HardCube Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 3/10. 
    Estimated time to Platinum: 25 – 35 Minutes. 
    Missable trophies: None. 
    Glitched trophies: None. 
    Difficulty related: None. 
    Playthrough: 1 


    Welcome to the HardCube Trophy Guide!
    HardCube is published by Big Way Games and is a platformer featuring you as a ball, jumping and navigating your way past many obstacles to reach your goal


    Step 1: Play through all the levels
    Make sure at the start of the game to select ‘Normal’ as your difficulty setting not ‘Countdown’. There are 4 worlds each containing 8 levels and a tutorial with 4 levels. Simply play through from start to finish including the tutorial. Nothing is missable as you can replay any level at any time.

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    You could very well unlock all trophies naturally but there are a couple you might have to keep in mind so I’ll list those under step 2.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Silver Ready, set, GO!
    Gold Forest ranger
    Gold Bye-bye, cowboy!
    Gold Brrr, it’s cold…
    Gold Did you see Faith?
    Gold Merit badge
    Gold Isn’t it rainy today?

    Step 2: Clean up
    These are the few trophies which can potentially be overlooked.

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    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
    Gold Faster than light!
    Gold Ah gravity, thou art a heartless…!
    Gold You shall not pass!
    Gold Bulletproof!
    Gold Winter is coming!
    Silver Exterminate!

    40-platinum HardCube Platinum 

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    Tips and Strategies:

    The game isn’t too hard overall as the levels are quite short so even if you make mistakes it won’t add too much extra time to your platinum. And of course nothing is missable.

    One tip I have is that if you need to make jumps in quick succession you can hold down X instead of pressing it multiple times. 

    Trophy Guide:

    HardCube Platinum
    Ready, set, GO! upscale-245262160018212
    Complete the Tutorial

    Simply beat each of the 4 levels here.

    Forest ranger Gold
    Complete Flying Islands

    Beat all 8 levels in world 1.

    Bye-bye, cowboy! Gold
    Complete Western

    Beat all 8 levels in world 2.

    Brrr, it’s cold… Gold
    Complete Winter

    Beat all 8 levels in world 3.

    Did you see Faith? Gold
    Complete Sci-fi

    Beat all 8 levels in world 4.

    Merit badge Gold
    Complete all levels

    You’ll get this after beating the tutorial and worlds 1-4.

    Faster than light! Gold
    Complete a level in less than 10 seconds (except Tutorial Levels)

    The best level to do this in is level 3-4. You can fall off to the left right at the start and basically land at the finish line.

    Ah gravity, thou art a heartless…! Gold
    Fall more than 15 times on one level

    Simply fall off a level over and over. You may get this naturally depending on skill otherwise just load up any level.

    You shall not pass! Gold
    Fall more than 10 times on one level

    See GoldAh gravity, thou art a heartless…!

    Isn’t it rainy today? Gold
    Collect all umbrellas on one level

    Level 2-8 is the best level to get this on and is almost impossible to miss. 

    Bulletproof! Gold
    Don’t fall after the mine explosion

    This may take a few tries to hit a mine on the right angle but basically you want to make sure you land back on the map after blowing up on a mine. I actually got this by hitting something solid just off the edge of the level.

    Exterminate! upscale-245262160018212
    Get killed by a laser

    Lasers appear only in world 4. Simply stand in their line of sight, they’ll lock on and in a few seconds you’ll be dead and have shiny new trophy for it.

    Winter is coming! Gold
    Fall from a gust of wind

    Gusts of wind appear in only world 3. Chances are you’ll naturally/accidently roll into the path of one and get this. Otherwise you can just do it in any level of this world.


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    1. Thanks for the guide. Love this little game. These are fun for adults and our kids. Because I’m older our kids are 16-25. Kids that are over 7 would really find this fun as well. Thanks again.

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