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Flibbles Demo Coming to Steam December 12

Independent game developers Takeback Studios will be releasing the demo for their third-person casual adventure game, Flibbles, for Steam on December 12.

Flibbles places you in the marvelous world of Flibble Land. You are a farmer going about your daily routine when suddenly you are faced up against a mysterious foe only known as Purple Goo. 

To fend off the Purple Goo and save Flibble Land and its cute and adorable creatures, collect a variety of Flibbles with a unique appearance and abilities. Tame them along your journey and command them to your will.

Flibbles will be available on Steam (Windows) and developers have made plans to release it for Nintendo Switch, PS5 & Xbox in the future.

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Dex Fragg
Dex Fragg
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