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Devious Dungeon Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 2/10.
Estimated time to Platinum: 1 – 5 Hours.
Missable trophies: None.
Glitched trophies: None.
Difficulty related: None.
Playthrough: One. 


Welcome to the Devious Dungeon Trophy Guide!
Devious Dungeon is a 2D platformer for PS4 and Vita. Under orders from the King, you must assume the control of a Knight instructed to head into the catacombs beneath the Kingdom and slay the foul beasts and monstrosities that have invaded the murky depths. You must venture deep within the dungeons and eliminate the threat! Slay monsters, collect loot, level up and upgrade your gear.

The game is straightforward and doesn’t offer any tricky trophies. There are five worlds with a total of 68 randomly generated levels, five bosses, and tons of equipment. This game is also cross-buy so you can get two platinums for the price of one.


Step 1: Finish the game
During this step, you will likely get the majority of the trophies. Depending on how good you are, you may be missing only three trophies by the end of the game. Don’t worry if you’re missing more.

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze Quest Has Begun
Silver Level Up!
Silver Knowledge is Power!
Bronze I’m Not Lost!
Gold Sick Reflexes
Gold Crate Smasher!
Gold Slayer!
Bronze Sharpened Blade
Bronze Armored!
Bronze Magic Brew
Bronze Til Death Do Us Part
Bronze King of Bling
Silver Blessed
Gold Shop-a-holic
Bronze Horde No More
Silver Eye of the Beholder
Silver Slaughtered
Silver Pebbled
Gold Fus-Ro-Dragonslayer
Gold Legendary Hero

Step 2: Clean-up
If you are pretty good at the game and didn’t die often, now you can focus on the last few trophies.

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Silver Key Master
Gold Determined
Gold Battle Tested

40-platinum Platinum Hero

Trophy Guide:

Platinum Hero
Get all trophies

Once you unlock all other trophies, this platinum trophy is yours!

Quest Has Begun
Completed the training level.

Story related and cannot be missed.

When you choose Level 1 in the portal, you will first do the tutorial. This will explain the simple mechanics of the game. Finish this to earn the trophy.

Level Up! upscale-245262160018212
Leveled up for the first time!

Cannot be missed.

You will get this in the first level after you kill about 8 enemies. As you level up, you can choose to increase one of three abilities: Strength (damage), Stamina (HP), and Dexterity (critical).

Knowledge Is Power! upscale-245262160018212
Read your first tome.

These are hidden in the secret parts of certain levels. Make sure to explore every part of the map to find the spinning red book. The levels are randomized, so exploration is necessary.

I’m Not Lost!
Checked the map screen.

Simply press at any time to open the map.

Key Master upscale-245262160018212
Collect 100 keys.

This may or may not come naturally as you play. Each level needs a key to move to the next level. Explore the area until you find it, then proceed to the warp portal. You may get this before beating the game – if not, just replay levels until you have enough.

Sick Reflexes Gold
Destroy an arrow in mid-air.

There is a skeleton enemy that will shoot arrows at you. Just stand and wait for him to shoot you. Press or as the arrow gets close to you.

Crate Smasher! Gold
Destroy 500 crates.

This will come naturally as long as you are destroying everything you come across in a level. There are big crates and small crates. Destroy them as you see them and the trophy will pop eventually.

Slayer! Gold
Kill more than 500 enemies.

This will come with natural gameplay. I obtained this right before the 3rd boss. I suggest buying better weapons and levelling up your Strength to make this easier.

Determined! Gold
Resurrect more than 25 times.

Whenever you run out of health, you have to ‘Resurrect’ to continue playing the game. You will spawn back at the kingdom. Do this 25 times for the trophy. If you beat the game and it didn’t pop, go to a boss level and intentionally die over and over until you get the trophy.

Battle Tested Gold
Play over 100 levels!

This will come naturally on your journey to 40-platinum Platinum Hero. Just keep playing through levels until it pops.

Sharpened Blade
Bought a new weapon.

The first weapon you can buy is the Wooden Club for $250. After your purchase, the trophy will pop.

Bought some armor.

The first armor you can buy is Combat Harness for $250. After your purchase, the trophy will pop.

Magic Brew
Bought a potion.

The first potion you can buy is the Potion of Health for $100. After your purchase, the trophy will pop.

Til Death Do Us Part
Bought a ring.

The first ring you can buy is the Copper Ring for $100. After your purchase, the trophy will pop.

King of Bling
Bought an amulet.

The first amulet you can buy is the Amulet of Will for $100. After your purchase, the trophy will pop.

Blessed upscale-245262160018212
Receive a blessing from the Priest.

The Priest will bless you for $50 at Olaf’s Caravan. This heals you to your max health.

Shop-a-holic Gold
Spend more than 1500 coins.

This will come naturally as you buy things from Olaf. Coins are gained from doing quests, killing enemies, and breaking objects.

Horde No More
Defeat the Orc Chief Boss.

Story related and cannot be missed.

This is the first boss. He has two attacks: throwing a spear into the air and landing on your position and slashing while moving forward. He will do an animation before both so you have time to dodge. Just attack him from one side, jump over him and land on the other side and attack. Continue until he is dead.

Eye of the Beholder upscale-245262160018212
Defeat the Ancient Beholder Boss.

Story related and cannot be missed.

This is the second boss. He only shoots fireballs. Stand on the platform to the right of him and jump and strike, then move aside and try and dodge his fireballs. Once defeated, the trophy will pop and you can collect all the loot.

Slaughtered upscale-245262160018212
Defeat the Butcher Boss.

Story related and cannot be missed.

This is the third boss. He has three different attacks: spins forward with his axe, shoots fire balls, and throws axes at you. Simply dodge them and strike when you can.

Pebbled upscale-245262160018212
Defeat the Stone Golem Boss.

Story related and cannot be missed.

This is the fourth boss. He shoots three fireballs, punches while moving forward, and just walks towards you. You will have to use the platforms on the left and right wall to jump over him without taking damage. Defeating him nets you this trophy.

Fus-Ro-Dragonslayer Gold
Defeat the Dragon Boss.

Story related and cannot be missed.

This is the fifth boss. During the fight there is fire falling from the ceiling. He has only two attacks: shooting pairs of fireballs at you and shooting a straight beam on the ground floor. Hit him, then jump on the lowest platform to dodge his beam attack. As for his fireball attack, I just jump to the top then drop down and try to dodge the fireballs. I usually take a hit on the way down. After beating him, you will earn this trophy.

Legendary Hero Gold
Complete the game!

Story related and cannot be missed.

Once you defeat the fifth boss, this trophy will pop after Gold Fus-Ro-Dragonslayer.


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