Hellpoint Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 6/10
    Estimated time to platinum: 20/30 hours
    Missable trophies: 10
    Glitched trophies: None
    Difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 1


    Welcome to the Hellpoint Trophy Guide!
    an intense action RPG that takes in a souls-like form but with a Sci-fi atmosphere.
    This game is developed by Cradle Games and published by TinyBuild Games.


    Step 1: Complete Side Quests and collect 100% data
    During this step, your main focus will be to play through the game while completing the 3 side quests.
    The most important quests are the Architect and the Prodigal Spawn ones which will allow you to get 3 endings in a single shot so be sure to do them correctly.

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    Take your time to explore, farm Axions to level up, and beat all the bosses you encounter but be sure to gain the trust of a cosmic God before defeating them.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Bronze Slaver
    Bronze Celestial
    Bronze Consumer

    Silver Undisturbed
    Silver Master of Puppets
    Bronze Hostess
    Silver Ashen Born

    Gold Galaxy’s Child
    Bronze Show me what you got
    Bronze I’m still worthy
    Bronze It’s full of stars
    Bronze Surge of Power
    Bronze Gate to the Stars
    Bronze Event Horizon
    Bronze Replicator
    Bronze Companion

    Step 2: Miscellaneous and Missable trophies
    Now it’s time to focus on the missable and miscellaneous trophies before heading to the High Ateliers and face up to the last boss.

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    Take this step to level up further and explore Irid Novo better. This game is full of secrets doors and paths, and it’s easy to leave something important to your back.
    Also, you should have already collected 100% of the data needed to reach the High Ateliers, but in case you haven’t, now it’s time.

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
    Bronze Knights
    Bronze Congregators
    Bronze Artillery
    Bronze Transporter
    Silver Well of Souls
    Silver One small step
    Gold For your thoughts
    Bronze Slayer

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    Step 3: Defeat the last boss and finish the game.

    It’s time, reach the High Ateliers and speak with the Architect before facing up the Interface boss. Refuse to surrender your data to him and be ready for a hard boss fight.
    If you have completed the Architect quest, a new breach will open. Enter it and defeat the real bosses!

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
    Silver Interface
    Gold Sentient
    Gold Shattered Mirror
    Gold I’m full of bad ideas!
    Bronze To the Fringe

    Step 4: NG+ and Bad Ending
    The last step will be to begin an NG+ playthrough and reach the Interface again. Don’t worry you won’t have to redo the whole game again as you can simply defeat the Archon Slaver and take the elevator to the High Ateliers.

    This time, speak with the Interface and surrender your data for the last ending and last 2 trophies.

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
    Bronze Good Spawn
    Gold My old Friend
    40-platinum The Superior Spawn

    Trophy Guide:

    The Superior Spawn
    You answered every challenge of Irid Novo

    Get all the other trophies. Well done, Spawn.

    Defeated the Archon Slaver

    This is the first boss of the game. Found in the Embassy area. This boss can be difficult because you’re just not used to the game. When you close in, the boss will wave its arms, and cause magic to come out. It will either make a cross, by slashing its arms, one at a time. Or it will make an X pattern, by slashing one at a time, then attack with a full force push.
    When it lifts an arm, it will cause a magic wall to appear, which you can dodge by sidestepping. The best bet is to just take your time with this fight. Refer to the video below if you want to see the fight.

    Defeated the four Archon Knights


    This is technically missable, only because none of them come through the normal path. . There are four Archon Knights around the map of the game:

    • The first one is in Sohn District behind a black hole door;
    • The second is in Alma Mater Atrium after you activate Tower Two so you can input the code;
    • The third one is in the underworld of Union Park, in the Alma Mater Atrium Area;
    • The last is found in the Arisen Dominion, in the underworld of the mines.

    Below you can find an amazing video that explains how and where to find all the 4 bosses needed for the trophy (Credits to rubhen925).

    Defeated the Arisen Congregators


    This is missable because you can either go to Sohn District or Ikari Walkways. This fight is easily one of the worst fights the game has to offer. In the Sohn District, you’ll encounter these bosses. That’s right, BOSSES. There are two and they both use magic attacks.

    One will shoot magic from afar and the other will hit you with a chain ball. Unfortunately, this ball can also shoot magic once in a while. Luckily if you go into a corner, the boss that shoots magic will kind of be useless. There is a giant block you can always stand behind so his magic won’t hit you. Now the ball user will try and melee you every chance he gets. When you can, hit him once or twice then dodge and run!  Slowly picking away at him until he dies, then focus on the magic-user.

    Refer to the video underneath for a visual of the fight.

    Defeated the Artillery


    This is missable because you can either go to Sohn District or Ikari Walkways.

    This boss is found in the Ikari Walkways and be a pain as the arena is small, and his ranged attacks hurt. The best strategy is to bait him to the right side of the arena, where there’s a tight hallway. Then, you can stand behind one while when he attacks, and get some hits in when you can.

    Refer to the video below for a strategy on the boss.

    Defeated the Celestial Beast

    This boss is found in the Arcology area of the game, and it’s the second one.

    This boss is fast and has some attacks that hit many, many times! The best strategy to easily tackle him down is to have a shield that gives 100% Physical resistance and defend yourself with it when he attacks. This way, it just took stamina and not health. Sometimes,  it jumps at you as well land it’s the best chance to attack when it recovers.
    If you don’t have a 100% Physical resistance shield, be ready to dodge a lot.

    The boss can whip its tentacles in front in a long stretch, and pincer you. It will also slash with them many, many times. Then, it will pounce as its third attack. As I said, if you dodge or block this, that’s when you want to attack. At the odd time, it will breathe fire, and slam the ground with its tail. But the odds of seeing those attacks are slim.

    Refer to the video below for a strategy for the boss!

    Defeated the Consumer

    This boss is found in the Alma Mater Atrium area. He’s very slow but can hit hard.

    He mainly attacks you by swinging his arms at you a handful of times, before it stops. Take this chance to attack it. It will also slam on the ground if you get too close. Luckily you can dodge roll this. It’s not recommended to block his attacks with a shield as it can eat through your stamina easily.

    Refer to the video below for a strategy.

    Interface upscale-245262160018212
    Kept your data and defeated The Interface


    This is for killing this last boss of the game. You start this boss by saying you want to “Keep Your Data” once you reach the end of the game in the High Ateliers.

    This boss can be a pain in the neck if you don’t know its attacks. It will mostly attack with projectiles.

    • If its light looks like it’s drawing in energy, it will shoot 5 bullets at you, that can easily be dodged if you sidestep one after the other.
    • If its light is glowing, with a red ring around it, it will do one of two attacks either laser or heat-seeking missiles. If you dodge the beginning of the laser, you can outrun it. If you stay near the boss with the Rockets, they should miss you. Luckily, if you stay beside the boss and attack its arms, you will only get hit with the 5 projectiles.
    • If it opens its arms, dodge immediately, because it will zoom to the other side of the arena, and take a TON of your HP if it hits you.

    He will float around the arena as well but the goal is to stay beside the boss at all times! If you can’t, it’s because the platforms around the arena are lowered. If so, try and stay behind a raised one.

    Refer to the video below for a strategy on the boss!

    Undisturbed upscale-245262160018212
    Answered the challenge of Undisturbed Defas Nemundis

    This trophy is obtained after killing the big boss Nemundis in the Arisen Dominion.

    This boss is actually fairly simple. The boss itself sits still, but his “spirit” attacks you from his body. The only real attack it has is either slashing at you or slamming the ground. Even when the body of the boss is stunned and slumped on the ground, it can still damage you so be warned. If you’re high enough level, with good defense, you may be able to tank the hits.

    Refer to the video below for a strategy.

    Master of Puppets upscale-245262160018212
    Answered the challenge of Ozyormy Goija, the Master of Puppets

    This is for killing the big boss, Ozyormy Goija in the Port Issoudon area of the game.

    This boss moves a lot and can spawn many little creatures that can stun-lock you. Luckily they die easily though.
    The boss has a variety of attacks. He can punch you, he can somersault at you, and he will bend over, and make 3-6 hand enemies that will run after you.

    The best time to attack is when he does his somersault. Wait until he falls on his back, and then get a few hits in. If he bends over, with all arms on the ground, get to his front and start slashing wildly. That way, when the hands spawn, you can kill a decent amount of them at once!

    Refer to the video below for a strategy.

    Sentient Gold
    Vanquished The Sentient


    This fight is acquired by doing the Architect and the Prodigal Spawn questlines.
    Once you beat the Interface, a portal will open. Through that, is the Sentient boss, the real final boss.

    Needless to say, this boss is annoying and should be paired with the Gold Shattered Mirror trophy.
    If you don’t follow the Prodigal Spawn questline, then you’ll only have to fight the Sentient but if you do, (Recommended) this fight Will become a double boss fight.

    It’s recommended to focus and attack the Sentient boss first. Learn to dodge its wall attacks. It will paint lines on the ground, and then when you have to be vigilant, as these can kill you almost instantly.

    Once the health bar is 1/2 way to 1/3, the Sentient will die. Then kill the Prodigal Spawn, and this trophy will unlock. If you don’t do the Prodigal Spawn questline, then you’ll only have to fight the Sentient.

    Follow the video below for more details on the Architect’s questline and the boss fight as well (Credits: rubhen925).

    Defeated Our Preying Hostess

    This is for killing the boss, Our Praying Hostess in the Athenaeum area after the Union Park.

    This boss wanders slowly around the area but she can reach you easily by leaping towards you and using her scythe to kill you.
    She will mainly attack you with a whirlwind attack or a combo composed of 3 slice attacks. Be patient and don’t be greedy as she deals a lot of damage and her attacks are fast.
    Sometimes she will take off her mask and spit a toxic cloud that gives dementia.
    Also, pay attention to not remain stuck on the various bookshelves around the area and use them to your advantage.

    NOTE: If you kill her during black hole hours, she will drop her mask upon defeat.

    Refer to the video below for a strategy.

    Defeated the Transporter


    This boss is located in the Arcology Underside Area. If you’ve been to the Alma Mater, you’ve seen an enemy with a blue tongue and blue on its back. This boss has the same aspect but has more health.
    He also has the same attack pattern but also, he can lean forward on its front legs before attempting to pounce on you.

    The arena is very small and very cramped, so you don’t have much space to dodge attacks.
    The boss will swing around wildly and jump at you a lot. Unfortunately, the camera doesn’t help at all in this situation. So you have to wildly swing, every chance you get. Dodge when it jumps especially. It can trap you in a corner though, and kill you instantly if it does. So stay away from those.

    Refer to the video below to see the fight.

    Ashen Born upscale-245262160018212
    Answered the challenge of Uthos, the Ashen Born

    Uthos The Ashen Born is the big bad boss in the Alma Mater. This boss is simple, yet difficult.

    He will spawn meteors that can fly into the arena, but if you stay away from the center, they tend to miss, a lot.
    The biggest problem is that his attacks can knock you down. Then when you’re knocked down, he can still damage you, and he hits hard. So chances are, he’d kill you if he knocked you down.

    He will slam the ground, and cause fire lines to spread out across the map. If you stand on them for too long, you’ll be burned.
    He will also cause fire pillars to shoot up from the ground.

    Now the real challenge is his melee attacks. If you stay too far away from him, he will charge you. If you don’t dodge, you’ll take massive damage, and get knocked down. He will also, punch at you causing a bit of fire to spew up around him. After the fire goes away, this is your chance to strike a few times, then get out.

    Refer to the video below for the battle.

    Good Spawn
    Did as asked and ended it peacefully


    When you get to the High Ateliers and find the Interface, you’ll have an option to “Surrender Your Data”. Doing this will end the game with a bad ending but you will also get this trophy.

    Well of Souls upscale-245262160018212
    Found and input one of the Five Eyes codes

    For this trophy, you have to input a tower eye code and wait for the Black Hole area to happen in the area you’re in. This will come naturally while going for the Archon Knights (Bronze Knights) as you need to open a Black Hole Door to get to the first one.

    Codes can be found around Irid Novo as red circles on the wall. You will find plenty of them during your playthrough even if they are quite hidden.
    After collecting it, memorize the numbers and head to the upper area of the Arcology to input the code on one of the Five Eyes consoles.

    NOTE: Some consoles need to be activated.

    Shattered Mirror Gold
    Destroyed the prodigal spawn


    You have to do the questline for the “Prodigal Spawn” and “The Architect” in the game to be able to get this trophy.

    This will cause you to be able to fight the Sentient Boss alongside the Prodigal Spawn.

    This boss is easy, once you kill the Sentient. It’s just a matter of doing so. Refer to the Gold Sentient trophy for a video on the fight with the two bosses and a good walkthrough.

    I’m full of bad ideas! Gold
    Helped the Architect repaired the Interface


    For this, you have to finish the questline for The Architect. This will come naturally while going for the Gold Sentient trophy.

    Galaxy’s Child Gold
    Helped the Old Man


    This is for completing the quest of the Tribal NPC.
    The Tribal can be found for the first time in Alma Mater Atrium – Union Park on the left of the entrance close to a fireplace. After exhausting all the dialogues, you will start his quest and you will need to search him around the various area of the game.
    Here you can find a list of his locations:

    1. Alma Mater Atrium – Union Park;
    2. Observatory – Second Floor;
    3. Port Issoudun – Under the tram near the Sohn District entrance;
    4. Arisen Dominion – Near the Arisen Palace breach at the top of the pyramid. You need to climb the pyramid to be able to find him;
    5. Alma Mater Atrium – Athenaeum. You can find him on the second floor directly behind the breach.

    Once you complete the quest, you will receive the Tomahawk and the trophy. Follow this video to have a full breakdown of the quest (Credits to rubhen925).

    One small step upscale-245262160018212
    Repaired the EVA suit and went for a walk outside Irid Novo

    To get this trophy, you need to first find a Broken EVA Outfit set in the Embassy.

    The first place where to get it, it’s in the Embassy through the airlock accessed via the secret path by the door you can open between the Great Halls and the Breach.
    From there you need to be quick and precise: exit the station (radiation will raise up) and do some parkour to reach it.

    Once you have picked up the Broken EVA Outfit set, visit the Arcology Underside area and collect the EVA Outfit blueprint in the Central Mall area.
    Now it’s time to craft the repaired EVA Outfit and use it to go outside of the airlocks to exit the station.

    My old friend Gold
    Turned off the lights, from the start to the end

    Unfortunately not much is known about this trophy. Some say you have to beat the game without using your Omnicube light. Others say it’s for not powering the High Ateliers area. But I know an easy way to get it. Once you reach NG+, don’t use your omnicube at all! Don’t do any questlines. Beat the very first boss of the game, which is the Slaver, then interact with the console to go to the High Ateliers instantly! Now run to the interface, and surrender your data!

    While the credits roll, the trophy should unlock!

    For your thoughts Gold
    Found the 66 coins

    This trophy is a collectible-related one and to get it you need to search for 66 coins that are scattered around the world.

    Most of them are well hidden and are located behind secret doors/paths.
    The game is very secret dense and the whole community struggled a lot to find them all in the “legit” way but as of September, 12th 2020, they have found them all (An amazing coin guide can be found here).

    However, you don’t want to do the dirty job, there is an easier way to collect them all without digging a lot into the exploration. Follow the steps of the video below to discover how (Credits to rubhen925).

    Show me what you got
    Talked to a cosmic God

    Near every big boss in Alma Mater, Port Issoudon, or Arisen Dominion is an Underworld tablet (Bronze It’s full of stars). Use it to go to the underworld and then reach the boss area to talk to him there. They will give you quests, and you’ll get this trophy!

    I’m still worthy upscale-245262160018212
    Gained the trust of a cosmic God

    Refer to Bronze Show Me What You Got on how to talk to the Gods.

    NOTE: One of these missions needs to be done BEFORE defeating the boss. If you do. you will no longer find him in the Underworld.

    Each boss will give you a quest for them. Unfortunately, you can only do one quest at a time. For each boss, you have to get 10 items from specific monsters. Then return to the boss and give them the items. Luckily you only have to do ONE of these quests!

    • Ozyormy Goija, the Master of Puppets boss – 10x Archon Fragments;
    • Uthos, the Ashen Born boss –  10x Fragment of a Thespian;
    • Undisturbed Defas Nemundis boss – 10x Fragment of a Daemon.

    All of them will give 11.111 axions each so you can complete all of them for extra Axions if needed.

    It’s full of stars
    Found a monolith and explored the Underworld

    This is for finding an Underworld tablet and using it. This will come naturally, as you need to use some to kill Archon Knights and talk to some Cosmic God bosses for quests!

    Surge of Power
    Socketed an upgrade chip

    At the Observatory, there’s a workbench in front of the Breach that can upgrade your weapons. You do this by equipping a “chip” onto them. Do this with any weapon, and this will unlock.

    Gate to the Stars
    Synchronized a Breach

    To get this, first, you have to find a breach synchronizer. These are found in many places throughout the game. You then have to “Synchronize a Breach”.

    By doing that, you will gain the access to the fast travel mechanic of the game!

    To the Fringe
    Reached a more challenging parallel universe

    This is gained by reaching NG+. This is done by beating or surrendering to the last boss. Then the game just starts up again but with increased difficulty.

    Event Horizon
    Opened the Observatory’s Iris, and gazed in Sagittarius’ depth

    This is gained automatically throughout the story. Once you beat the boss in the Embassy, you’ll find the door to the Observatory. In the middle of this room, there is a platform.

    Interact with the panel in the center, and open the window, and get this trophy.

    Defeated a horde

    Hordes appear during Demon Hours. This is when the clock in the top left is fully red and ominous. During this time, harder enemies spawn, and hordes appear!

    The horde shown in the video below is located in Sohn District. From the Corpse Pit, if you head left, down the stairs, you’ll find a spot where hordes spawn! Hordes are just a wave of enemies, and once you beat them all, you win and get a ton of Axions.

    Printed an item using a blueprint

    During your journey to the end of the game, you will find numerous Model Blueprints which can be used at the Occult or Tech Stations to craft useful weapons or gear.

    Once you have one of them, you will have to print it by using the required materials you gather from enemies and from deconstructing other pieces of equipment.

    Craft an item using a blueprint and you will get the trophy.

    NOTE: A blueprint is given by The architect while doing his questline (A.I Patch Conductor).

    Equipped the cube and used a program

    The omnicube can be found at the Embassy after you defeat the Archon Slaver.
    Once you have it, you have to find an omnicube program and “install” it.

    You can equip up to three different programs in the quick load keys, but you can only use one at a time.
    Remember that some programs require Energy to be used.


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    1. In your guide you say we can save the architect to reach the good endings on the first playthrough AND get “for your thoughts” trophee. How is it possible as you’ll miss one coin if you dont kill him ?

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