Games That Make Us Feel Special

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    Welcome back to another team talk, where we share some stories, good and bad, and share our deepest and darkest gaming secrets (sometimes at least). This week we will see the release of Poison Control, the game looks like a mash of a few different games. 1 of the games it looks like makes it really stand out and makes it feel special, and that is of course….. Persona 5……

    EssTee – Guide Writer

    I think this title just means a game we emotionally connected to? Well my go-to answers for that are always Life is strange and The Last of Us. But I’ve talked about those 2 a bunch so lemme try and think of something else.

    Hmm. I know its a rata game but I found the ending message of the pixelated horror Distraint 2 very powerful, and, motivational. It instilled hope. Made me feel genuinely a little warm and better. So if any of you out there are struggling with mental illnesses or loss then I recommend having a listen to the wise words of that ending, it may well lift you up a little, and show a little light at the end of the tunnel.

    Ok let’s think of another one. Hmm. I mainly play horror games so this articles topic is a hard one for me haha not too many sweet stories for me to pick from! Ok ok I’m gonna say for my final game choice here, Telltale Games: The Walking Dead. That’s some strong story-telling right there! The story is both sweet and gritty. Harsh but gentle. It was very well-written indeed. You can connect with the strong relationship of the mismatched couple of strangers joining forces, and a lot of us got truly invested in their journey. Playing this game sure does send you on one real emotional rollercoaster. You gotta admire a game that can create these feels in you. I send kudos and thanks to the story-telling masters of the gaming world for creating these cherished gaming memories and unforgettable gaming moments that stay with me <3

    Oniwalker – Guide Writer and Reviewer

    Many games give you that special feeling in your belly, where you know this game will always mean a whole lot to you. It could be something as simple as Mario Kart, or something as big and wild like World Of Warcraft. I thought about this alot in all honesty, as I’ve played a lot of games, and I love almost every game I play. But the one game that holds a special place in my heart… guessed it! OniMusha!!

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    Now this was honestly a hard pick for me, only because I love Dead Space just as much, as I play that series yearly. But OniMusha would be the same if I had a Ps2. The game was my comfort game as a teenager. If I had a bad day? I’d go play OniMusha. Good day? OniMusha. Wasn’t sure what in the hell I wanted to play? I’d play all the 3 OniMusha games back to back. These were my go to games and they will always hold a place in my heart, from now until I bite the dust!

    New-Stirum – Guide Writer

    In terms of emotions and feelings, it’s been years since the videogame industry changed the way how players should approach a product. In fact, most of them are meant to be lived as an experience where you have to fully immerse yourself to understand the story. I completely understood this with Journey a fascinating indie game developed by Thatgamecompany.

    Apparently, you wander through a desert without knowing anything about the main character and his story, but the game name itself is a revelation of its meaning. A journey through the various steps of life until an hypothetical rebirth. If you see the game this way, everything makes sense and if you play it by knowing this, you can feel it. Exactly, feel it because this game was a journey through a lot of sensations and feelings where I had goosebumps for the entire game.

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    Dex Fragg – Founder

    Well, as I said in the little intro, Persona 5 makes me feel like I’m playing something special. But I’ve talked about persona 5 way too much now, so why not pick another game from the old backlog of games I played?

    Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is a game that I can just look at for days, watch videos about and just learn more about it. I can sit through hours of Assassins Creed lore and just invest a whole day just learning more about the game. This series and especially this game just gives me a feeling like I played something special.

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