I, AI Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 3/10.
    Estimated time to Platinum/100%: 6 – 8 Hours.
    Missable trophies: None.
    Glitched trophies: None.
    Difficulty related: None.
    Playthrough: 1+


    Welcome to the I, AI Trophy Guide!
    This is a classic side scrolling shooter developed by Satur Entertainment and published by Sometimes You.


    Step 1: Play all 20 missions
    Just work your way through all missions. Difficulty doesn’t matter so just select ‘Easy”. 

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    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Silver Destroyer
    Gold Exterminator
    Silver Do not bother me!
    Gold Slalom
    Silver First victory
    Gold And you are a toughie!
    Bronze First ray of light
    Bronze Dodger
    Silver Novice mechanic
    Silver The beginning of the way
    Gold Victory!
    Gold Rich
    Bronze Heroic death
    Silver Thrice Heroic death

    Step 2: Chips grinding + cleanup
    You’ll get the majority of the trophies in the previous aside from maxing out all systems and perhaps a couple misc ones.
    Prepare for a lengthy grind.

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
    Gold Eradicator
    Silver Clearing
    Silver Lord of the light
    Gold Sapper
    Silver Why do I need guns?
    Gold Professional mechanic

    40-platinum I, AI Platinum 

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    Tips and Strategies:

    • Put the game on easy difficulty
    • Focus on destroying all enemies in missions to get a bonus to chips earned
    • Always keep shooting. There’s an option to turn this on in the menus if you so desire.

    Video Guide:

    Trophy Guide:

    I, AI Platinum

    Destroy 1 000 enemies

    See Gold Eradicator

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    Destroy 5 000 enemies

    See Gold Eradicator

    Destroy 10 000 enemies

    You will well and truly get this naturally as you grind the chips needed to upgrade all your systems to maximum for Gold Professional mechanic.

    Shoot down 500 asteroids

    You’ll be replaying enough missions to naturally get this.

    Do not bother me!
    Destroy 10 asteroids in a row

    You will come across a large amount of asteroids in Mission 3. Provided you just keep shooting and moving left and right you will get this trophy here.
    If you somehow miss it then don’t worry, you’ll be destroying lots for Clearing and they appear in most missions.

    Complete the level without hitting a single enemy shell

    You can get both this and Gold And you are a toughie! in the same mission. Simply don’t get hit by an enemy. Mission 2 will be one of the easiest to do this in.

    First victory
    Win in the first battle against the boss

    You’ll get this after Mission 2 as the first one has no boss.

    And you are a toughie!
    Finish the level at the maximum level of the armor

    See Gold Slalom

    First ray of light
    Shoot the enemies with the energy of the system Energy beam

    See Silver Lord of the light

    Lord of the light
    Destroy 10 enemies with an energy beam in one shot

    The upgrade you need to purchase for this is called ‘Ray’. It will get easier the more you level this up but its not too hard to earn this trophy before you max it out Just wait until you see those big spawns of the tiny ships and unleash this ability.

    Put 25 mines at a time

    It is best to do this when you have fully upgraded your mines. Stock up on a couple of extra mine uses and then pop them all at once.

    Why do I need guns?
    Ram 100 enemies

    Ramming an enemy means just crashing your ship into them. You may get this naturally, otherwise just keep crashing into ships, the smaller ones that come out in big groups work best.

    Die in the first 15 seconds on a mission

    Keep taking damage or crashing into enemies until you die. Turn up the difficulty to hard if you want to absolutely guarantee this

    Novice mechanic
    Make a system update

    See Gold Professional mechanic

    Professional mechanic
    Upgrade all systems to the maximum

    You will need a LOT of chips to upgrade all systems. This is the one trophy that takes this from a 2 hour platinum to anything up to 6-8 hours.
    I personally found levels 15, 17 and 19 really good for earning a large amount of points. Getting more points in a level is great because if you can kill 100% of the enemies you will get a bonus to chips earned and this can really help speed up the platinum time.

    The beginning of the way
    Complete the first mission

    See Gold Victory!

    Complete the whole game

    There are 20 Missions in total. These will take a couple of hours to do as a couple of the bosses can be a bit annoying and missions tend to be 5 or more minutes long anyway.

    Accumulate 10,000 chips

    This will pop once 10,000 total have been collected, not needing to hold them all at once. Spend away!

    Heroic death
    Die in a battle with the boss

    See Silver Thrice Heroic Death

    Thrice Heroic Death
    Die 3 times in a row in a battle with the boss

    I’m not certain if the extra lives 2 you can purchase as upgrades count when doing this. However its very simple to do the normal way. Get to the boss at the end of the level. Its the big enemy with the health bar that appears. Just die and select that level again, repeat, then repeat once more.


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