Games of this Generation 2020 – Racing

Team Tuesday has been gone for a while but it’s back for this special occasion! the console lifespan is almost over so let’s talk about what really made this gen great for us, the games of course! Every week we talk about a different genre games and pick our favorites leading up to the console launches.

I honestly HATE racing games. I’m just way to bad at them, but there is 1 game I really fell in love with and that is Forza Horizon 4. I got the game close to release but kind of forgot about it, but when I got a new Xbox One X i got the Lego DLC free with it so I just gave it a try and 5 minutes in I could not stop playing! i have a love for open worlds and this game really felt like I was playing a big RPG for some reason. The map is full of stuff to do and there is even a second world fully made out of Lego!

I have spent many hours playing racing games like Need For Speed, F1 & MotoGP, but it wasn’t until I tried this game that I realized how many racing games had evolved during the current generation.

GRID (2019) was a massive shock for me the second I started the game up; the speed, the graphics, the overall gameplay, it hit me for six.

I had played the original and have the Platinum for Grid 2, but for many years I had not experienced such fun combined with stunning speed and graphics. The textures of the backdrops and finer details on the cars were certainly something to be experienced!

If you’re a fan of the Racing genre and fancy yourself a decent Platinum then feel free to check out our guide.

I don’t often play racing games but, when I had to think of a racing game that was fun and entertaining the choice was obvious after looking through some driving games I’ve played. I’d say Burnout Paradise Remastered is probably the best I’ve played.

The reason this game is unique is because the world is really made for the player. There isn’t a linear way to go from point A to point B. The roads are open and there are hundreds if not thousands of shortcuts that you can take through different areas and all lead you to where you need to go.

The game offers a lot with its highly detailed and planned out open world and it’s really fun. Even though there are a limited amount of races which go from point A to point B the routes which you can take are seemingly endless.

I’m not really into racing games, but sometimes I like to break the mold and dive into something different.
Even if this generation was riddled with a lot of amazing titles like GT Sport or a lot of Need for Speed games, I wasn’t attracted by them because of my lack of skills/interest.

However, there is an indie title that I truly loved: Absolute Drift: Zen Edition. This game is completely different from the other racing games because you don’t have to win races/competitions, but you only have to reach specific objectives while drifting.

This reminded me of the good old Fast and Furious movies where cars and drifts were everything.
Despite the pace and the atmosphere of this game, it wasn’t easy to learn how to become a Drifting Master, and sometimes it was also stressful.

If you want to learn more about this game and try to get the platinum as well, HERE you can find my guide.

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