Fallout 3 – Operation Anchorage DLC Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 2/10
    Estimated time to 100%: 4 hours
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 1


    Welcome to the Fallout 3 – Operation Anchorage DLC Trophy Guide! This DLC is very short and all four trophies are story related. This guide serves as a short walkthrough for each of it’s four missions.
    This Trophy Guide is gently provided and granted by NCSFan001.


    Step 1: Play through the 4 missions of the DLC

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    This is a one stage DLC 100%, as all you have to do is beat the DLC’s four missions.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:

    Silver Aiding the Outcast
    Silver The Guns of Anchorage
    Silver Paving the Way
    Gold Operation: Anchorage!

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    Tips and Strategies:

    • Unlike parts of the main game, Operation: Anchorage is VERY combat oriented.  You will be killing well over 100 enemies per playthrough.  However, this DLC is also very easy, as it can be completed when your character is at a very low level (the lowest I’ve ever done was level six).  I suggest having at least two of the combat skills (small guns, melee, etc) with at least 30-40 points so that you have at least a couple of strong weapons.
    • You can only scavenge items that glow red and emit an electronc style noise; bodies disappear shortly after being killed.
    • There are no stimpacks in this DLC, so the only way to recover health is to use the red healing tanks scattered throughout the levels.  They glow red like the other scavengable items and are, fortunately, fairly common.
    • Ammunition is limited; you can’t carry very much for most weapons, with the exception of the gauss rifle, missile launcher, mines, and grenades (each of which you are limited by how many you find in the levels).  Ammunition is replenished by the red dispenser devices scattered throughout the levels.  They are generally located near health dispensers and are shaped kind of like mailboxes.
    • There are also ten intel suitcases in Operation: Anchorage; collecting them all will net you the Covert Ops perk (+3 science, small guns, and lockpick skills).  These suitcases are not required for any trophies, or for the completion of the DLC as a whole, so unless the perk is appealing, there is no point in going out of your way to collect the cases. Four are located in “The Guns of Anchorage”, four more are located in “Paving the Way”, and the final two are in “Operation: Anchorage!”.  I have provided a link to the Fallout Wiki’s guide for the locations of the suitcases; there is a text guide as well as a Youtube video guide. Also check the Fallout Wiki for more details.

    Trophy Guide:

    Aiding the Outcastsupscale-245262160018212
    Completed “Aiding the Outcasts”

    You will get this shortly after entering the anchorage simulation.

    To enter the simulation, you will have to battle through a lot of super mutants after meeting up with a group of Brotherhood Outcasts.  The mutants will be scaled to your level (higher leveled players will face more super mutant brutes and masters), so it can be advantageous to clear them out early in your playthrough.  You will then enter the outcast base by going down an elevator.  Once you talk to Protector McGraw and put on the neural interface suit for the simulation, you will begin the simulation itself.

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    The trophy will pop right after you finish talking to Montgomery.

    The Guns of Anchorageupscale-245262160018212
    Completed “The Guns of Anchorage”

    This trophy will unlock after completing the first of the three missions within the simulation, just after you talk to General Chase for the first time.

    For this mission you have to destroy large artillery guns, making your way through caves and over cliffs.  I suggest saving often so that if you accidentally fall off a cliff or are killed, you won’t have to go that far back.  The new types of enemies you will fight in this mission are standard Chinese soldiers, various turrets, flamethrower soldiers, and a few snipers.  These enemies are roughly equivalent in health and combat skill to raiders and Talon Company Mercs from the main game.

    You will also want to scavenge everything you can find (the items that glow red), as some of them carry over between missions.  The available items include a chinese assault rifle, a sniper rifle, grenades, mines, missiles, and microfusion cells.  I believe there is a gauss rifle in one of the caves you visit during this mission, but I’m not 100% sure.

    In terms of an actual guide for how to complete the mission, you will basically just need to follow the path laid out for you by the game.  You can attempt to complete the mission using stealth tactics (you are given a combat knife at the beginning of the mission), or you can go in guns blazing.  If you choose the latter option, make sure to watch your ammo levels, as the ammo dispenser machines are fairly uncommon.  Once you reach the giant artillery guns, you will have to destroy them.  To do so, kill the enemies surrounding each gun (including the bunkers), plant a charge at the designated point, and then quickly run away.  After destroying all three guns, you will automatically warp to a meeting with General Chase, and the trophy should pop after completing this conversation.

    Paving the Wayupscale-245262160018212
    Completed “Paving the Way”

    This trophy will unlock after you destroy both the tank depot and the listening post.

    When this mission starts, you will be able to choose what equipment loadout you want.  I suggest the one that gives you a missile launcher and SMG, as the SMG is great for the close quarters combat in the listening post, and the missile launcher works well against the tougher enemies.  You can also persuade the quartermaster to give you a gauss rifle to help for long range combat (speech challenge), though the microfusion cells that it uses are not that common.  Missiles are also fairly uncommon, so use both weapons sparingly.

    You also get to request support units to assist you along the way.  From one of ther terminals in the main tent, you can pick and choose whatever types of soldiers you want.  What you pick is purely up to you, but I suggest filling your ranks with assault rifle soldiers and at least one sniper, as you can have more of these units, and the snipers are very strong at long range.  I do not suggest recruiting any robots, as I never found them to be very useful.

    During this mission, you will encounter a large number of Chinese soldiers, the occasional Chimera tank, and the annoying dragoon soldiers.  You will only have to fight one or two of the tanks, and they actually aren’t very dangerous.  Just keep firing at them until they run out of health.  The dragoon soldiers are the enemies that use the Chinese stealth armor; when they go into stealth mode, they can only be identified by their outlines and can’t be targeted in VATS, and they have a fair amount of health.  You will encounter more of them at the listening post.

    In terms of the two locations you must clear, the listening post is the more difficult of the two.  It is guarded by a larger number of well-placed snipers and plenty of dragoon soldiers.  I suggest attacking this location first to put your squad to use, as they are more helpful here than the Chimera depot.  The listening post is very close quarters, but the path to it will require a lot of long range combat.  The depot is guarded by fewer soldiers, but the path to it is guarded by a cluster of spider mines, which jump off the ground when you get near, chase you, and try to explode near you and your squad.  They are more of a nuissance, but they can cause a lot of damage if most of them hit you.

    Once you have cleared both locations, you will automatically return to general Chase, and the trophy will come shortly after.

    Operation: Anchorage!Gold
    Completed “Operation: Anchorage!”

    This is the final trophy for the DLC, and it will unlock after killing the final “boss” and returning to the real world.  Unfortunately, many areas of this mission suffer from extreme frame rate drops, so you need to save very often in case it freezes.  I am also going to warn any readers; the guide for this mission contains spoilers for the end of the DLC and an event that occurs back in the real world.

    You will begin the mission by clearing out a bunch of trenches on the way to the pulse field.  The trenches are filled with enemies, and some will shoot down on you from the outside of the trenches.  You will encounter more standard Chinese soldiers as well as flamethrower units.  You will not have a strike team for this mission either; it is just you and Montgomery.

    Once you clear the trenches, you will have to move through some destroyed buildings to the edge of the pulse field.  Though you will still be surrounded by enemies, including turrets, you will have power armored US soldiers to help you.  To shut down the pulse field, enter a bunker style building to your right and hit a switch within.  If you try to cross the field without hitting this switch, you will die instantly, so be careful and don’t accidentally step into it until it has been shut down.

    After you cross the field, the final boss of the DLC, general Jingwei, will be waiting for you.  If you win a speech challenge, Jingwei will commit suicide.  If you fail the challenge, or choose any other dialogue option, you will have to fight him.  Jingwei has a lot of health but only attacks with his sword (a close range melee weapon).  I suggest running circles around the center of the compound and fire away until he is killed.  However, I don’t suggest using any explosive weapons, as they will sometimes harm your allies and turn them against you.  Once you kill Jingwei, general Chase will congratulate you on your success, and inform you that the simulation is over.

    Once you exit the simulation, go through any dialogue with the outcasts, and immediately head to the armory.  I suggest dropping as many of your items as possible because the armory is loaded with strong and unique items.  Once you finish talking to Olin, the trophy should pop.

    Even once the trophy pops, there is still a little more to do.  Head into the armory and grab everything you can.  The most important items are the winterized T51b power armor and helmet, as they deteriorate far slower than any other items in the game.  Other notable finds include the gauss rifle, Jingwei’s shocksword, and a suit of Chinese stealth armor.  However, before you manage to pick up everything, a fight will break out where Sibley and most of the outcasts turn hostile.  You can kill all of them, or just fight Sibley’s group; choosing the latter won’t result in a loss of karma and Olin will repair equipment for you.


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