How to Watch the PlayStation 5 Reveal Event

The PlayStation 5 reveal event is probably going to be the biggest game event of 2020. But how and when can you see it? Well, we got a list here How and when to Watch the PlayStation 5 Reveal Event!

The times of the event are as follows:

UK/BST9 pm
EU/CEST10 pm
ET4 pm
PT1 pm
AU/AEST6 am/June 12

The PlayStation 5 event will be both live to see on both the channels of PlayStation on YouTube and twitch. On YouTube there are also some versions in local languages. Check out your regions YouTube channel of PlayStation to see if there is one.

We are also going to be doing a live reaction on the DEX.EXE Twitch channel. this video will later be available on our live stream archive channel on YouTube with also a cut-up version of the best moments on our main channel!

Want all the news in bite-size form? then check this out for all PlayStation news!

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