Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Review

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is a JRPG videogame developed by Square-Enix and HexaDrive which was released in 2016. This is a port of the original 2011 PSP game. The game features a compelling and mature story of war, action-based combat with up to 14 characters, and dozens of hours of gameplay.


“Since the dawn of eternity, four lights of hope have shone upon the world.
Men flock to these lights, around which they build four peristylia.
Each peristylium becomes their faith and society, the path upon which they are set.

The Vermilion Bird—wings of fire to lift the heart.
The White Tiger—steely arms by which to seize knowledge.
The Azure Dragon—unclouded eyes that see all beneath the sky.
The Black Tortoise—a rigid shield and a well-guarded blade.

But when nine and nine meets nine,
Tempus Finis shall be willed upon them.
For without the Agito, their world—called Orience–
must persist in its spiral.”

In the land of Orience, it is said that ‘when Tempus Finis arrives, the crystal will guide Agito, those who will balance the world.’
Many interpret this as ‘saviors, called Agito, will emerge when the catastrophe, referred to as Finis, befalls this world.’


The game follows the fray as part of the Class-0, an elite team of young soldiers who train in Akademeia, a military school in the Dominion of Rubrun. After the Milites’s Empire attack on the Dominion, which took almost all of its defenses, Class-0 is sent to the battlefield to stop the Empire’s occupation. From here on, the Class-0 will be engaging hostile forces in different battlefields across multiple regions, as well as study and train at the Akademeia.

Looking at it objectively, the plot is the most mature in the whole franchise. From visual assassinations of both humans and creatures to the moral choices of the characters. Which are hard to explain without entering in spoilers territory.


Type 0 HD allows you to play with 14 different characters with unique skills and weapons. You can pick any of the characters to explore Akademeia or go to the open-world part of the game. When traversing the world or preparing for a new quest, you can choose the character you want to control, two companions, and the rest will be on the “bench”. If one of the three main characters fall in battle, you get to choose one character from the “bench” and deploy them. If all your characters fall in battle, is game over, no phoenix downs this time!

We have complete freedom of movement on the battlefield, so if you don’t feel ready to fight an enemy yet, you can escape. There are some plot exceptions of course, where we must defeat a certain boss or group of enemies.

Just like in any other Final Fantasy game, you can buy better gear as well as some consumables items for your party. Also, there’s a spell upgrade system where we spend the phantoma we extract from fallen enemies to increase the stats of each spell.


Since this is a remaster of a PSP game, the graphics are not really good. The soundtrack is actually very good and worth your time. The graphics although good enough are probably the worst point of the game.


The game features an in-game clock that determines when the next main quest starts. You can spend the time waiting or doing sidequests that consume a certain amount of hours. Because of that is very unlikely that you will experience everything the game has to offer in just one playthrough.

There are places to discover in the open world and optional bosses to defeat. Also, the game features some sort of skirmishes where we will need to help the ally forces in order to free a city or stronghold from the enemy forces. Some of those skirmishes are part of the main game, but most of them (the most difficult) are optional. Upon completing them not only you will obtain new items but change some plot events as well.


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD  is a game of cult for any fan of the franchise. It is also a game that most JRPG fans will enjoy. The plot is very interesting and probably the most mature of the whole franchise. As a PSP port, the graphics leave a lot to be desired, but the soundtrack is splendid. If you can take a graphic quality of the start of last decade, and you love JRPGs with a great story, this game deserves your attention.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD











  • Epic story.
  • Great characters.
  • Enjoyable gameplay.
  • Great Soundtrack.


  • Low-quality graphics.


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