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Welcome back to another team talk, where we share some stories, good and bad, and share our deepest and darkest gaming secrets (sometimes at least). This week isn’t about a game again but I was just looking at some of my favorite games and thought “man, I have not seen a new one of these in ages!” So this week we are going to take a look at some Game Franchises we love but don’t see new games for anymore.

Dex Fragg – Founder

There are so many games that come to mind, especially from the PlayStation 3 era, because that’s when I got a real start in the gaming world. There are just so many games we haven’t seen in a while that I really love, Skylanders, Saints row (kinda, but it’s coming back!), and my pick from this week: Infamous.

The Infamous series has been a main pillar from the PlayStation 3 and even a massive game in the early PlayStation 4 days, but where is it now? It’s been almost 7 years but it still feels like yesterday since the last game came out, but 7 years is really long, especially for a game that is already established as a franchise. I just really hope someone somewhere is working on the game. Maybe the PlayStation San Fransisco team is working on it? we still don’t know anything about them…


EssTee – Guide Writer

Splatterhouse! Splatterhouse! Splatterhouse!
Silent Hill! Silent Hill! Silent Hill!
Resident Evil! …Oh wait no that’s still going XD

Dead Space!
Dead Rising!
Dead Island!

I think there’s a theme here haha yes a return of any classic or cult horror franchise would make me incredibly happy! Like pee my pants level of happy 😀

But yea I’ve been literally in love with Splatterhouse for many years, it will forever be one of my all-time favourites, and if dreams come true I would die happy if I saw a PS5 Splatterhouse instalment!!


Dino_Roar – Guide Writer and Reviewer

Not since 2012 have we seen this series on the PlayStation, but it’s one I dearly miss. The series hold some of the rarest trophies out there, which is mainly due to sever issues, but that still doesn’t take away the fact that I truest loved the challenge of these games.

Milestone S.r.l took the MotoGP game forward and onto another level, but it’s the SBK/SBX (Superbike World Championship) series that disappeared from existence all those years ago. I can only imagine what could’ve been if the World Superbike series had also been pushed by such trusted hands too.

If you’ve not experienced any of these games from the PS3 I would highly recommend their challenge. Some of them still have achievable platinums, if you’re up for the challenge?!


Oniwalker – Guide Writer and Reviewer

How many series do you hold near and dear to your heart? One? Two? Ten? A hundred!? How many of those are ongoing? Now how many are dead, but you wish they weren’t. I have many of those. Dead Space being one of them. Dino Crisis. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Mario and Luigi. But there is one series that I hold near and dear to me, that has been dead for so long, that it’s dust. Though it did make a brief appearance two years ago, as it woke from the dead for a brief period. The series in question is Onimusha!

Now I’m sure I’ve talked about Onimusha before. Old school Capcom game in the vein of Resident Evil, except you’re a samurai and you battle Nobunaga Oda and his demon army. Capcom released a remaster of the first game in early 2019. I ate it up like it was the first thing I ever ate in years. Then I was left unsatisfied and wanted more! Are they making more remasters? Will there be a reboot? Can I have it in the RE Engine!? I need more and I’ll cry myself to sleep until we get more.


New-Stirum – Guide Writer

If is there a series I really want back on Playstation? Absolutely yes and it would be Jak and Daxter saga, without doubts. Jak and Daxter Precursor Legacy was my first game ever on Ps2 and I’ve spent a lot of my childhood playing it. The nostalgia hits hard here and I would love to see another chapter of this amazing series on the new consoles instead of simple remastered/porting. I mean… I’ve replayed them again on ps3 but a brand new game would be much more appreciated.


BipolarBliss – Guide Writer

The first game, Resistance Fall of Man was a launch title for the PS3 which i watched and played at a friends house. It then definitely played a huge part in me buying a PS3 of my own and selling my soul to Sony. Its criminal that this brilliant game didn’t receive a trophy patch and that would be a big thing to look forward to if it was remade. Speaking of being remade, it really should. If I looked back on the game now I imagine the graphics and overall game experience would feel very dated and I can easily see it reaching its full potential if given the same treatment as the Demon’s Souls remaster (a mind-blowingly good experience for one of my most cherished games).

On to Resistance 2. This had in my opinion at the time and still even years later some of the best co op on PlayStation. There’s a lot more contenders for that nowadays but at the time this was a massive win in my books. There was also an insane multiplayer trophy for getting 10k kills. I’m confident that even at the end of the grind I was still having fun with it.

Resistance 3 was good but not as good as the first 2 games and if this series were to be not remade but rebooted (hopefully with most of the original story intact) then this instalment could make massive leaps forward to give this series either a proper lead up to a Resistance 4 or to properly tie up all loose ends.


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