9 August 2020

Dauntless Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 5/10
Estimated time to 100%: 80/100+ hours
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1


Welcome to the Dauntless Trophy Guide! This game is a free-to-play co-op action RPG. Slay powerful and dangerous Behemoths and collect their loot to become the best slayer of Ramsgate!
Disclaimer: all the icons are taken from Dauntless Wiki.


NOTE: This guide refers to the latest patch released (1.3.3 Jul. 30, 2020). Further major updates will be added.

Step 1: Main Story and learning the game mechanics.

During this step, complete every mission of the main story. While doing that, you will also learn the basics of the game and start to upgrade all your gears.
If something it’s not clear, you can consult this guide too, which is made to be as simple but detailed as possible. 

At the end of this step, you’ll have earned for sure these trophies:

Bronze Craft Services
Bronze Buy Low, Cell High
Bronze Have An Ice Day
Silver Darkness And Light

Step 2: Grinding And Farming/Upgrading Gears

This step is the most consuming one. You will need to reach a Slayer Level of 40. That means that you will have to obtain around 600 masteries in your Mastery Card. While completing masteries, try to fill up at least one of the possible cards.
Furthermore, you will need to upgrade at least one weapon of each type to +10 and it will require you a lot of farming.

However, you can combine these three trophies, but don’t expect a faster grind.
To know what to do, check the three trophy descriptions below for further details. 

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

Silver All Decked Out
Silver The Master

Gold Slayer Supreme

Step 3: Miscellaneous 

This step can be optional or not. There are 2 miscellaneous trophies that you will get while playing but you can find them here just in case you haven’t got them yet.

  • After the main story, you can easily do a simple hunt and break every part of a Behemoth (the best one is the Lesser Embermane pursuit);
  • Start an easy hunt and keep on dodging incoming behemoths attacks. You can achieve a perfect dodge by rolling away from an attack right before it hits you. This can be hard to master, but it’s also one of the most useful mechanics of the game to survive against the hardest Behemoths.  

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:

Bronze Behemoth Breaker
Bronze Can’t Touch This

Base Mechanics

This game has the classic mechanics of every RPG. All you have to do is hunting behemoths and taking their loot to craft and upgrade weapons and armors.
Also, there is a mastery system that allows you to increase your slayer level. Further details can be found under the Gold Slayer Supreme trophy description.


Damage Types

While slaying behemoths, you should consider that there are 4 types of damage you can inflict. All of them will always damage the Behemoth’s health:

  • Basic: base damage you will always deal;
  • Slashing: extra damage inflicted on unbroken parts of the Behemoth;
  • Blunt: extra damage inflicted to the behemoth that can stagger it after a certain threshold reached;
  • Piercing: extra damage that creates wound points on the behemoth’s parts after reaching a certain amount of damage.

Elemental Types

This game has 6 elements that influence everything on the entire game: they can be found on weapons, armor sets, and Behemoths as well.
These elements are the key to win almost every fight because they determine your resistances and weaknesses against a Behemoth and vice versa.
There is also a neutral type which is not influenced by any other elements.
For example, if you are fighting a Blaze Element Behemoth, it’s recommended that you equip an armor of the same element but a Frost element weapon. This will grant you bonus damage and resistance.
Here a table that resumes each elements’ traits:

Behemoth ElementDoubled DamageHalved DamageArmor WeaknessArmor Resistance
Blaze Frost Blaze Frost Blaze
Frost Blaze Frost Blaze Frost
Shock Terra Shock Terra Shock
Terra Shock Terra Shock Terra
Radiant Umbral Radiant Umbral Radiant
Umbral Radiant Umbral Radiant Umbral



There is no class selection even though there are 7 types of weapons at the moment. Technically, you can use them all without having too many troubles but it’s recommended to find the one that suits you most and focus on that one for the entire game. However, even if you don’t use them, always upgrade every weapon to fasten the Gold Slayer Supreme trophy.
These types of weapon are:

SwordA versatile weapon that deals slashing damage.
AxeA slow weapon that deals a good slashing damage. It can also stagger behemoths.
HammerA slow weapon with a huge blunt damage. It can easily break behemoth parts too.
Chain BladesThese weapons have the highest mobility but the fewest slashing damage.
War PikeThis type of weapon grants you to deal a great piercing damage.
RepeatersA good mid-long range slashing weapon but with a complicated crafting system.
Aether StrikersThese weapons deal the highest basic and blunt damages but they are hard to master.

As previously said, weapons also can deal extra damage based on the element they have. To obtain that, you just have to equip a weapon with the opposite element of the Behemoth you are going to hunt. 
for example, if you are going to fight a Blaze Element Behemoth, it’s recommended that you equip a Frost element weapon. 

  • The first 5 types of weapons can be crafted from Wils Bormen;
  • The Repeaters can be crafted from Admiral Zai;
  • The Aether strikers can be crafted from the Scarred Master.
Weapons Unique Effects

There is a weapon for every Behemoth you will face up to and most of them (Phoenix Labs promised that they will give a unique effect to all the weapons) have a unique effect.
These are passive abilities that can make the difference during a hun,t so make sure to equip the best one for each fight.
The Ostian Repeaters have no passive abilities on their own, but they have a craftable part that serves as a substitute: the prism.

Weapon Moves Lists

Each weapon type has some combos you have to trigger by pressing a specific combination of buttons.
Remember that there are 2 types of attacks too that can be classified in light and heavy attacks.
Furthermore, each type of weapon has its own combo set that you can check under the “move list” section of the main menu.

Training Grounds

This new modality provided by patch 1.3.0 allows you to practice your combos, your weapons, and gears.  
Here you can test everything and train yourself to become the master slayer of all time.

You can try different builds, weapons, perks, etc. and see how much damage you deal. Hit the dummies to see your DPS and which type of damage you deal and why not? You can even vent your negative feelings here if you need to!

Special Attacks and Mods
  • Each type of weapon has a special attack you can trigger by pressing .
    You will start with a basic one, but you will gain the opportunity to change it.
  • Each type of weapon also has some mods which give different effects and stats while using it. 

Both of them can be changed. To do so, you have to unlock them by leveling up your mastery level for that type of weapon or by purchasing them from Lady Luck’s store.


As for the weapons, each armor set can be crafted from every Behemoth you will face up to while playing.

The armor sets, as well as the weapons, are strictly related to specific Behemoth parts that you will have to loot to be able to craft and upgrade them.
The same goes for the elements, with the difference that to gain extra resistance, you have to equip a set with the same element of the Behemoth you are going to fight.
For example, if you are fighting a Blaze Element Behemoth, it’s recommended that you equip an armor of the same element.

All the armor sets can be crafted from Moyra Heigsketter.


The lantern is a rechargeable gear that provides active effects during combat.
They all have 2 abilities which can be activated by pressing (instant ability) and holding (charged abilities) the button.

  • Instant abilities have a 30 seconds cooldown;
  • Charged abilities can be activated after the lantern is fully charged. You can see the charge of your lantern by looking at the blue circle around its icon on the upper left of the screen; Lantern charge is gained by dealing damage, collecting aether wisps on the ground, or drinking from Aether Vents.

Both abilities can be activated during other actions without interrupting them.
Lanterns can be crafted from Arkan Drew.

Lantern Attunement Device

This device is located on the right of Arkan Drew. It works with the charged aether you can collect from the Escalations. The more charged aether you loot, the more escalation experience you will earn.
When you gather enough of it, you will level up your Lantern Capacitor. Each level will award you with 1 talent point, which can be spent at the device to upgrade amps, unlock new ones, and earn rewards.
Each level will also give you a permanent +2 bonus to power and resistance that applies to all hunt types.


Before facing up a Behemoth, you can craft some consumable items that you can use while fighting to get some benefits.
There is a limit of supplies you can bring in a fight and these items will be used upon activation.
There are 3 categories of supplies:

  • Tonics: drinks that give buffs to a single-player;
  • Pylons: place them on the ground to give buffs to all nearby slayers;
  • Grenades: explosives that damage/stun the Behemoth and can heal the slayers too.

To be able to craft these supplies, you need to gather all the flowers/stones which can be found around the islands during pursuits and patrols and speak with Granny Strega (pylons and tonics) and Admiral Zai (Grenades).



Types of Cells

Cells are items you can attach to your gear to give more perks to them. They can be obtained from cores, by buying them from Lady Luck or the Middleman, as a reward form mastery levels and as an uncommon loot from Behemoths.
There are 3 rarity levels. The higher the cell level is, the better the perks you get are:

  1. uncommon cell +1 (green);
  2. rare cell +2 (blue);
  3. epic cell +3 (purple);

Each piece of gear has a single slot where you can put a specific type of cell that gives specific types of perks:

  • Defense cells;
  • Mobility cells; 
  • Power cells;
  • Technique cells:
  • Utility cells.

Perks System

Each piece of gears and cells provides you some perks which are the key to success on every hunt against every behemoth. These perks add up together and provide you a different bonus. Equipping multiple items with a specific one will increase the tier of that perk.
Each perk has a total of 6 tiers and the highest one gives you the best buffs percentage.
As for the cells, there are 5 types of perks:

  • Defense perks;
  • Mobility perks; 
  • Power perks;
  • Technique perks:
  • Utility perks.

The Middleman

The Middleman is an NPC you can find in Ramsgate. He allows the Slayer to fuse and buy cells:

  • Buying cells: you can buy a total of 3-4 items per week from The Middleman in exchange for Aetherdust or Platinum;
  • Fusing cells: you can fuse 2 cells to obtain higher rarity cells. 

The fusing ability is the best one as it allows you to get the best cells you need for your slayer. Keep in mind that when fusing 2 cells, you will need to wait a certain amount of time before receiving the fused one.  

  • If you fuse two +1 cells you have to wait for 22hrs before you can receive a +2 cell;
  • If you fuse two +2 cells, you have to wait 1 day and 22hrs before you can receive a +3 cell.

Also, remember that there are some “rules” you need to respect if you want to obtain the desired cell: 

  • Fusing 2 cells with the same perk will give a higher rarity cell with that same perk.
  • Fusing 2 cells of the same family (i.e. Power, Defense, etc.) will give a higher rarity cell from the same family.
  • Fusing 2 cells of different families will give a higher rarity cell of any family.
  • Fusing a +3 cell will give a different +3 cell of the same family.


Types of Hunts

In the world of Dauntless, you will approach different types of hunts that give different loots and have different characteristics. 
Here a little description for every type of possible hunt and their modes:

  • PURSUITS: During these hunts, you can select a specific behemoth you want to slay to farm its part for crafting new gears;
  • PATROLS: These hunts allow you to chase a random Behemoth. You can choose between these patrols:
    • Elemental Patrols – allows you to hunt a random behemoth of the desired element to obtain orbs upon completion;
    • Dire Patrols – allows you to hunt a dire power behemoth to obtain Dull Arcstones upon completion;
    • Heroic Patrols – allows you to hunt a heroic power behemoth to obtain Shining Arcstones upon completion;
    • Heroic+ Patrol – allows you to hunt behemoths of Threat Level 17 to obtain Peerless Arcstones upon completion. 
  • ESCALATIONS: These hunts allow you to test your skills and face up against 6 Behemoths (7 for the escalations 10-50) without the ability to refresh supplies or change gear. There are 4 rounds (5 for the escalations 10-50) in total where you have to defeat respectively 1/2/1/2 behemoths to be able to pass to the next round. If you are running a 10-50 escalation the fifth round will be available If you manage to reach a 40+ escalation level and you will fight a boss (Torgadoro, Malkarion, Thrax).
    Each round grants you an Escalation Level which is based on the danger meter percentage: the lower your danger meter is, the more Escalation Level you gain.
    If you manage to reach a 40+ escalation level during a 10-50 one, the last fight will be against a special behemoth (Torgadoro, Malkarion, Thrax).
    You can use escalations to upgrade your lanterns. Actually, there are three element escalations (shock, blaze and umbral) and two levels of difficulty:
    • Escalation 1-13;
    • Escalation 10-50;
  • TRIALS: These are optional hunts if you just want the 100% but if you want to become a master slayer, these hunts will provide you hard challenges but will reward you with Steel Marks (for Normal Trials) and Gold Marks (for Dauntless Trials) that are used to buy unique cells, gears, and styles in the Lady Luck’s Break.

Types of Behemoths

Behemoths are the main creatures you have to slay during the game. You will need their parts to craft and upgrade everything in the game, so you will be going to slay a lot of them.
During your road to the platinum, you will find various types of Behemoths and while going further on the game you will unlock more powerful ones (you can know their difficulty by looking at their threat level).

Behemoths have elements too and this characteristic indicates their resistances and their weaknesses.
Here a list of all the Behemoths of the game (last update: 1.3.1):

  • NEUTRAL ELEMENT: They have no weakness nor resistance.
    • Gnasher (Lesser Gnasher and Ragetail Gnasher);
    • Quillshot (Lesser Quillshot and Deadeye Quilshot).
    • Shrike (Moonreaver Shrike);
  • BLAZE ELEMENT: They are weak against frost weapons and resistant against the blaze element.
    • Embermane (Lesser Embermane and Bloodfire Embermane);
    • Hellion (Scorchstone Hellion);
    • Charrogg (Firebrand Charrogg);
    • Torgadoro (You can only find it during blaze escalations 10-50 with a 40+ escalation level).
  • FROST ELEMENT: They are weak against blaze weapons and resistant against the frost element.
    • Boreus (Lesser Boreus and Dreadfrost Boreus);
    • Skraev (Winterhorn Skraev);
    • Pangar (Frostback Pangar).
  • SHOCK ELEMENT: They are weak against terra weapons and resistant against the shock element.
    • Drask (Lesser Drask);
    • Nayzaga (Shockjaw Nayzaga);
    • Stormclaw (Tempestborne Stormclaw);
    • Malkarion (You can only find it during Shock escalations 10-50 with a 40+ escalation level).
  • TERRA ELEMENT: They are weak against shock weapons and resistant against the terra element.
    • Skarn (Rockfall Skarn);
    • Kharabak (Razorwing Kharabak);
    • Koshai.
  • RADIANT ELEMENT: They are weak against umbral weapons and resistant against the radiant element.
    • Valomyr;
    • Rezakiri.
  • UMBRAL ELEMENT: They are weak against radiant weapons and resistant against the umbral element.
    • Riftslatker;
    • Shrowd;
    • Thrax (You can only find it during Umbral escalations 10-50 with a 40+ escalation level).

Behemoths States and info

While fighting a Behemoth, you can see its life in the upper right corner of the screen.
Behemoths’ life is always composed of 4 quarters. Usually, when you halve it, there is a high chance that the behemoth escape. If that happens, you have to hunt him again and he will recover a quarter of its life.
Furthermore, the behemoth can restore its life by drinking from the Aether Vents in the fighting arena.

While fighting a Behemoth, they can increase their stats by becoming enraged, aether charged, or both together:

  • When a Behemoth is enraged, its icon on the upper right of the screen will start glowing red. It will deal more damage and may attack faster or even change their attack patterns, so try to be more careful even though there are a lot of perks that allow you to deal more damage too. Also, while enraged, the Behemoth can’t run away from the battle;
  • When a Behemoth is aether charged, its icon on the upper right of the screen starts glowing light blue. The effects that this state gives are different between Behemoths but are indicated by a temporary change in appearance and attack patterns with a new move set too;
  • When a Behemoth is aether charged and enraged, its icon on the upper right of the screen will start glowing red and light blue at the same time. It becomes more aggressive and deals a lot of damage too.

Trophy Guide:

Behemoth Breaker
Defeat a Behemoth with Every Part Broken.

To get this trophy, you have to break every part of a Behemoth before killing it.
To ease the unlocking of this trophy, it’s recommended to hunt one of the first Behemoths you face up in the game: the Lesser Embermane.

This behemoth is easy to stun and you can focus on each part without too many issues.
These parts are:

  1. Horn – Emberhorn received;
  2. Head – Savage Hooktooth received;
  3. Legs (4) – Smoked Dewclaw;
  4. Tail – Burning Tailspike.
Craft Services
Craft a Weapon from Behemoth Parts.

Weapons can be crafted from Wils Bormen. 
To be able to craft one of them, you will have to loot some specific parts of a Behemoth and some gold.
This will come naturally by playing as you need to craft a lot of weapons.
When you craft your first one, you will get this trophy.

Buy Low, Cell High
Cook an Epic Cell with the Middleman.

Cells can be obtained from cores and as an uncommon loot from Behemoths.
To get this trophy, you need to speak with the Middleman and fuse 2 cells of the same level until you get an epic one (+3)

Cells have 3 rarity levels:

  1. uncommon cell +1 (green);
  2. rare cell +2 (blue);
  3. epic cell +3 (purple);

If you fuse two +1 cells you have to wait for 22hrs before you can receive a +2 cell;
If you fuse two +2 cells, you have to wait 1 day and 22hrs before you can receive a +3 cell.

After that, speak again with the Middleman to get the cell you have fused and the trophy in case the cell you receive is a +3 cell. 

Can’t Touch This
Complete 100 Perfect Dodges.

Dodges are the key to master every hunt in Dauntless. A perfect dodge is completed by pressing right before a behemoth’s incoming attack.
This trophy can easily be farmed with a charging behemoth although you will surely get it while going for the 100% of this game as you have to hunt tons of behemoths and dodge a lot to survive at your best. 

Have An Ice Day
Slay a Frostback Pangar.

The Frostback Pangar is unlocked after accepting the quest “Farslayer’s Apprentice”.
This behemoth is a frost type one so make sure to equip a fire element weapon and a frost armor set.

While fighting against this Behemoth, keep always an eye on its tail as it does a lot of tail whips that can heavily damage you. Try to cut it down as fast as possible to decrease its power. 

Here a list of all of his attacks:

  • Tail whips – as previously said, these are his strongest attacks; he will swing his tail around to hit you. Stay under his body as much as possible even though this triggers the next attack;
  • Stomp and kicks – if you stand beneath his body, he will try to stomp and kick you away. dodge them by rolling away and remember that he kicks twice if you are on his back;
  • Rolling attacks – if you are away from the Behemoth, he can roll towards you while trying to hit you. He can do a single flip and smash its tail on the ground, or keep on rolling until he hits a wall or you stun him;
  • Charge attack – if you are in front of the Behemoth, he can lower its head and charge towards you. Dodge this attack by rolling on one of the sides;
  • Ice Breath –  if you are in front of him, he can start breathing icy spheres that freeze you if they touch you. Be aware that you are immobilized if frost.

Follow this video to discover the best strategy on how to defeat him easily (credits to Narujen):

Darkness And Lightupscale-245262160018212
Defeat Shrowd and Rezakiri.

The Shrowd and the Rezakiri are the last Behemoths you will unlock while doing the main missions.
You can fight against them when you receive the “Bright Shadows” mission from Katerin Sorell.

These will be the hardest ones of the set as you can only revive yourself once while fighting against them so always make sure to attempt these hunt while in a group to be able to revive and be revived from your teammates.  

The Shrowd is an umbral Behemoth so make sure to wear an umbral armor set and equip a radiant weapon to increase your damage and resistance.
The Rezakiri is a radiant Behemoth so make sure to wear a radiant armor set and equip an umbral weapon to increase your damage and resistance.

Follow these videos to discover the best strategy on how to defeat them easily (Credits to FeINE for the amazing videos)

Slayer SupremeGold
Reach Player Level 40

The player level is the slayer level and it can be increased by completing mastery objectives. You will need to complete around 600+ objectives before reaching the required level fo this trophy.

You can check your mastery level, all the mastery cards, and the objectives you need to complete under the “Quest & Progression – Mastery” section of the main menu.

The best way to level up your slayer level efficiently is to not focus on a single weapon but always try new ones. Also, switch between the 7 types even though some of them are kinda hard or uncomfortable to you.
Furthermore, ALWAYS upgrade everything you can even if you know that you will never use all of them.
When you unlock the escalations, keep on doing them as there are a lot of Behemoths and you can complete more challenges without returning to Ramsgate every time. 


Dauntless utilizes this system to provide you a lot of challenges to increase your slayer abilities and a lot of rewards as well.

There are two major categories of masteries:

  1. Behemoths masteries;
  2. Weapons masteries.

These 2 categories are composed of cards that refer to every single Behemoth/Weapon of the game.
Each card has challenges you need to complete to be able to increase your slayer level. 

All Decked Outupscale-245262160018212
Possess a +10 Sword, Axe, Hammer, Pike, and Chainblades.

All the weapons and armor sets except the training ones can be upgraded to +15. However, this trophy requires you to upgrade at least one weapon from each type to +10 (except for the repeaters and the aether strikers).

To do so, you will need a lot of elemental orbs, dull and shining arcstones besides some parts of the required Behemoth.

  • To farm elemental orbs it’s recommended to do elemental patrols;
  • To farm dull arcstones it’s recommended to do the Dire Patrols;
  • To farm shining arcstones, it’s recommended to do the Heroic Patrols.
The Master  upscale-245262160018212
Complete any Mastery Card.

There are a lot of different Mastery cards in the game, but the easiest ones to complete are the individual weapon cards.
You can check your mastery level, all the mastery cards, and the objectives you need to complete under the “Quest & Progression – Mastery” section of the main menu.

However, the easiest and fastest ones to complete are the weapon mastery cards as you just need to complete these four requirements:

  • Craft the weapon;
  • Upgrade to +6;
  • Upgrade to +10;
  • Earn 3000 experience.

If you focus on a single weapon you will eventually get it while progressing through the game although it’s not highly recommended as you will need to upgrade all the types of equipment.

Refer to the Gold Slayer Supreme trophy for further details on the mastery system. 


My career of trophy hunter starts from the AC II platinum. I love videogames and I want to transmit my passion to the whole world by writing guides etc.

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