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Emily Wants To Play Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 6/10.
Estimated time to 100%: 4 hours.
Missable trophies: 3.
Bronze Such A Happy Girl, Silver U Got REKT!, Silver Warm Sunlight
Glitched trophies: None.
Difficulty related: None.
Playthrough: 1


Welcome to the Emily Wants To Play Trophy Guide!
Emily Wants to Play is a survival horror games that sees you playing a pizza delivery guy locked in a house with crazy dolls. You must find a way to live through the night, as each hour goes by it gets harder to stay alive. Can you survive the night?


Step 1: 11pm – Midnight
The game is broken up into hours, starting at 11pm with your goal to reach the morning, 6am. Each “hour” of the night will last around 6 mins of actual gameplay. During your first hour, 11pm to midnight, nothing happens and none of the dolls will appear. This is a great time to explore the house to get to know where all the rooms are and to also unlock all the non hour related trophies without having to worry about where or what the dolls are doing.

The first thing you need to do in the house is find the torch, you will need this later on in the game and you really need it for Bronze Creepy Invitation as the note you need to find is impossible to see without it. The torch is randomly placed around the house each game but is more often than not found in either the front right bedroom, the kitchen or the back-left room with the hole in the floor. If you having trouble finding the torch try turning the lights off room by room using the wall switches, this makes it easier to see the torch light shining.

The first trophy you will want to get out of the way is Bronze Such A Happy Girl, for this you just need to drop down the hole in the floor in the room at the back left of the house. The only catch is this MUST be done before you open the secret entrance to the basement (more on this later), if you open the secret entrance before getting this trophy then you will not be able to get it by dropping down the hole, so its best to do this first.

Other trophies you will want to do early on are Bronze Creepy Invitation, Bronze Never Let Them Leave, and Silver Strange Parents. Descriptions and videos for each of these can be found under their trophy descriptions.

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze Creepy Invitation
Bronze Never Let Them Leave
Bronze Such A Happy Girl

Silver Strange Parents

Step 2: Play Through Each of the Hours, Midnight to 6am
Once midnight strikes, the dolls start appearing and the game gets interesting. Every game and playthrough will be different as the timing and placement of the doll spawns is random, no two games will be the same.

There is a total of 5 trophies connected to surviving through each of the hours from midnight to 6am, the only hour without a trophy is the 3am hour. You will still have to play through this of course.

Each hour plays out a little different with a different doll or combination of dolls appearing, each with unique characteristics that require a different strategy to survive. Each in-game hour lasts 6 minutes, early on this can seem like an eternity as you are just waiting for the hour to end, but later on in the game as it gets more challenging you will be struggling to reach the end without a good strategy. It also must be said that success in the game can be highly luck dependent, a good run of doll spawns will be a great help, but when the game gives you a nightmare combination it can be very hard. A solid strategy for the harder hours and a little persistence goes a long way. More on each hour is described under each related trophy description.

When you do make it to 6am you will be given the option to leave the house, doing so will unlock Silver Warm Sunlight however there is also a trophy for not leaving, Silver U Got REKT!. You cannot do both trophies in the same playthrough, you will have to reply the 5am hour to do the opposite of whatever you did the first time.

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Gold MLG Pizza Delivery
Bronze No Peek-A-Boo For you
Bronze Statue-Like
Bronze You are not “it”!
Bronze That Was Easy

Step 3: Replay the 5am Hour to Get the Alternate Ending
You will need to replay the 5am hour to get either Silver Warm Sunlight or Silver U Got REKT!, depending on what you did in your first playthrough.

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
Silver U Got REKT!
Silver Warm Sunlight

Trophy Guide:

MLG Pizza Delivery Gold
Persevere through 5am.

This trophy may be at the top of the list but it is one of the last you will unlock. If you are reading this first it might be best to take a look at the other hour-related trophies first as it will be a culmination of everything you will experience in the game and required all strategies used throughout the game.

During this hour you will be dealing with all 3 dolls and you will have to search for Emily. Not long after the hour starts there will be a crash of thunder and all the lights will go out. \The timer will start and anytime after this dolls can also start appearing.

The best method for this is to combine the method mentioned for Bronze You are not “it”! hour and Bronze That Was Easy hour together. Sweep through the house searching for Emily quickly, stopping for the clown or changing rooms for the ventriloquist dummy when needed, no need to stop for the black dress girl just yet as you can outrun her, just remember that she is following you if you hear her appear.

Once you find Emily, don’t reset her but instead move back towards the door on the left side of the front living room and use the 2am method until the timer runs down then run to where you know she is, reset her and start the process again.

The only exception to this is when Emily spawns in the basement or the room with the hole in the floor, these can be a little tricky to get out of if more than one doll spawns at a time so it is best, when Emily spawns in these rooms, to get her as soon as you can and get out of there.

Continue this for 6 mins and the final hour will finish. If can be a little frustrating at times as it can be highly dependent on luck with what dolls spawn when and where for you, but using this method will help a lot.

Creepy Invitation
JOIN US! We are one we are one we are one.

There are many notes and messages scattered around the house, for this trophy you need to find the piece of paper that reads “Join us we are one”. During the first hour in the house, 11pm to midnight, no dolls will appear so it is best to go for this then. You will need to find the torch first as the note is located in a dark corner and is hard to get the pick up to trigger.

The note can be found in the large mostly dark room with the scattered boxes behind the living room where you start. From your initial starting point in the game, enter the door in front of you to the room with the flicking light, hug the right wall and walk around the large box. With the torch on look at the base of the wall under the window, in the corner of a large beam. You may need to move around a bit to get the pick up to trigger, when you can press to pick the note up and the trophy will pop.

The below video shows the location of the note you need.

Never Let Them Leave
Find the recording from the dolls.

There are a number of voice recordings laying around the house, you can listen to these by pressing the action button () while hovering over them. Most of the voice recordings are from the human inhabitants of the house but for this trophy you need to find the recording left by the dolls.

This recording is in the basement, a description for the location of the secret entrance to the basement can be found under Silver Strange Parents.

Once inside the basement via the secret entrance, follow the path and take the first left, then left again. Enter the room and move around to the left looking for a small desk with a lit lamp on it. This desk has 2 open drawers, the top drawer has the recording you are looking for.

Press while hovering over the tape recorder to listen to the recording and unlock the trophy.

The below video shows the location on the recording.

Such A Happy Girl
You probably shouldn’t have jumped down in the hole.

For this trophy you just need to drop down the hole in the floor found in the room at the back left of the house.

Once the basement entrance is opened you cannot get this by going down the hole, so this should be the first trophy you aim to do. If you do happen the basement first this trophy is still achievable later in the game when Emily appears, but it would be possible to finish the game without unlocking it, so its best to do it first.

To find the hole, from your starting location in the house, move through the archway to your left, then turn right and go through the door to the kitchen. Once in the kitchen go through the door in the back left corner to enter another room, the hole can be found in the back-right corner of this room. To get to it move to the left of the room to walk around the pile of furniture, follow the back wall along to the hole. Drop down and take a few steps forward and the trophy will pop.

The below video shows how to unlock this trophy.

No Peek-A-Boo For you
Survive the midnight hour.

This is the second in-game hour you will play, but the first where a doll will appear and the first with a trophy associated with it. You should search the house before the start of this hour to find the torch, its location is random each game, but can easily be found by turning off a rooms light switch and then looking for the shinning torch light.

For this hour only 1 doll will appear, the dark haired girl in the black dress. This doll will sneak up on you when your back is turned, however she will freeze when you are looking at her, she will also give a little laugh when she appears and will always appear behind you.

You can simply stay in the living room where you start and wait until you hear her laugh, turn around so you can see the doll and then just wait for her to disappear. This can get a little boring though, it would be a good idea to use this hour to explore the house, if you haven’t already, taking note of each room and where each doorway leads, you will need to know this later on in the game.

Each in game hour lasts 6 minutes, once the hour is up the trophy will pop and you will move on to the 1am hour.

Live through 1am.

For the 1am playthrough you will be dealing with 2 dolls as the clown will also appear.

Deal with the black dress girl the same way, the clown will give his own distinct laugh before appearing, shortly following by him saying “uh-uh-uhhh”. Once this second sound sounds you can not move at all, do not touch either the left or right thumbstick, do not use the action button no matter where you are in the house or whether you can see the clown or not. It will be instant death if you move after his second sound. Once you hear the clown give off his third sound, a long sigh, it is safe to move again.

The strategy for this hour is much the same as the first, simply stay in the starting living room and deal with the dolls as they appear, or continue to explore the house.

6 minutes later the hour will end, the trophy will pop and you will move on to the 2am hour. Below is a video of a playthrough of the 1am hour.

You are not “it”!
Survive 2am without getting caught.

The 2am hour gets a little more difficult as a third doll is introduced, a ventriloquist doll.

This doll will also give its own distinct laugh when it appears, followed by an “aaahhhhhhh” as he chases you. To avoid being caught, and killed, you must run from him. Running out of the room through a doorway and around a corner is enough to get him to disappear. When this doll does appear it will appear in the room or hallway you are in, and it will always appear in the same location in each room.

This is the first hour where a set strategy is really helpful. Once again if you stay in the starting living room, but this time stand facing the closed door on the left side of the room, slightly facing the 2 boxes to your right. For this room the spawn point for the ventriloquist doll is behind these boxes.

Now just stand there and wait for one of the 3 dolls to spawn, when the black dress girls spawns just turn around and watch her, when the clown spawns don’t move and when the ventriloquist doll spawns, you should see him behind the boxes, just run through the doorway and around to your left or right. It is probably best to turn to your left and then pass through the door into the kitchen, then do a lap around back to the starting point facing the door again as sometimes if you are standing close to that starting doorway and it is open it can spawn the ventriloquist in the room you will be running into making it hard to get away.

This is a pretty solid method if you are struggling with this hour, and also comes in handy for following hours. Below is a video of a 2am playthrough using the strategy.

That Was Easy
Figure out how to survive 4am.

The next hour you will earn a trophy for is the 4am hour. Obviously to get to the 4am hour you need to get through the 3am hour which is exactly the same as the 2am hour. If you use the method outlined under Bronze You are not “it”! you should get through it after a few tries.

For the 4am hour the 3 previous dolls are gone and Emily herself appears. Not long after the hour begins there will be a crash of thunder, all the lights in the house go out and a timer appears on the screen starting at 90 and counting down. It’s time to find Emily.

You have 90 seconds to find Emily who is hiding somewhere in the house. This is where the torch comes in handy as you can not turn on any of the light switches, Emily will get you instantly. Simply search in each room/hallway of the house looking for the white haired girl facing the corner or wall in the dirty white dress. When you find her, walk into her and you will hear a type of warp sucking noise and she will disappear and reappear somewhere else in the house waiting for you to find her again. The timer also resets back to 90 seconds.

It’s best to use a sweeping method when searching the house for her, start in the far left room of the house and work you way around from room to room looking for her. Keep in mind that she will appear in the exact same location in each room, so no need to search the whole room if you know the location she has appeared before in that room, just check that spot.

The hour will last 6 minutes, same as every hour, to run the clock down and reduce the amount of times you have to search for her, just let the clock count down to a few seconds before walking into her once you have found her.

If the clock runs down to 0 or you turn on any of the lights Emily will get you and you die. Once you reach 5am, the trophy will pop and you move on to the final hour. Below is a video of a 4am hour playthrough. Below are videos of both 3am and 4am playthroughs.

Strange Parents upscale-245262160018212
He hid the entrance, so that no one would ever find it.

For this trophy you need to open the secret entrance to the basement. It is best you get Bronze Such A Happy Girl first before going for this, once you open the secret basement entrance you cannot get the that trophy to trigger by falling through the hole in the floor.

During your first hour, 11pm to midnight, no dolls will appear so this is a perfect time to go for this.

The secret entrance can be found in the bedroom in the back-right of the house. From you starting point in the living room, head through the door on the right wall into the hallway, turn left down the hallway and walk to the end door, go through it to enter the bedroom. Inside the bedroom there will be another door which is the wardrobe, to the left of this door is a light mounted on the wall. Press on this light and it will tilt, opening the secret entrance in the wardrobe.

Walk down the stairs to the basement and after talking a few steps in the trophy will pop.

U Got REKT! upscale-245262160018212
You should have listened. 🙂

You will need to play the 5am hour twice as you must unlock this trophy and Silver Warm Sunlight during this hour and you can only do 1 per playthrough. For details on this hour and a method on getting through it see Gold MLG Pizza Delivery.

On completion on the 5am hour the front door will open and you will be prompted on screen to leave the house. For this trophy all you have to do is not leave the house. After a little time the dolls will all appear, catch you and you will die, followed by the trophy unlocking.

Warm Sunlight upscale-245262160018212
Escape Emily, her dolls and the house.

You will need to play the 5am hour twice as you have to unlock this trophy and Silver U Got REKT! during this hour and you can only do 1 per playthrough. For details on this hour and a method to get through it, see Gold MLG Pizza Delivery.

On completion on the 5am hour the front door will open and you will be prompted on screen to leave the house. Make your way quickly to the front door and walk out into the while light. A cutscene will play and the trophy will unlock.


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