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Gamemodes that made a game 10 times better

Welcome to another Team Tuesday (that isn’t always on a Tuesday). Here we look at a game that releases this week or next week and talk about something related to that game. Next week is the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, call of duty has loads of game modes, that’s why we are looking back and see what our favorite game modes are in games.

My favorite game mode is Ultimate Vault Hunter mode from Borderlands 2. This is my favorite mode because of how much it added to the game. For some people the game ended at level 50, But, for those who wanted to go further, UVHM was there to give a challenge, It was the only way to get level 50 legendary loot and when you mixed OP Levels with UVHM you had even more to go for, getting OP Level loot.

My favorite game mode is gun game, you might think that the game mode itself is not much. but the way I play it is way better than they intended it to be played. Back in Black Ops 1 I always played gun game, I think I only played a normal game mode sometimes when I ran out of money to play the mode (yeah, you needed in-game money to buy stuff). But in Black Ops 3 is where the fun kicked off, my friends also loved the mode so we used to do this in a private match because they removed that you could play that mode with a party online. Well here I discovered the settings it came with and boy, I went all out, I used to set the stabbing setback to 10 and just run across the map knifing my friend’s. I think we had a game mode last for like 4 hours, they hated me so bad after that game.

This week was a tough one for me, as Modern Warfare 4’s “Multiplayer” mode added so much to the game itself. The Hours of additional fun for players just because of this mode was insane.
My pick however for this week is going to be “Spec-Ops” mode in Modern Warfare 2. The introduction of this gave players the choice of online or couch co-op, so it was a big thing when it was first introduced; not to mention that in my opinion it is the best Game Mode on any game ever to be released.

The best game mode for me was the “Creative Mode” in Minecraft. I love the “Survival mode” too but why I prefer the creative one? Just because here you have everything the game can offer and you are free to build everything you want without taking care of going out of materials. You can fly with your fantasy (and your character too) and create epic (or not) constructions and if you want, you can just relax listening to the beautiful soundtrack while exploring the infinite world of Minecraft.



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