Games We Hope To See Announced In 2021

Welcome back to another team talk, where we share some stories, good and bad, and share our deepest and darkest gaming secrets (sometimes at least). Last week we finally saw the announcement of the long-time rumored Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes. So that really kicks off the announcements to come this year. So what are some Games We Hope To See Announced In 2021?

Dex Fragg – Founder

One of my favorite game series of all time has always been Saints Row, and it’s been about 7 years now since we saw a REAL saints row game. (Not counting Agents of Mayhem at least).

Agents of Mayhem was not the worst game, but it just was not a saints row game. Since 2019/2020 they have said that they are working on a new title in the saint’s row series on Twitter. So let’s hope we can finally actually see something!

Oniwalker – Guide Writer and Reviewer

We all crave the anticipation of game announcements. Then it gets announced and we watch the trailer, and then maybe watch it again, and again, and again, until we know every scene perfectly from the trailer, that were so hyped, we can’t sleep at night! In all honesty, the one game that I hope gets announced this year is OniMusha 2 Remaster.

I know, I know, “here’s Oni beating the same old drum”, but dammit I want it! How can Capcom release the first one remastered 2 years ago now, and then not give us a word on the next one!? I just want the entire series Remastered. But I know I won’t get it. So I’ll settle for the second. Or even the third! Just give me more current gen OniMusha goodness! Jubei and Samanosuke have been silent for far too long dammit!

Esstee – Guide Writer

EDIT: So I wrote this big long thing about wanting Outlast 3 and why I loved it and blah blah blah… Then I realized wait it has been announced hasn’t it?! Has it??! lol let’s try again XD

The Evil Within 3 – I’ve heard a few little whispers about this? But nothing solid. I think it would be very cool, I’m a big fan of the franchise, and have always said since day 1 that The Evil Within is my favorite game, just such a good unique game, so yea sign me up for more for sure!

Honorable shout-out: Would love to see a Life is Strange 3. That would be amazing. Personal and emotional storytelling at it’s finest.

Both monumentally epic franchise’s that I know I wouldn’t be the only one who would love to see more.

(Despite my confusion I’m still gonna link the Outlast 3 trailer below XD It’s so messed up which is what makes it brilliant haha!)

Dino_Roar – Guide Writer

So last year I didn’t get my wish of a game I hoped that would release in 2020, so this year I am going for one that I feel has a great chance after some more recent releases.

This year then I am going for Call of Duty™ World at WarRemastered; hoping that we will at least see one more of the older COD games remastered and without the need to pile loads and loads of mindless DLC on top.

Having only recently (finally) Platinumed the original I am really up for playing it again and challenging myself through the Grenade Storm that is the Veteran run.

How good would this game be with the next generation power of the PS5!

The DEX.EXE team

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  • I Would like to see Might and magic franchise make a return

    • Kingdom Hearts IV

  • GTA VI

  • GTA VI

  • Anything StarWars related

  • Star Wars Jedi – Fallen Order 2

  • GTA VI

    • Bloodborne 2

  • Alan wake 2 and Silent Hill

  • Can’t wait to see new CoD!

  • Evil Within 3 would be amazing

  • Star Wars Jedi – Fallen Order 2

  • OMG, OniMusha 2 Remaster! Playing original almost 20 years ago.

    • Really looking forward to these games and more!

      GTA VI.

  • I would love to see an update on Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines 2.

  • I want to hear something clear about Elden Ring.

  • Obviously GTA6 , been waiting for years!! I got enough of FAN-REMAKES!!

  • Good stuff…

  • Dying Light 2 or even Dead Island 2.

  • Battlefield Bad Company 3

  • I really hope to see Silent Hill

  • I hope to see a Dragon Ball game.

  • Something Silent Hill related would be cool 🙂

  • I would love to see you taking $5 to get me boosted up the list.
    I mean Silent Hills. I would love to see a return to Silent Hills.

  • Anything about GTA 6 would be greatly appreciated

    • 👍🏼


  • I would love to see some BOTW news

  • I’d love to see a Silent Hill reboot. The original was so good, I’d like to see it updated, better graphics and sound.

  • Bloodborne 2

  • I would like to finally see Elden Ring gameplay

  • I need elder scrolls six badly

  • Lego: The Mandalorian

  • Fallout new vegas Remastered

    • I really want to see a them announce a fully made Elder Scrolls VR game that is better than the one they have already made.

  • Would love to see a new Bully game or the remake of the old Bully game.

    Also with respects of CoD, Modern Warfare 3 Remastered &,or Black Ops/Black Ops 2 Remastered.

    Was even craving for a new Life is Strange game which got announced a few days back so thats something to look forward to.

    A proper remake of Prince of Persia The Sands of Time, not the disappointment they are planning to release.

    and many more but these just came to my mind rn 😀

  • GTA VI

  • GTA VI

  • I would like to see a new pokemon stadium game released.

  • GTA VI

  • GTA IV

  • can’t wait for a new gta

  • GTA VI

  • RE4 Remake would be great!

  • Outlast 3 looks sick imo

  • Cool

  • I would like to see among us on console

  • Breath of the Wild 2

  • I know we just saw about the FFVIIR intergrade and yuffie dlc but I really want to know about part 2 soon the anticipation is killing me on what’s gonna happen next 😔 Plus I really miss Aerith 💖

  • I’m just waiting on Diablo II remastered…

  • GTA

  • gta vi

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