Games of this Generation 2020 – JRPG

Welcome back to Team Tuesday, here we talk about a different topic every week and pick some cool games to talk about. We are getting closer and closer to the launch of a new console generation and to celebrate that we are talking about our favorite games from a few genres. This week we let Oni pick the genre because its his birthday! so this week we take a look at some JRPG’s

When you think of JRPGs, you probably instantly think of a big name, like Final Fantasy, or Dragon Quest. The two series that really pioneered the genre. Now a days, there’s hundreds, if big thousands of games in the genre. Some that are a nice short experience, sitting at about 20 hours, and then you get some that sit at about 200! Even though there’s so many different games to choose from, it still feels like a niche genre. But today, there’s one little game I want to talk about, and it’s Bug Fables!

Bug Fables is an indie JRPG that follows the story of a group of bugs, as they set out to be adventurer’s, only to end up becoming small little heroes. The game is built and inspired by the likes of Paper Mario. It’s a beautifully crafted world, with slow, and methodical turn based combat. You level up in the traditional sense, but all your extra stats come from items found around the environment. So not only is there a lot of depth to the game, but it also gives a nice challenge! The world is also very huge, and there’s a sense of mystery as to how talking bugs came to be!

This is easily my JRPG of the generation of what I’ve played. Maybe after writing this, I’ll play something that was better! But until that day comes, nothing will tear the little paper craft bugs from my heart. So all I can say is buy it now, and don’t look back!

no surprise here, just me talking about Persona 5….. for like the 10th time on here…….. Go play it, it has cats, monsters, a cool leveling and dungeon system and just an amazing story.

The toughest week for me by far, as the JRPG genre is one that personally doesn’t really interested me. I actually had to google “Top 50 Best JRPGs on PS4” to see if I had experienced any games during this generation.

Shockingly (but not surprising to me), and despite the 1,600 PlayStation games I had completed at the time of writing, I had not experienced a single game on the list that appeared.

For me then unfortunately I am going to have to use a free pass this week.

Is there something that I am really missing out on? Is there a particular game that you would recommend? Why not comment your suggestions below?

If you love JRPGs, Lovecraftian horrors, and souls-like games like me, Bloodborne it’s for sure one of the best games ever developed on the fourth console generation.

I loved every inch of it despite its difficult and punitive style typical of every soul-like title.
The atmospheres and the settings are sublime and the soundtrack is an eargasm every time you face up a boss.

It’s a must-play for sure but you need to be good enough and have nerves of steel if you want to overcome all its challenges.

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