Friday, September 30, 2022
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Games we love simply because of the box art

Welcome to a new item on the site where we look at a new game release every week and talk about something related to that game. This week is the release of Concrete Genie, that made us think about some of our favorite video game box art.

There are so many box arts that I have seen over the years so it is super hard to pick one that is really memorable. Right now I’m playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and that is one of my favorite games of all time. The box art for all the versions of the game look amazing, it has everything! Nice scenery, the protagonist in a cool pose, a sense of action and just a great combination of those things make the boxes look really epic.

The reason I choose The Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild is that even though I haven’t played it, due to not owning a switch, I still feel as if that game calls out to me, to go on an adventure. Link doesn’t look at you but at the world around him, a broken world. He knows it’s up to him to fix it or else who? It displays a perfect balance of telling the player the type of game they are getting into and also shows off the main character with making it into a generic box art of, “a man holding a weapon while looking sad or angry” to me it’s a perfect balance.

There are a lot of beautiful box arts in the world of videogames but the one that it’s a real artwork, in my opinion, is the Sea of Thieves one. This game is an Xbox exclusive where the player takes the role of a pirate sailing the seas of a fantastical world and the cover itself explains that. Furthermore, the layout of the pirates, of the ship and of the reef recreate a pirate skull, a typical pirate symbol, and the black background adorned with vines and rocks makes them seem that they are in a cavern looking for the fantastic, but dangerous world, they’re living in.

The box art of Legends of Wrestlemania pulls at my childhood heartstrings. It graciously captures the greats of the time with the explosive imagery and subtle characteristics of the masters themselves. The game itself wasn’t the greatest, however looking at the box art makes me reminisce over the great era of the squared circle and the immersive experience the game provides.