Games of this Generation 2020 – First Person Shooters

Welcome back to Team Tuesday, here we talk about a different topic every week and pick some cool games to talk about. We are getting closer and closer to the launch of a new console generation and to celebrate that we are talking about our favorite games from a few genres. This week: First Person Shooters!

I have always loved shooters, since the start of my gaming history with Call of Duty Modern Warfare. So to nobodies surprise, I’m still kinda in love with Call of Duty. Call of Duty Black ops 3 has so many good memories with endless sleepless nights of pure enjoyment with friends.

I got like 500 hours of game time only like 3 months in and got totally addicted to the game. A lot of people hated the exoskeleton stuff in the Call of Duty games, I was one of those people, but in black ops 3 it just felt so good to use. I don’t think I ever had another FPS game that I enjoyed as much as Black Ops 3, so that’s why this is my FPS of this generation.

There are so many First Person Shooters nowadays. In a genre, dominated by Call Of Duty, not many games manage to stand out above the crowd. Some are very memorable, but if there’s one FPS that should definitely be played by every on the PS4, it’s Titanfall 2.

Coming off the Multiplayer Only, Xbox One exclusive, Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment had all eyes on them, when they announced that Titanfall 2 was going to have a Single Player campaign. Did they ever deliver on this, as a first foray into single player. The campaign was gripping and interesting, and a thrill ride the whole time! You get to pilot your Titan, which is a giant Mechsuit, through certain sections of the campaign, and battle other Titans! Not only is it a giant Mech though, it has an AI with a personality! The game is smooth, and fun, and I can’t recommend it enough. It is easily a game deserving of being called, a top game, of the generation!

The most exciting DOOM game to release in a long time has to be DOOM Eternal. This game is fast-paced and it feels more open than previous games in the franchise. Doom Eternal is a masterpiece of violence with its amazingly detailed animations for finishing moves and it’s a beautiful flow of jumping from one enemy to another.

That’s why DOOM Eternal is my pick for the best FPS game of this generation, It’s maps are beautiful and well made, and doesn’t differ too far from what a DOOM game should be.

The videogame world is fulfilled by FPS games and it’s barely impossible to choose which one has characterized this generation.
However, with the Call of Duty brand that dominates this category, there’s a hidden gem that I truly loved: SUPERHOT.

This game is the most innovative shooter I have played in years. Time, scenarios and enemies move when you move and because of that, there’s a sort of puzzle mechanic as well which makes this game kinda hard but really enjoyable.

Furthermore, there is also a VR version of this game that gives a complete innovation including real movements a deep immersion into the game.

It’s been many years since I have regularly played any sort of FPS game for fun. During the past generation I spent many (many) hours online on CODW@W with the overpowered MP-40 my weapon of choice!

For this generation the one game for me that springs to mind is Battlefield 4! This was a big change for me having spent the majority of my FPS gaming with COD, but the differences were overwhelming. The size of the maps, the way the vehicles were used in combat, were something to behold when the player was certainly not used to it.

Having the Platinum in this game (but sadly not the 100%), still takes many hours. Having to work your way through the Pistol group to obtain the .45 as your sidearm is certainly a grind, but one I would do all over again!

This game is fun, and for me it’s one that will never be forgotten.

The DEX.EXE team

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