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Guns Up! Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 3/10
Estimated time to 100%: 15 hours
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: Bronze Red Skull Crusher
Playthrough: 1


Welcome to the Guns Up! Trophy Guide!
GUNS UP! Is a free-to-play strategy game where you plan attacks against other players by using different soldiers, bonus attacks, soldier perks, and more. You can also create a base to defend against CPU attacks and other players.


It’s confusing to say whether or not all trophies are online or offline. Playing PVP is the only way to gain experience but the tutorials and customization can be done without playing online. The trophies are pretty straight forward. It will be a slight grind to get the level 25 trophy, you can get all the trophies without having to spend a Penny but spending money does shorten the grind.

Step 1: Finish the Tutorial
This should only take 10-15 minutes. You will start off by attacking a randomly generated base and then afterwards it will explain creating and upgrading your base.

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze Founded HQ

Step 2: Play up to level 25
During this step you will more than likely obtain all other trophies (minus the CPU Defend trophy)

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Bronze Touch of Style
Bronze Seek and Destroy
Bronze Light ’em Up
Bronze Perky
Bronze Red Skull Crusher
Silver Gone Streaking
Silver Locked n’ Loaded
Silver Leader of the Pack
Silver Top Brass
Gold Climbing the Ranks

Step 3: Defend against the computer for 6 minutes
CPU Defend is where most people will struggle. You will have to plan your base properly and strategically destroy the enemy soldiers. You can go after this one in Step 2 instead but it is easier to wait until later so that you are more prepared.

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
Bronze D-Fence

Trophy Guide:

Founded HQ
Complete the tutorial

This should take you 10-15 minutes to complete and will start with an attack on a CPU base to explain the fundamentals of battle. Afterwards you will create a base layout and be told how all that works, you will get this trophy upon completion of this task.

Touch of Style
Customize your troops

Go: Depot => Customize => Customize Army, then choose a different color hat or uniform and the trophy is yours.

Seek and Destroy
Win 25 PVP attacks

Self-explanatory. Make use of attack cards and attach perks to your troops but mainly use Grunts with Damage and Health Perks since they are the cheapest to spawn, you want to spawn 5 at a time. Make sure to save ammunition to spend on upgrading your HQ as this increases the amount of units you can have during an attack. This should come naturally on your grind to level 25.

Last 6 minutes in CPU Defend

In this mode you must survive as long as you can against the computer. The most effective way is to create a narrow path or funnel so that they can only come inside through one small path. Have all your offensive structures point towards this entrance and there shouldn’t be a problem but make sure the walls are upgraded to level 3 or 4 so they don’t become destroyed early on and allow the enemy to come from all sides. Upgrade your offensive items as much as possible and have your tents spawn Grunts as they are the quickest to spawn. Also, use your attack cards wisely and use mines when there are big clumps of enemies or on the Rocket Launcher baddies. Decoys are best used to get rid of the Gatling Gun baddies because Racketeers and Flamethrowers spawn as well. With that being said, just put a Decoy near the Gatling Gun guy and they will lay into him. Below is how my base is structured. Played around with it a few times and land between 6:38-7:15 every time.

Light ’em Up
Attack and get 10 Monster kills or better

Monster kills are 5 kills or more at once. Bombing Runs and Fire Bombs are ideal for obtaining this trophy so it should come naturally.

Assign 2 perks to 1 Unit

Perks are received through PVP attacks and card packs. Go to Barracks and choose Edit Perks. The first slot will be open but the second slot you must buy with Valor. Valor can be gotten randomly but can’t be bought with money. It will cost 2 Valor to unlock level 2 for the Grunt.

Red Skull Crusher
Win an attack against a nightmare opponent (red skulls)

You will unlock the option to attack red skull bases at level 11, some can be easy but some can be hard and there is no real method to winning as each base is different. Make use of offensive attack cards like Bombing Runs, Missiles and a Decoy. You can put a Decoy close to an enemy structure and the enemies will shoot at it and also hit the structure.

Gone Streaking upscale-245262160018212
Win 10 attacks in a row

This may or may not come naturally. You can play the top base (free buy-in) 10 times in a row if you wish. Use Grunts as they are the cheapest and spawn 5 at a time. Before you lose, you can also exit out the game entirely and it will not count as a loss.

Locked n’ Loaded upscale-245262160018212
Use 50 attack cards

When you select a base, below your troops are slots for attack cards. Attack cards are received after attacks and from Card Packs, they can be offensive or defensive so pick one (or more depending on your level) and use them in battle. All you need to do is choose the ones you want and start the battle. You don’t have to use them in the battle, you just need to select them to be usable in the battle. This should come naturally.

Leader of the Pack upscale-245262160018212
Open an Epic Card Pack

You receive an Epic Card Pack at level 18. Alternatively, you can buy one in the Depot for 300 gold but obtaining that amount before level 18 is highly unlikely unless you physically buy some with real money.

Top Brass upscale-245262160018212
Fully rank up 3 units

You must use Valor to open perk slots for your troops, I suggest upgrading the first 3 troops as they are less Valor than the rest. You shouldn’t need to spend more than 20 Valor. You obtain Valor through PVP attacks, CPU Defend, levelling up and Card Packs but Unfortunately you can’t buy it.

Climbing the Ranks Gold
Reach level 25

This will be the biggest grind of the game. I recommend using your gold to buy XP boosts from the Depot, they cost 20 gold for 10 PVP matches but if you have PS+ then you can get a bundle that gives you 100 gold. You can also redeem the code: R3MK-K7NC-NCAF for 100 gold (thanks to tier1dc for this). Game score, time left, munitions left, units survived and specials left will all affect the experience you gain. Attack bases you feel comfortable with. Don’t get ballsy and attack the highest difficulty base each time. However skull difficulty and player levels do not correlate. Try to attack the highest skull difficulty with the least amount of structures. You hardly get any experience from losing. Just play periodically over a week or so and you will get this eventually. This took me about 160 attacks to reach.


When I'm not busy traveling or scarfing down food, I'm gaming and writing trophy guides!
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