Drift21 Review

Drift 21 is a game that’s basically Car Mechanic Simulator but more focused on drift builds, which is gaining in popularity over the years. I really like Race games. When I was younger, I played Need for Speed Underground. Nowadays I play Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon. Today I’m going to play Drift 21. This is not only a race game. It’s also a Simulation game. It’s time to tune your dream drift car! Drift21 is by ECC Games S.A. and 505 Games.

To be honest I am not a car expert. I play race games for amusement and for relaxing. I know the basics when I need to fix my car but I don’t get any further than that.

Luckily when you start your game DRIFT recommends a tutorial. In this tutorial, you are about to modify a Mazda MX-5 in the garage. “In the garage, you can import new parts, modify car components, check its power, and give it a unique character in the paint shop.”. The best part is the help you are getting. Parts that are missing are red so you know what part you need to place. Items in the warehouse: Complete Engines, Engine, Pipes, Gearbox, Drivetrain, Exhaust, Suspension, Steering, Brakes, Rims, Tires, Car Body, Interior, “Other”

When I finished the tutorial I already felt like a real mechanic. The simulation of customizing cars with a car lift is really cool!

For now, you got six parkours. Also, you got three different modes: Free rides, Solo Run (you will encounter three types of zones. Speed zone: the higher the speed, the more points you get.
Drift Zone: the place where you should drift, Clipping point: the place on the track where both rear wheels should be drifting). And Time Attack. You can also select challenges.

After the tutorial, I didn’t know what to do. I expected something like a “storyline”. But when the tutorial has ended you are stranded in your garage. Now it’s time to make the perfect car. Build your own dream car! So, if you really like to be a mechanic and beating your scores with better performance on your car, this is your game! But if you like racing and getting pushed by the game to do things to complete a story or chapter then I would not recommend this game.





Driving mechanic







  • Extended detail on building cars, detailed engines, gearboxes etc.
  • The tutorial is clean.
  • You can play this game even you are a dummy.


  • Driving mechanic is mediocre, crashing physics is hilariously unrealistic, nothing really new or inventive compared to Car Mechanic Simulator.
  • Early Access.
  • In game sounds are bad, too “digital”.


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