Games That Make You Feel Like It’s Summer

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    Welcome back to another team talk, where we share some stories, good and bad, and share our deepest and darkest gaming secrets (sometimes at least). It’s finally summer and the heat is showing in over here, but what are some Games That Make You Feel Like It’s Summer as well?

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    Dex Fragg – Founder

    For me, summer is one of my least favorite parts of the year. I’m just not built for the heat sadly, so I rather see some cool places in games instead to give me that summer feeling. And one of the games is a game I’ve been playing daily for the past 2 months: Cozy Grove.

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    Cozy Grove is an Animal Crossing type game where every day some bears give you some tasks to do like collecting seashells, rocks, and a bunch of other items across the island. The base camp is right next to the beach of my island, so every day when I wake up I just look at the nice beach and walk across it to pick up some shells, making me wanna go away to a nice place for the summer!

    New-stirum94 – Guide Writer

    Ah, summertime… Holidays, relax, sunbathe, and peace. What? Don’t you like summer? Well… Neither I to be fair because it’s too hot and there are a lot of storms. Apart from that, I really love to relax outside in the woods or on a beach while listening to music or reading a book.
    Unfortunately, I usually don’t go on holiday so I spend my summer working, going out with my friends and, especially these years, staying at home.

    When I’m not outside, I usually play video games, and one that gave me summer vibes was Anywhere VR, a free-to-play that teleports you into a landscape of your choice from a blue water white sand beach to an infinite starlit sky.
    You can play it even without a VR, but if you have it, be sure to use it to immerse yourself in one of the best relaxing experiences of the videogame world.

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    Oniwalker – Guide Writer and Reviewer

    With it now being summer vacation for school people, some are left to play games all day, or hang out with friends, or sit around bored all day. But to me, summer was always a time for renting games and staying up late! A game that reminds me so much of summer was RuneScape.

    That’s right! Old school RuneScape! Even this game made it feel like it was summer, as silly as it is, but bare with me. Every Summer, me and my friends would log in, with so much joy and excitement, knowing everything we could do. Just kicking around the land, enjoying our time. Yes we could do this throughout the entire year, but when it was summer, it just felt different. We would all finally have the opportunity to get all of our computers together, and we’d sleep in a big room, or go spend a week at someone’s grandparents house. So that’s how RuneScape makes me feel like it’s summer.

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