Fernz Gate Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 2/10.
    Estimated time to Platinum: 25 Hours.
    Missable trophies: None.
    Glitched trophies: None.
    Difficulty related: None.
    Playthrough: One. 


    Welcome to the Fernz Gate Trophy Guide!
    Kemco brings us a mobile game port to the PS4 and Vita. This RPG can be fairly quick and easy or long and tedious depending on if you want to spend real money for game enhancers. The mechanics and gameplay are simple to understand as well.


    Step 1: Play Until you Reach the Final Boss
    During this stage you will want to complete the story while focusing on collecting as many chests, utilizing the Secret House, and doing subquests. You will earn many trophies during your journey to the game’s ending. There are no missable trophies, so just enjoy the game and take on subquests whenever you feel like doing them.

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    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Bronze Where am I?
    Bronze Jail Break
    Bronze Island in the Sky
    Bronze Showdown!
    Bronze Walker
    Bronze Jogger
    Silver Marathoner
    Bronze Treasure Finder
    Bronze Treasure Collector
    Bronze Combo Novice
    Bronze Combo Intermediate
    Bronze Striker
    Bronze Destroyer
    Bronze Weapon Enthusiast
    Bronze Weapon Crafter
    Bronze Hired Hand
    Bronze Part-Time Worker

    Step 2: Achieve all Endings
    During this stage you will go for each of the 4 endings. There will be a save point right before the final boss. You can’t save after the final boss, so there is no need to overwrite your save or create a new save. To explain it easily, you’ll beat the game, view an ending, load your save, beat the game, and view another ending.

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
    Bronze The Great Battle!
    Silver A New Journey
    Gold Setting Out
    Gold World Protector
    Gold Beginning of a New Chapter

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    Step 3: Post-Game
    Now that you have gotten the trophies for viewing all the endings, you will be finishing the last few subquests as well as grinding out gold and levels to finish the last few trophies. Some subquests are unlocked only once you’ve received the Silver A New Journey trophy. Your toughest trophy will be Gold Ultimate Champion.

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
    Silver Treasure Maniac
    Silver Combo Professional
    Silver Annihilator
    Silver Weapon Expert
    Gold Serviceman
    Bronze Amateur
    Bronze Contender

    Bronze Warrior
    Silver Champion
    Gold Ultimate Champion
    40-platinum Your Adventure

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    Trophy Guide:

    Your Adventure
    Obtained all trophies.

    Obtained all trophies.

    Where am I?
    Watched the opening.

    After watching the opening credits, this trophy is yours.

    Jail Break
    Rescued the captive resistance members.

    After rescuing the captive resistance members, this trophy is yours.

    Island in the Sky
    Traveled to the floating island in the sky.

    After making it to the floating island in the sky, this trophy is yours.

    Fought the Overlord, Clangorrah.

    Misleading trophy as you won’t be fighting him to unlock this trophy, but sometime prior to the actual fight.

    The Great Battle!
    Fought Neo-Clangorrah.

    After defeating Clangorrah’s other form, this trophy is yours.

    A New Journey upscale-245262160018212
    Earned the Normal End.

    After watching the credits for the first time, this trophy is yours. This will be your first ending of the game.

    Setting Out Gold
    Earned True End 1.

    After defeating Clangorrah a second time, this trophy is yours.

    World Protector Gold
    Earned True End 2.

    After defeating Clangorrah a second time, this trophy is yours.

    Beginning of a New Chapter Gold
    Earned True End 3.

    After defeating Clangorrah a second time, this trophy is yours.

    Walked 5000 steps.

    See Silver Marathoner.

    Walked 50000 steps.

    See Silver Marathoner.

    Marathoner upscale-245262160018212
    Walked 100000 steps.

    This trophy will unlock before the end of the game for sure. To keep track of how many steps you’ve taken and how much you have left, go to the Prize section of the menu and this stat will be the first one listed.

    Treasure Finder
    Collected 50 treasure chests.

    See Silver Treasure Maniac.

    Treasure Collector
    Collected 100 treasure chests.

    See Silver Treasure Maniac.

    Treasure Maniac upscale-245262160018212
    Collected 300 treasure chests.

    There are 372 chests in the game. They can be found in towns and dungeons. It’s best to try and get as many chests as possible during your playthrough so you don’t have to backtrack as much later. Don’t forget to look for secret passages that lead to chests as well as using character skills to reach locked areas. There are items that tell you where chests are or where secret passages are. The secret path openings have either little cracks along the wall, a dip/cave/opening, flowers in front of it, and so-on. You can tell as the wall or ground will be different than the rest.

    Combo Novice
    Achieved 10 consecutive hits.

    See Silver Combo Professional.

    Combo Intermediate
    Achieved 50 consecutive hits.

    See Silver Combo Professional.

    Combo Professional upscale-245262160018212
    Achieved 200 consecutive hits.

    Toril will learn Endless Destruct at level 110. This attacks 30-40 times. You will need to equip her with a Hitman Ring, and 2 Octupler Rings. Go to a Curio in Stelumbra Cave and select the option to fight jars or blocks. Use Endless Destruct and you will earn 300+ hits. For more assurance, equip a Hitman Ring on another person and put them as a Sub for Toril.

    Dealt 10000+ damage in a single attack.

    See Silver Annihilator.

    Dealt 100000+ damage in a single attack.

    See Silver Annihilator.

    Annihilator upscale-245262160018212
    Dealt 1000000+ damage in a single attack.

    The 2x Damage DLC can make this easy to obtain early on. There are rings that can be equipped and stacked that increase damage as well (Multiple Ring has 30% increase for physical skills that attack 2 or more hits; Singular Ring has a 50% increase for physical attacks that only attack once). During your grind to reaching level 999, you will eventually get this. Also be sure to regularly upgrade your equipment or buy stronger weapons.

    Weapon Enthusiast
    Synthesized a weapon to level 10.

    See Silver Weapon Expert.

    Weapon Crafter
    Synthesized a weapon to level 100.

    See Silver Weapon Expert.

    Weapon Expert upscale-245262160018212
    Synthesized a weapon to level 999.

    In the Customize section of the menu, you can select a weapon and merge other weapons with it as long as they are the same type (sword + sword, chakram + chakram). This increases the stats of the weapon.

    The only efficient method is to go to the Gold Region and farm gold (unlocked by talking to the guy with the lightbulb over his head in Mosso Village). Turn on auto-complete for battles and wear an Attract Ring. Max out your gold (1,000,000) and head over to the Forgotten Garden where you need to buy the as many of the strongest weapon. Merge this with one weapon and then head back to the Gold Region to repeat the process until you have reached +999 with a weapon.

    Hired Hand
    Harvested from a planter 10 times.

    In the Secret House section of the menu, place a planter in a slot and plant a seed. Each seed has different waiting times or you can use an Accelerator to instantly grow the seed. Harvest 10 different times to get this trophy.

    Part-Time Worker
    Dispatched buddies 10 times.

    In the Secret House section of the menu, place a door and send a buddy off. To unlock more buddies, go to the usable items in the Items section and use the rings that have names of enemies. You will have to wait for the buddy to return from their job or could use an Accelerator to instantly have them come back. Do this 10 times to get this trophy.

    Serviceman Gold
    Cleared all subquests.

    There are a total of 23 subquests in Fernland. Subquest 21 isn’t available until you get the Normal Ending and Subquest 22 and 23 are available after you get one of the True Endings.

    For a list of quests locations and descriptions, go here (Credit goes to RPG Insanity).

    Cleared the Bronze Cup at the battle arena.

    See Silver Champion.

    Cleared the Silver Cup at the battle arena.

    See Silver Champion.

    Cleared the Gold Cup at the battle arena.

    See Silver Champion.

    Champion upscale-245262160018212
    Cleared the Maid Cup at the battle arena.

    The battle arena is inside the Maid Co-Op in Rizolt City. Talking to the maid in the middle gives you options to start the battle arena. There is a Bronze Cup, Silver Cup, Gold Cup, and a Maid Cup. Each has a Easy, Normal, and Hard setting. This is best to tackle when you are level 66 or higher. Finishing each cup nets your their respective trophy.

    Ultimate Champion Gold
    Cleared the highest level at the secret battle arena.

    In the Forgotten Garden, there is a building that has the secret battle arena. The one all the way to the left needs to be completed for this trophy. The recommended level is 800 or above and cots 600,000 gold. However, it is best to tackle this when you are level 999.

    You will need to grind out levels in the Metal Region (unlocked by talking to a guy in the Forgotten Garden with a lightbulb over his head). The Metal Region has nothing but metal enemies which bring in a ton of experience. Equipping Experience Orbs also helps greatly. There are 3 areas: the first area is free while the second and third area will cost you 1,000,000 gold and 3,000,000 gold respectively. To farm gold, head over to the Gold Region. However, if you choose to leave the Metal Region altogether, these areas will be locked again and you’ll need to re-pay the gold to reach them again. It is best to do all the level farming in one sitting or to boost your levels greatly each time you visit.

    There are items you can use or you can pay gems to revive you party after your team has all died. This may or may not be needed but is certainly helpful in this secret battle arena.


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