you 220 doubloons, but it’s unmissable and you will have no trouble taking out that.

After making it, you will have to give money back with a little surplus with some installments every 30 in-game days until you have repaid it.
When the calendar on the upper right of the screen shows 25 days left, you will have the opportunity to pay the installment 5 days early with a little discount. 

Once you have settled your loan, you will get the trophy.

Big Spenderupscale-245262160018212
Spend 100 in Pigby’s Store.

Pigby’s store will be introduced when you reach the Rhino Rock on the first island. 
Here you have to buy some Rhinoberry seeds and plant them to be able to rescue the Rhino bankimal.

You will earn this trophy later on the game by only purchasing the required items, but you can speed up the process if you want. 

Bureau de Changeupscale-245262160018212
Exchange all 5 currencies into doubloons at least once.

While progressing through the game you will discover new Bankimals and some of them will give you different currencies.
To get this trophy, you will need to exchange every currency of the game at least once.

To exchange them, interact with an exchange machine and throw inside it at least one coin for each of the following currencies:

  • Yen
  • Dollar;
  • Rupee;
  • Pound;
  • Euros.
Charity ChampGold
Complete charity mission and send Litterbugs home.

You will get this trophy at the end of the game. It’s not a platinum trophy but… It’s something.

At the end of the game, you will find a portal and you will need to search for 10 batteries to activate it.
After getting them all, you’ll have to recharge them by throwing them inside 10 glowing statues scattered around the island.

When you have the 10 charged batteries, go back to the portal and shoot the batteries inside it to unlock your final trophy.


My career of trophy hunter starts from the AC II platinum. I love videogames and I want to transmit my passion to the whole world by writing guides etc.

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