Grass Cutter: Mutated Lawns Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 2/10
    Estimated time to platinum: 1 hour
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 1


    Welcome to the Grass Cutter Trophy Guide! Have you ever wanted to play a video game where you cut grass? Then this game is for you! An easy yet enjoyably platinum trophy to add to your gaming collection.


    Step 1: Play and finish level 1-16

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    To beat a level, you must mow every patch of grass. During this stage, you will need to finish each level and stop once you get to Level 17.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:

    Silver Scared Bird
    Silver Scared Cat
    Silver 1000 Grasses
    Bronze Buyer
    Gold I Hate Monsters
    Bronze Drop
    Bronze Easy Money
    Silver Bad Weather
    Gold Multikill
    Gold Quadcopter
    Gold Robot

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    Step 2: Grind

    Focus on getting any specific grind-related trophies you didn’t unlock as well any other trophies.

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    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

    Silver Scared Dog
    Gold Destroyer
    Bronze Diver
    Silver Pig
    Silver Off-road Vehicle
    Silver Volatile
    Gold Kamikaze
    Gold Cold-Blooded Calculation
    Gold I’m In the Tank 
    40-platinum Grass Cutter Platinum

    Trophy Guide:

    Grass Cutter Platinum
    Good job! Completed all tasks!
    Scared bird upscale-245262160018212
    Scare the birds 50 times

    Scaring birds 50 times may or may not come naturally. Start Level 1 and restart it after you’ve scared away all the birds. The birds are seen in the image below as the small white animals on the grass.

    Scared cat upscale-245262160018212
    Scare the cats 15 times

    Scaring cats a total of 15 times may or may not come naturally. Start Level 1 and restart it after you’ve scared away the cat. A cat can be seen in the image below as the small brown animal on the grass.

    Scared dog upscale-245262160018212
    Scare the dogs 20 times

    This may or may not come naturally. Select Level 15 and go back and forth to the dog house. The dog will run inside as you approach and come outside when you drive away.

    1000 grasses upscale-245262160018212
    Cut 1000 squares with grass

    You will more than likely earn this trophy in Level 10. This trophy will come naturally.

    Make the first purchase

    Go to the store (Lawn Mowers) and buy anything to earn this trophy. The cheapest thing is to change the color of your lawnmower for 30 gears. It is advised to buy the first lawnmower in the store (Claws for 90 gears) because it’s ability Thunder attacks all enemies. This is very helpful with the trophies Gold Destroyer and Gold Multikill.

    Destroyer Gold
    Disable 50 monsters

    Disabling 50 monsters may or may not come naturally. A monster is disabled when you drive into it, shoot it with Spike the drone, blow it up with a bomb, let a robot’s explosion kill it, or by using any abilities. The monster will not move for 5 seconds. Grind this out on a level with several monsters like Level 14, Level 15, and Level 16.

    I hate monsters Gold
    Use a bomb

    In Level 13, shoot a robot and let its explosion kill a monster to unlock this trophy. Alternatively, you can drop a bomb () when it becomes available and kill a monster this way.

    Dive into the water 20 times

    Diving into the water 20 times may or may not come naturally. Go to Level 5 and drive left into the water over and over again until the trophy pops.

    Pig upscale-245262160018212
    Take a mud bath 20 times

    Taking a mud bath 20 times may or may not come naturally. Start Level 8 and drive into the mud. As you grind this trophy, you may unlock Silver Volatile as well.

    Off-road vehicle upscale-245262160018212
    Drive by 10 times on the sand

    After finishing Level 16, go to the level select area and press . Press  to start the Master Level which has random traps placed around the level. Drive on and off the patch of sand over and over again to get this trophy.

    Volatile upscale-245262160018212
    25 times, purchase 15% of the energy

    When you die, sometimes you can press continue to pick up where you left off in the level but with just a small amount of health. Doing this 25 times will earn you this trophy. It is easiest to grind out in Level 8 along with Silver Pig.

    Kamikaze Gold
    Face the monsters 50 times

    Load up any level with monsters and run into them over and over again to get this trophy. You must die when you drive into them for it to count. Ideal levels to grind this trophy out are Level 14, Level 15, and Level 16.

    Cold-blooded calculation Gold
    Gather up energy when there is less than 5% left

    This can be done on any level with an electrical pad, but if you haven’t unlocked it naturally, load up Level 8 or Level 16. Run over the electrical pad numerous times until you are extremely low on health. Now pick up the lightning bolt to replenish your life and get you this trophy.

    I’m in the tank Gold
    Break 100 barriers

    Breaking 100 barriers may or may not come naturally. Select Level 2 or Level 12 and drive over all the brown barriers. If you die, hit continue or restart and run over them all again. If you don’t die, restart the level and run them over again.

    Immerse the first box

    In Level 7, push the box into the water to unlock this trophy, as shown in the image below.

    Easy money
    Complete the first level

    Start the very first level of the game and mow all the grass in the yard to earn the first trophy.

    Bad weather upscale-245262160018212
    Get wet in the rain

    This trophy will be earned upon completion of Level 8.

    Multikill Gold
    Eliminate multiple monsters in less than 1 second

    Buy the lawn mower claws from the store and select Level 13. Go right a little to the barrier and press (PS4) or  (Vita) to use your lightning ability and destroy/disable 4 – 5 enemies.

    Quadcopter Gold
    Eliminate quadcopter

    You will first be introduced to the quadcopter in Level 10. Driving into it will kill it and get you this trophy. The object towards the top-center of the image below is the quadcopter.

    Robot Gold
    Eliminate robot

    In Level 12, run towards the robot head-on. It will explode and unlock this trophy. Alternatively, you can wait until Level 13 and shoot the robot with Spike the drone.


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