Drunken Fist Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 2/10.
    Estimated time to Platinum: 30 Mins.
    Missable trophies: None.
    Glitched trophies: None.
    Difficulty related: None.
    Playthrough: –


    Welcome to the Drunken Fist Trophy Guide!
    Developed by Deklazon & EastAsiaSoft, you play as a drunk guy, who wants to beat everyone up in the streets! Try not to pee your pants!


    Step 1: Beat Level 3
    The first thing you should be worried about is beating level 3 and The Slipper trophies, as the Slipper set of trophies is easily the most annoying of the trophy list!
    Remember to search the levels as best as you can, to find bottles and burgers as well, but they’re always out in the open so you should have no problem!

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    Then when in level 2, be sure to beat up the cop. Or you can beat the cop up at the beginning of level 4. At the end of this step, you should have 90% of the list done!

    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Bronze The Puncher I
    Silver The Puncher II
    Bronze The Collector I
    Silver The Collector II
    Bronze The Muncher I
    Silver The Muncher II
    Bronze The Slipper I
    Silver The Slipper II
    Gold The Slipper III
    Bronze The Leveler I
    Silver The Leveler II
    Gold The Leveler III
    Bronze The Fighter I
    Silver The Fighter II
    Gold The Fighter III
    Gold Pardon!
    Gold Eazy
    Silver Didn’t See It Coming!

    Step 2: Gather Bottles and Eat Burgers
    Chances are that after you beat level 3, you’ll still need to find some bottles and eat some burgers. You can either restart the game at this point, or keep going through the levels until you get these trophies done. When they are done, you’ll be finished with this interesting game.

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    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
    Gold The Puncher III
    Gold The Collector III
    Gold The Muncher III
    40-platinum Street Brawler

    Tips and Strategies:

    This game has some terrible controls, and is hard to understand, so here are some tips!

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    • The controls are tank controls. So forward goes forward, back goes back, and left and right rotate you in those directions.
    • If you hold forward on the stick, you just go faster until you fall. 
    • You run forever. To slow down or stop moving, you have to push the left stick down to slow down/stop.
    • The hitboxes are not good. Sometimes your hits won’t register.
    • Police can kill you in two hits.
    • If your drunk bar depletes, it’s game over.
    • If you don’t pee when your bar is full, it’s game over.
    • Enemies die with one special attack. 

    Trophy Guide:

    Street Brawler
    Unlock all other trophies

    Unlock all other trophies

    The Puncher I
    Beat 6 enemies

    To get this, you have to beat up 6 enemies. This will come at the end of level 1, as there are 6 enemies in total. To attack, you can press Square of X. There’s also a combination of attacks you can do, and you can see that by looking at the moves list in the pause menu. After you beat 6 enemies, this is yours.

    The Puncher II upscale-245262160018212
    Beat 24 enemies

    This will unlock once you beat up 24 enemies. Refer to Bronze The Puncher I for info on how to attack.

    The Puncher III Gold
    Beat 52 enemies

    This will be yours once you beat up 52 enemies. I failed the second level once, so this trophy unlocked for me on level 3! So it should unlock during level 4 normally! Refer to Bronze The Puncher I for info on how to attack.

    The Collector I
    Collect 1 bottle

    Bottles are a way to recover your drunken state, and are found on trash cans in the levels, and on benches. You get this trophy after picking up 1 bottle in a level.

    The Collector II upscale-245262160018212
    Collect 5 bottles

    This trophy will unlock once you pick up 5 bottles. Luckily this is cumulative, so you don’t need 5 bottles all at once. Refer to Bronze The Collector I for more information on where to find bottles.

    The Collector III Gold
    Collect 11 bottles

    After you pick up 11 bottles, this trophy will unlock. Just like the last bottle related trophy, this is cumulative! Refer to Bronze The Collector I for more information on where to find bottles.

    The Muncher I
    Eat 1 burger

    Burgers are found in every level past the second one. They’re like the bottles, where they’re mostly found in the levels near trash cans. Eventually you can find some on benches and steps of apartment doors! You need to not only pick them up, but eat them by pressing right on the d-pad. Once you’ve eaten a burger, this trophy pops!

    The Muncher II upscale-245262160018212
    Eat 6 burgers

    For this trophy, you’ll need to eat a total of 6 burgers. This is cumulative, across your save file. Refer to Bronze The Muncher I for more info about burgers.

    The Muncher III Gold
    Eat 12 burgers

    To get this trophy you need to eat a total of 12 burgers! Just like the previous trophy, this is cumulative. Refer to Bronze The Muncher I for more info about where to find burgers, and how to eat them.

    The Slipper I
    Let 1 opponent slip

    For this trophy, you have to wait for your bottom left “pee” bar to be filled. Then you have to hit down on the d-pad to go pee, then when enemies step in it, they slip and fall and take damage. For this trophy, you need just one enemy to slip and fall.

    The Slipper II upscale-245262160018212
    Let 10 opponents slip

    For this trophy, you need 10 enemies to slip in your pee. Refer to Bronze The Slipper I for more info on peeing.

    The Slipper III Gold
    Let 20 opponents slip

    To get this trophy, 20 enemies have to slip in your pee. It’s best to wait for your pee to refill before you attack a group of enemies, so they can fall in it, to get this trophy done faster. Refer to Bronze The Slipper I for more info on peeing.

    The Leveler I
    Complete level 1

    This is for beating level 1!

    The Leveler II upscale-245262160018212
    Complete level 2

    This is obtained after you beat level 2!

    The Leveler III Gold
    Complete level 3

    Beating level 3 will unlock this trophy for you!

    The Fighter I
    Use 3 special attacks

    This trophy is for using 3 special attacks against enemies. It only counts as a use, when the attack actually hits an enemy.

    The moves list shows you all the special moves you can use, and are the ones with many combinations. The one I used the most was the flying kick which was used by pressing +. When you use a special attack, it uses almost all your stamina, so you have to wait for it to recharge.

    The Fighter II upscale-245262160018212
    Use 12 special attacks

    This trophy is for hitting 12 enemies with special attacks! Refer to Bronze The Fighter I for more info about special attacks!

    The Fighter III Gold
    Use 24 special attacks

    Once you hit 24 enemies with special attacks, this trophy will unlock! Refer to Bronze The Fighter I for more info about special attacks!

    Pardon! Gold
    Mess with the police officer

    During level 2 or 4, there are police officers that you have to avoid. For this trophy, you have to beat one up. It takes two special attacks to fully beat one up, but they deal a lot of damage, so be careful! Once you fully beat one up, this trophy is yours!

    Eazy! Gold
    Beat 3 opponents within 12 seconds

    This is for beating up 3 enemies in 12 seconds. At the end of level 1, there is a group of 3 enemies. If you slowly damage each one with one punch, you can then kill them with one kick each. So they will die one after the other! If you’ve done it in 12 seconds, this trophy is yours. But there are plenty of opportunities in later levels!

    Didn’t see it coming! upscale-245262160018212
    Fall without external influence

    To get this trophy, all you have to do is hold the left stick forward or back until you fall over!


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