How To Change Outfits In One Piece Odyssey

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    In One Piece Odyssey, you can’t change your outfits in the beginning or even come across where you can if you don’t look for it, so how do you change it? Well, in this guide we will tell you How To Change Outfits In One Piece Odyssey. follow the following steps and you will be able to see your favorite member of Luffy’s crew in a different outfit.

    1. Play through the story until you meet Adio
    2. During one of the tutorial bits, you will throw a campfire party
    3. Go inside the tent (specific tent in the image below)
    4. Select the outfit you want to have one of your characters wear.

    This is how you can change outfits. Every time you want to make a change, you can just go back to the campfire to start a party and change your outfit (and do other things like look at your adventure book)

    How To Change Outfits In One Piece Odyssey Tent

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