Honkai: Star Rail Review

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    The Gacha gods have blessed us with a brand new game by the creators of the massively popular game Genshin Impact in the form of an adventure on a space train in the game Honkai: Star Rail. Find out what we thought about the game by reading our full Honkai: Star Rail Review.

    Honkai: Star Rail is developed and published by miHoYo. It was released on April 26, 2023, for PC and Mobile devices (IOS and Android). A PlayStation 4 and 5 version will be available when version 1.1 of the game launches

    The story starts off kinda similar to Genshin Impact, you are dropped into a world and don’t know much about the back story of the character you play, but trust me, just like in Genshin, this will come into play in the future of the game and kinda already at the end of the content out right now. The story spans currently over 3 different areas, you start off in the Herta Space Station where you woke up with a Stellaron inside of your body. Stellarons are kinda mysterious and what they exactly do isn’t really that clear, but it does bring disaster to wherever one pops up.

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    After meeting some new friends you will set afoot the Astral Express, a cool space train that houses a group of heroes called trailblazers. They travel around space taking out the dangerous Stellarons and saving planets. The 1st planet you visit is Jarillo-VI, a planet slowly freezing more and more for about 800 years. Of course, due to plot reasons, the cause of this freeze is a Stellaron. Not just the planet is in danger, but also you, because for some reason, the Stellaron is also the reason the train can’t leave the planet and you need to go save the planet not just for them, but also yourself.

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    Nothing is what it seems there, but you will meet some amazing characters that will for sure manage to capture your heart in a lot of ways. From the kid called Hook and her moles who are trying their hardest to help out the people in the underworld to Seele with her new friend Bronya who will start working together to bring the Under and Upper world back together after the evil is been defeated.

    The 3rd area of the game is also pretty cool, but if you have played a ton of Genshin, it might feel a tiny bit like a copy of the 2nd city there with a heavy Chinese inspiration. What makes up for it are the cool characters and backstories they have that have not even been fully explored yet. Currently, you can only play till about a third of that area with the rest of the content from there coming in updates that will come out every 6 weeks.

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    The gameplay is a typical turn-based JRPG, it has ults, alternative attacks, and basic attacks, but of course, there are a few different types of characters that do different things. I personally don’t like a balanced team that just goes all out with attacks, but of course, with a gacha game, you have to balance your team of 4 and pick a healer and support as well to make sure you get that dub. Besides that, there are also a few elements as well that play a role in defeating the enemies that have different weaknesses, so leveling up a few different characters is a must.

    There is a bunch of things to do to grind on a daily basis to both level up your trailblaze level, but also your characters and make them the best they can be. Besides that, you grind for another thing… get more Stellar Jade to pull more waifus for you to battle with. There are so many cool characters that you can play with that you met in the story with a bunch more to come in the upcoming years.

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    The game really is some Persona 5 level goodness, it pains me to say….. but it might be better than Persona 5. The music is basically Persona 5 but in space, every tune the game has to offer has its own thing that makes it feel special, the music is so good, I’ve been jamming on it and have put some of the music also in my normal playlists like the “Wildfire” theme is just so epic and just makes any moment feel like amazing.

    While the music is good, a game can’t just go on that, but luckily, the visuals of the game are just as good. Every main and important side character has its own look and feel and every area looks just as great, the ambiance the game creates perfectly fits with what its story tries to tell. In Jarillo-VI, it’s cold, a bit scary, you don’t know what’s to come. The Space Station looks what you expect, very futuristic and advanced. Don’t get me started on how Pom-Pom looks, he is clearly out of place, but it is in a good way, he is just a cure train conductor bunny that you can help out with his little on-train missions.

    There is so much more I could talk about, but I think it’s best to explore the things the game has to offer you. Even after you complete the story that is out now you can still do some daily content to grind to a higher level and get ready for the next update. This is the end of this review, but not the end of our Honkai Star Rail coverage, we will continue to support the game with a review once in a while when major updates come out, but also with in-depth guides in our Game Hub, but also some minor how-to guides.

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    A must play for any Gacha game fan, it's one of the best i personally played. With its great story, gameplay, visuals and soundtrack, there is no moment that will bore you.

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    A must play for any Gacha game fan, it's one of the best i personally played. With its great story, gameplay, visuals and soundtrack, there is no moment that will bore you.Honkai: Star Rail Review