Is Playstation Plus Better Than Xbox GamePass?

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    Gamepass has been around for a long time now but Playstation’s brand new service came out with a massive bang and has a ton of big AAA games where Gamepass seems to be lacking in majorly. So Is Playstation Plus Better Than Xbox GamePass?

    While I’ve always been a PlayStation fan, for the past few months I have only been playing on the Xbox Series X, and while Game Pass has some amazing games, it does feel like its lacking in some ways with its AAA titles that make Game Pass feel like a “lite” version of Playstation Plus.

    While Game Pass has Assassin’s Creed Origin with a Series X update, Playstation Plus got the whole Assassin’s Creed line-up, and the same thing with Watch Dogs, Far Cry and basically almost every Ubisoft game is available on Playstation Plus

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    With a whopping 700 games, Playstation has a lot of games to offer with a majority of them being AAA, and a lot of the games that used to be on Game Pass, are now on Playstation Plus. Games like these are the Metro Series, the Final Fantasy Series, and some 2K/Rockstar Games. While Game Pass only has 300 games, it does also have some heavy hitters like Forza Horizon, the earlier Halo games, the Bethesda library, and a few backward compatible games from Rare and EA that are not on Playstation available.

    I’ve not been very positive about Game Pass in this article, but I absolutely do not hate Game Pass at all, I think that it has its upsides and for people that are unable to buy most of the AAA games on day 1, it offers a nice solution, but if you really wanna have your money’s worth, I personally think PlayStation Plus just has a bit more games that are worth the price that you are paying.

    What do you think is better? fill out this poll and leave a comment below with you opinions on the services.

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