Doors And Rooms Trophy Guide And Text Walkthrough

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 2/10.
    Estimated time to 100%: 2 Hours with this guide.
    Trophies: 12.  GoldSilverBronze8
    Missable trophies: None, there is level select.
    Glitched trophies: None.
    Difficulty related: None.
    Playthrough: 1


    Welcome to the Doors & Rooms Trophy Guide!
    Doors & Rooms is an escape room puzzle game, consisting of 49 rooms over 5 chapters for you to complete. Some rooms take just a few seconds to escape from, others can take a few minutes. All in all, it’s fairly short and quite an enjoyable little game.

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    Below I have written a walkthrough that will provide you with the quickest solutions to pass all rooms. For your speed and ease, I will not include all the extra extensive steps explaining how to discover the solutions, I’ll just give you the straight up answers! Anything that can be skipped, has been skipped, so please be aware I have written it this way purposefully for speed. For trophy hunters. Or for those that are stuck and just want to find the answers.
    Trophy wise they are all straightforward enough but keep your eye on ‘Hint collector’ or use my tips under the trophy descriptions at the end of this guide on how to best achieve it.


    Step 1: Complete all the levels, while grabbing enough keys along the way.
    Complete the 49 levels. In each level you will get 1 to 3 keys depending on how quickly you completed the level, which will be very easy to do if using the puzzle solutions I’ve written below. For trophies you need 100 silver keys (there are 148 silver keys in the game) and for another trophy you need to get 20 gold keys (there are 48 gold keys in the game). Nothing to worry about at all if using this guide. 

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    In this step you will earn these trophies:
    Bronze Rusty Brain
    Bronze Horrible Hospital
    Bronze Run Away From The Kingdom
    Bronze Escape From The Wonderland
    Bronze No More Room
    Bronze Half Success
    Silver I Like Silver
    Silver The Keymaker
    Silver I Really Love Gold
    Gold Genius

    Step 2: Farm failing in 10 different levels to get 10 Master Hints.
    If you have followed the text walkthrough then you wouldn’t have died much if at all! So you will have to farm these failings now at the end. 
    You receive a Master Hint in your inventory when you have failed a level 3 times in a row. You only get 1 Master Hint per level, it has to be from 10 different levels. I recommend specific levels to farm these hints in the quickest way in the trophy descriptions section of this trophy guide.

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    In this step you will earn the final trophies:
    Bronze No Exit
    Bronze Hint Collector

    Video Walkthrough: 

    Full game, all trophies, all speedy solutions walkthrough video (41 mins):

    *I recommend you use the written text walkthrough below, for this type of game that option is easier to follow than video, but I have still linked this video for those of you that prefer them!  Refer to the video for a visual aid if you get stuck on a level locating an item etc.
    Final Note: I’d like to give some credit for the few puzzles that I got stuck on for info I found on the old PC version of the game via the website Thank you.

    Text Walkthrough / Puzzle Solutions:

    Ch1 is ezpz kinda like a tutorial, but I’ll write it out anyway… You won’t really need my help until 1-11…

    Chapter 1: Rusty Key.

    Click on door, exit room!

    Open bottom bolt on door, exit room.

    Use Hammer to smash glass
    Pick up key, use on door to exit room.

    Open drawer, pick up item.
    ‘Dismantle’ item get key.
    Use key on door to exit room.

    Pick up Batteries and Remote.
    ‘Combine’ them.
    Use remote on Mouse Hole.
    Get key, use on door to exit room.

    Code: 2513
    Pick up key from inside, use on door to exit room.

    Pick up Pliers.
    Cut Red Green Yellow wires
    Exit room.

    On the door pad draw the letter E.
    Exit room.

    light the floor tiles in order: 3 – 1 – 2 – 4
    Pick up Key, use on door to exit the room.

    Door code: 7239
    Exit room.

    Toilet door code: 217453
    Open toilet door pick up Hammer.
    Smash Mirror with hammer.
    Pick up Shard of Glass (from sink)
    Pick up Chain (from sink)
    Pick up Purse (from bin)
    ‘Combine’ purse with shard of glass.
    ‘Dismantle’ Purse get Magnet.
    ‘Combine’ Magnet with chain.
    Use Chain magnet on floor grate, get Key.
    Use key on door to exit room.


    Door code: 7239
    Exit room.


    Safe code (under table): Top spot: 4. Right spot: 2. Bottom spot: 3. Left spot: 5.
    Pick up Blue Key from inside safe.
    Pick up Pliers (table middle shelf).
    Use Pliers on right-side mesh vent, get Red Key.
    Use Red Key on Red Padlock, get Screwdriver.
    Use Screwdriver on yellow padlock cabinet hinges, get Yellow Key.
    ‘Combine’ Yellow Key and Blue Key, get Green Key.
    Use Green Key on Green Padlock, get Circular Part.
    Use Circular Part in circular part of Door.

    Circular door code: 
    Press Right Button 3 times.
    Press Middle Button.
    Press Left Button 5 times.
    Press Middle Button.
    Press Left Button 2 times.
    Press Middle Button.
    Press Right Button 6 times.

    Exit room.


    Safe code: 1724
    Pick up Pick Axe part from inside safe.
    Pick up Wood (by fire)
    ‘Dismantle’ Wood to get a knife.
    Pick up pot thing (floor)
    Pick up Lighter (on table)
    Pick up Rope (on pipe)
    Use Rope in Oil on floor.
    ‘Combine’ Oiled Rope with Pot thing. (made a Lantern)
    Knock off work helmet from wall.
    Put Lantern in spot on wall where helmet was.
    Use lighter to light the lantern. 
    Pick up pipe (bottom right corner)
    ‘Combine’ Pipe with Pick Axe Part.
    Use Pick Axe on loose Bricks (left of door)

    Panel route starting from the light bottom left, follow the numbers in order I’ve marked in this picture for you:

    Revealed Wires.
    Use Knife on Wires, cut B, D, G.
    Exit Room.

    Chapter 1 complete!

    Chapter 2: Silent Hospital.


    Door Code: Yellow Green Red Blue
    Exit room.


    Safe code (in shelves): 3677
    Pick up key from inside safe, use on door to exit room.


    Door Code: 31371
    Exit room.


    Wire panel on left wall, connect the following:
    BLUE to 3 & E
    RED to 5 & B
    ORANGE to 2 & A
    PURPLE to 4 & C
    WHITE to 1 & D

    Door code: 43158
    Exit room.


    Pull sheet off teddy on operating table.
    Pick up Scalpel (bottom left corner).
    Use Scalpel on teddy.
    Heart Code: 9075
    Pick up Key Card from heart.
    Use Key Card on door.
    Door code: PUSH
    Exit room.


    Pick up Bottle (floor).
    Pick up Cotton Pad (on bed).
    Pick up Rope (Very bottom right corner under bed).
    Pick up knife (in drawer).
    ‘Combine’ Bottle and cotton pad.
    Use Cotton pad on red house of painting.
    Use Knife on same spot on painting
    Painting code: 9660
    Pick up Key from inside.
    Use Key on left side window.
    Use Rope on Radiator (by window)
    Click window to exit room.


    Door code: 697956
    Exit room.


    Pick up Torch from dead doctor (in his pocket).
    Zoom in just slightly above the dead doctor under the hospital sign to see a dark space.
    Use the Torch on the dark space, get a Screwdriver.
    Use Screwdriver on Door panel.
    Door code: 583271496
    Exit room.

    Chapter 2 complete!

    Chapter 3: The Kingdom.


    Pick up Sword (right of door).
    Pick up Mace (right of door).
    Open Drawer (bottom right) get Faucet.
    Use Faucet on Barrel Tap, get Doll.
    Pick up Small Key (just below barrel on box).
    Use Small Key on Music Box (on table).
    Use Doll in Music Box, get Piano Key. 
    Use Piano Key to open Piano.

    Ignore the dirty keys, start from the clean white key, and label them 1-6, press these keys: 1-6-4-2-4-1

    Pick up Ring from inside the piano that that tune opened.
    Use Sword on central floor board, get Axe Handle.
    Use Mace on box (at the bottom) get Axe Head.
    ‘Combine’ Axe Handle and Axe Head.

    Use Axe on the Door.
    Use Ring in the Door.

    Label this puzzle White 1, 2, 3. And Blue 1, 2, 3. Move them in this order to switch the sides:

    White 3Blue 1Blue 2White 3White 2White 1Blue 1Blue 2Blue 3White 3White 2White 1Blue 2Blue 3White 1.

    Exit room.


    Box code (above fireplace): I = 3. II = 7. III = 9. IV = 5.
    Get Pendent from inside.
    Use Pendent on Door.
    Label the four dials top left dial as A, top right dial as B, bottom left dial as C, bottom right dial as D.
    Press each as follows: Bx7, Ax2, B, Ax2, Cx3, Dx3, Bx5.
    Exit room.


    Box code (foot of bed): Press 1×7, 2×3, 4×4.

    Get Staff from inside.
    ‘Dismantle’ Staff, get Stamp.
    Turn bed post 3 times to get a Key.
    Use Key on Door.
    Use Stamp on door.

    Label this puzzle A-D top to bottom vertically, and 1-4 left to right horizontally. To turn them all red press:
    C2, B3, D1, C2, B3, A4, D1, C2, B3, A4,
    C4, A4, B1, C3, B3, C4, B1, A2, A4, D1,
    B3, C2, A3, D2, B4, B1, C1, B3, B1.

    Exit room.


    Box code (on drawers): B = 5. C = 7. E = 1. G = 3. H = 2.
    Get Knife from inside.
    ‘Dismantle’ Knife.
    Use Knife on Door.
    Label this grid like before, A-E top to bottom vertically, and 1-5 left to right horizontally.

    To open all slots press:
    B2, B1, B4, D5, C3, D4, E5, E3, E2.

    Exit room.


    Cabinet code (left side): 6479
    Get Tiles inside.
    ‘Dismantle’ Tiles.
    Use Horoscope tiles in Chest, Chest code (top right): Aquarius – Aries – Libra – Taurus.

    Get Book.
    Use Book on Bookshelf.

    Label the slide puzzle around 1-8. to solve press:

    Exit room.


    Pick up Rock (on floor by door).
    Pick up 3 Glass Bottles one on each of the 3 shelves (left).
    Pick up Glass Beaker (left table).
    Pick up Mushroom (in bowl below glass beaker).
    Pick up Blue Rock (near the right of the mushroom).
    Box code (next to blue rock): 2035
    Pick up Metal Plate from inside.
    Pick up Rock (in drawer bottom right).
    Pick up top part of Hay Stack (right of door).
    Pick up Berry (above hay stack).

    Use Hay in bottom part of stove.
    ‘Combine’ the 2 white rocks, get Flint.

    Use Flint on the hay (made fire).
    ‘Combine’ Glass bottle with Moon symbol with Berry.
    ‘Combine’ Glass Bottle with Sun symbol with Blue Rock.
    ‘Combine’ Glass Bottle with Mushroom symbol with Mushroom.

    Put these 3 bottles in the top part of the stove, close the door, remove when have changed colour.
    On Skull (right wall): Red Liquid Left side, Blue Liquid Right side. 
    Get Purple Stone from skull.
    In Cauldron (right table) add: Blue liquid, then Red liquid, then Green liquid.
    Use Glass Beaker in Cauldron, get mixture.
    ‘Combine’ Glass Beaker with Purple stone.
    Use Glass Beaker in top part of stove, close the door, get Gold liquid.
    Use Gold liquid in Metal Mould (bottom right).
    Use Metal Plate on Metal Mould.
    ‘Dismantle’ Metal plate, get Gold Coin.
    Use Gold Coin in Door.

    Rotate each tile to match this picture to exit the room:

    Chapter 3 complete!

    Chapter 4: Weird Story.


    Open curtains, pick up Trowel from pot on windowsill.
    Use Trowel on Plant Pot (floor), get Lever.
    Use Lever on Table.
    Table code: 5286
    Get key from inside.
    Use Key on door, exit room.


    Open Fridge, get Frozen Fish.
    Open cupboard under the sink, get Pot.
    ‘Combine’ Frozen fish with pot.
    Pick up Pipe (shelf above door).
    Pick up Knife (in drawers on right).
    Use Pipe in missing pipe piece (left).
    Zoom on hob (next to sink), click dial to add heat.
    Use Pot on hot Stove.
    ‘Combine’ Knife with Cooked Fish.
    ‘Dismantle’ Fish, get Key.
    Use Key in Silver Box (right of fridge), get Plunger.

    Imagine the grey floor tiles are labelled like a grid like we’ve done before:
    Use the Plunger on what would be spot C3

    Pick up key from below.
    Use Key on door, exit room.


    Pick up Metal Grabber (in bucket by door).
    Pick up Cheese (on table).
    Pick up Cheese (on top of Cabinet).
    Pick up Blue Yarn (centre of cabinet).
    Zoom on Bunny (centre of cabinet).
    Pick up Needle (from bunny).
    ‘Combine’ Needle and Blue Yarn.
    Use Sewing kit on Bunny, get more Cheese.
    Use the 3 Cheese in the pot on the fire.
    Use Metal Grabber to pick up fallen key (in fire).
    Turn on the sink tap.
    Use the Metal grabber/Key in sink to cool off.
    ‘Dismantle’ Metal grabber, get Key.
    Use Key on Door, exit room.


    Pick up Robot Arm (floor).
    Pick up Robot Arm (in red cart).

    Zoom Left Robot (floor) Arrange its arms and buttons to match these 3 pictures:

    Now the robot head is loose, pick up the Robot Head.
    Zoom on middle Robot (floor). Use the Robot Head and 2 Robot Arms with it.
    Imagine its buttons are like a phone dialpad and select: 213957684
    Get Key. Use Key in Door, exit room.


    Pick up saw (underneath telephone table)
    Use Telephone and dial:
    430696 then call button (get plant grow bottle).
    570990 then call button (get bug spray can).
    Pick up both delivered Packages from chimney.
    ‘Dismantle’ both Packages.
    Use plant Grow Bottle on Tree Roots (coming through wall top right).
    Use Saw on new 3 branches.
    Use Bug Spray Bottle on bugs on ladder.
    Use 3 Tree Branches on ladder, filling in the 3 missing spots.
    Exit hatch code: 2864
    Exit room.


    Statue code: 6831
    Get Gem.
    Use Gem in Door, exit room.


    Zoom on the Multi-coloured Dial in the cogs (right side of room).

    Move each coloured ring to match this picture:

    Exit room.


    Pick up Broken Knife (floor).
    Pick up Paper (inside bird cage).

    Zoom on Box (right side room). Label the sliders top to bottom vertically A-F, and move them over to the corresponding colours:
    A = Red
    B = Green
    C = Blue
    D = Yellow
    E = Red
    F = Yellow

    Get Wand from inside.
    Use Broken Knife in central Magic Box (with star on).
    Use Wand on Magic Box, get fixed Knife.
    Use Knife to cut rope (top left part).
    Open fallen Bag (bottom right corner), get Green Wand.
    Use Paper (Dove picture) in Magic Box.
    Use Green Wand on Magic Box, Get real Dove.
    ‘Dismantle’ Dove, get crumpled Paper.
    Use Crumpled Paper in Magic Box.
    Use Green Wand on Magic Box, get real Key.
    Use Key on Door, exit room.


    Pick Up Fly Swatter (floor).
    Use Fly Swatter on Fly (on bread on table).
    Pick up Dead Fly.
    Use Dead Fly in Spider Web (right of door).
    Pick up Web Wrapped Item from Spiders web.
    ‘Dismantle’ Web Wrapped Item, get Key.
    Use Key on Floor Hatch (to basement).
    Enter Basement.
    Door code: 5749
    Exit room.


    Door code: 4371562
    Exit room

    Chapter 4 complete!

    Chapter 5: Claustrophobia.


    Imagine the floor tiles are a grid again like we’ve done before, so top to bottom vertically is A-E, and left to right horizontally is 1-5. Press floor tiles in order:
    A5, B4, C3, D2, E1.  (so its just a diagonal line from top right to bottom left corners).

    Exit room.


    Door code:
    Right – Down x2 – Right x2 – Up – Right x2 – Down x2 – Left – Down x2 – Right x2.

    Exit room.


    Pick up Yellow Gear (on skeleton).
    Pick up Hammer (bottom on floor).
    Pick up Blue Gear (below hammer).
    Knock over Man, pick up Red Gear.
    Pick up Pole (leaning against right wall).
    ‘Combine’ Hammer and Pole.
    Use Pole/Hammer on roof Black Gear (made it fall).
    Pick up Black gear (floor).
    ‘Combine’ Yellow Gear and Blue Gear.
    Zoom on Cogs (left wall) insert corresponding coloured gears:

    Left spot = Red Gear. Middle spot = Yellow Gear & Blue Gear. Right spot = Black Gear.

    Exit room.


    Floor hatch code: 8534
    Open hatch, exit room.


    Abacus door code:  Match this picture:

    Exit room.


    Click on tiny bit of light (bottom right), get Lighter.
    ‘Use’ Lighter.
    Click on Candle (side of skull left wall).
    Floor hatch code: 851216
    Open hatch, exit room.


    Pick up Shovel (floor, left corner).
    Dig up all 4 graves, get 4 Puzzle Pieces from graves.
    Zoom on central puzzle, Insert the 4 puzzle pieces with the red gems next to each other:

    Door code: 1035
    Exit room.


    Pick up Pen (table).
    Pick up Screwdriver Part (table top drawer).
    ‘Dismantle’ Pen.
    ‘Combine’ Pen Lid with Screwdriver Part.
    Use Screwdriver on Power Box (right), flip the switch.
    Pick up Key (in water).
    Use Key on Metal Box (right of table), Get Duct Tape.
    Use Duct Tape on exposed Wire (in water).
    Flip switch in power box, powers back on.
    Door code: 9273
    Exit room.


    Bomb code (bottom right): 75945745
    Exit room.


    Circular door code: Red Lights (left) x8 – Yellow Lights (middle) x1 – Blue Lights (right) x5.

    Exit room.


    Pick up Battery (left wall, top shelf).
    Pick up Gears (lower shelf).
    Pick up Metal Bar (floor, left side).
    Pick up Screwdriver (floor, right side).
    ‘Combine’ Gears and Metal bar.
    Use Battery in right side of pulley Machine (floor).
    Use Screwdriver on Left side of Pulley Machine.
    Use Bar of Gears in Left side of Pulley Machine.
    Door code: 6539 then press START
    Exit room.

    All levels complete! Congratulations!

    Trophy Guide: 

    Rusty brain
    Clear chapter 1

    Chapter 1 has 14 levels. Please refer to the text walkthrough above for all puzzle solutions.

    When you complete chapter 1 you will get this trophy.

    Horrible hospital
    Clear chapter 2

    Chapter 2 has 8 levels. Please refer to the text walkthrough above for all puzzle solutions.

    When you complete chapter 2 you will get this trophy.

    Run away from the kingdom
    Clear chapter 3

    Chapter 3 has 6 levels. Please refer to the text walkthrough above for all puzzle solutions.

    When you complete chapter 3 you will get this trophy.

    Escape from the wonderland
    Clear chapter 4

    Chapter 4 has 10 levels. Please refer to the text walkthrough above for all puzzle solutions.

    When you complete chapter 4 you will get this trophy.

    No more room
    Clear chapter 5

    Chapter 5 has 11 levels. Please refer to the text walkthrough above for all puzzle solutions.

    When you complete chapter 5 you will get this trophy.

    No exit
    Failed 10 times

    You fail a room by the timer running out, or making a mistake which causes an insta-death.

    *You will get this trophy while you are farming the BronzeHint collector trophy.

    Half success
    Clear 25 quest

    This trophy will unlock when you have completed 25 levels.

    There are 49 levels total in the game, you will need to do them all for the GoldGenius trophy.

    Hint collector
    Collect 10 master hints

    This trophy will need a little farming. You receive a Master Hint (looks like a brown book that says master!) in your inventory when you have failed a room 3 times in a row. 

    Only 6 rooms have an insta-death where we can farm a master hint quicker, for the remaining needed hints you will just have to let the timer keep running out for the first 4 rooms in chapter 1 (which has the shortest timers around 1-3 mins each).

    You only get 1 Master Hint per room. It has to be from 10 different rooms.

    Quickest way to farm this trophy is like so:

    1. Level 1-1 – Let timer run out x3.
    2. Level 1-2 – Let timer run out x3.
    3. Level 1-3 – Let timer run out x3.
    4. Level 1-4 – Let timer run out x3.
    5. Level 1-7 – Cut all Wires insta-death x3.
    6. Level 1-14 – Follow room guide, at end cut all wires insta-death x3.
    7. Level 5-1 – Randomly mash lots of floor tiles insta-death x3.
    8. Level 5-2 – Mash any one of the directions on the door code lots insta-death x3.
    9. Level 5-3 – Follow the room guide then put any WRONG order of Gears in the cogs insta-death x3.
    10. Level 5-8 – Touch the water insta-death x3.
    I like silver upscale-245262160018212
    Collect 50 silver keys

    There is a total of 148 silver keys in the game, so you don’t need all of them. It is very easy to achieve using the quick solutions I’ve provided.

    The keymaker upscale-245262160018212
    Collect 100 silver keys

    There is a total of 148 silver keys in the game, so you don’t need all of them. It is very easy to achieve using the quick solutions I’ve provided.

    I really love gold upscale-245262160018212
    Collect 20 gold keys

    There is a total of 48 gold keys in the game, so you don’t need all of them. It is very easy to achieve using the quick solutions I’ve provided.

    genius Gold
    Clear all quest

    There are 49 quests in total and you must complete them all to earn this final trophy for completing the game.



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