Island Saver: Fantasy Island DLC Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 2/10. 
    Estimated time to 100%: 2 – 3 Hours. 
    Missable trophies: None. 
    Glitched trophies: None. 
    Difficulty related: None. 
    Playthrough: N/A. 


    Welcome to the Island Saver: Fantasy Island DLC Trophy Guide!
    Island Saver returns with it’s 2nd DLC pack, but the first to feature trophies and is a paid DLC pack. The game starts afresh following on from the base game with new mechanics introduced.
    The idea is the same; clean the islands of the trash to protect the wildlife!

    You do not need to have completed the original Islands to do this DLC content.
    You can find our Trophy Guide of the Base Game – Island Saver Trophy Guide

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    Step 1: Clean up the Islands 
    As with the the Base Game you will need to work through the Islands cleaning up the trash so the animals can return to their natural habitat. As you progress you will naturally earn the majority of trophies.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Bronze Back in Business
    Bronze Box Breaker
    Bronze Fast Travel
    Bronze Easy Glider
    Bronze Pipe Dream
    Bronze Paint Splash
    Silver Lost Dog
    Silver Deal Maker

    Step 2: Collect the Golden Eggs
    There are 20 Golden Eggs scattered around the islands. You will need to first unlock the Dragon to be able to reach all of them, as some are located mid air.
    The locations have been noted within the trophy description below, however, they are not difficult to find.

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    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
    Silver Golden Egg
    Bronze Little Seed

    Golden Egg Locations

    Trophy Guide:

    Back in Business
    Help smoothie stall re-open for business

    Once you have planted the 3 Strawberry Plants on you first Island “Hub Island” you will meet “Collection Bot” and the Smoothie Stall will open for business.

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    Fast Travel
    Use a magic portal

    As you progress through and clean up “Unicorn Cove” the first Magic Portal will open up within Hub Island. All you need to do is jump through it to travel to “Ice Island”.

    Box Breaker
    Smash a wooden crate

    Once you have cleaned up “Unicorn Cove” you will unlock your first rideable friend “Unicorn”. Once you have befriended it you will be able to ride around on the back.
    Simply break any box whilst riding the Unicorn to unlock this trophy.

    Easy Glider
    Glide on a dragon

    Once you have cleared the “Dragon Island” you will meet the second character that you can ride on which will be the Dragon. Feed it the Dragon Fruit Smoothie and jump on its back for the Trophy.

    You can use the Dragon to reach the higher paces and Golden Eggs by pressing and holding to jump and glide.

    Pipe Dream
    Build portal pipe on Hub Island

    Once you have obtained the Dragon you will be able to reach the “High Plateau” from within the “Hub Island”. Clean this area up and then feed the Tax Builder 10 Tax Coins to build the pipe.

    Paint Splash
    Paint both billboards on Oasis Island
    1. The first is located straight in front of you when you cross the initial bridge and enter the main part of “Oasis Island”.
    2. The second is located straight ahead of you once you enter into the faulty portal and cross the bridge
    Little Seed
    Plant a giant beanstalk

    Once you have collected all the Golden Eggs you will be able to plant the Giant Beanstalk in Unicorn Cove. Climb it to get to the end of the game.

    Reference the video at the top of the guide, or the locations noted in Silver Golden Egg.

    Lost Dog upscale-245262160018212
    Find Truffle’s lost dog

    After breaking the crate in the Forest Island the lost little doggy will finally return to their owner and net you the trophy along the way.

    Deal Maker upscale-245262160018212
    Awards all fruit supply contracts

    Once you have all the Supply pipes built you will need to award the supply contracts to the cheapest suppliers. Collect the contracts from the Hub Island and distribute them to the following –

    • Banana = Hub Island
    • Dragon Fruit = Dragon Island
    • Blueberry = Oasis Bay
    • Water Melon = Ice Island
    • Strawberry =  Forest Island
    Golden Egg upscale-245262160018212
    Find all the Golden Goose eggs

    There are 20 Golden Eggs to collect in total scattered around the different islands. For some you will need to have unlocked the dragon so you can fly, as some are located in unreachable places on foot.

    They are located as follows –

    • Hub Island x4
      • By the Portal & Recycle Machine
      • Appears from the Smoothie Machine once you have awarded all the contracts towards the end of the game (Dragon Required to unlock).
      • On the other side of the Island by the 2nd Portal
      • Above the bridge to River Crossing (Dragon Required). Jump off of the “High Plateau” to get this one
    • Ice Island x4
      • On the right between 2 ice blocks, just as you exit the Portal from Hub Island
      • On the left behind an block, just as you exit the Portal from Hub Island
      • Next to the Tax Machine behind a Plant at the far end of the Island
      • In plain site at the far end of the Island once you go through a gap in the ice. 
    • Dragon Island x4
      • Straight ahead and to the left of you when you exit the portal from “Hub Island” and within the cave area by the lava (Dragon Required)
      • Follow the path round the left into the cave and continue to follow it up the spiralling path. The Egg is located on the left when you reach the top
      • Close to the previous egg, there is another in mid air if you look towards the main part of the island. It is easily visible from the recycling machines you build at the top (Dragon Required)
      • Continue straight ahead from the portal and follow the rocks round to the right. It is in plain sight by the big ball of trash
    • Oasis Island x3
      • Turn to the left as soon as you exit the Portal from the “High Plateau”
      • Straight in front of you when you exit the Portal from the “High Plateau” (Dragon Required)
      • Continue straight from the previous one and it will be located just to the right of the Tax Machine
    • Oasis Bay x1
      • Continue around to the right and you will need to use the Dragon to fly across the water section to collect. You will need to jump to 2 other pieces of beach before you reach this one (Dragon Required)
    • Forest Island x4
      • When you enter this island there will be an Egg located to the left behind a tree
      • Continue along the eft edge straight ahead of the previous one
      • Continue forward along the left edge and you will find another Egg across a gap that you must fly over (Dragon Required)
      • As you enter through the Portal there will be an Egg location within the Spiders nest on the right. Clean the area and feed the spider so it will get the Egg for you


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