Crysis 3 Remastered Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 5/10
Estimated time to platinum: 15 hours
Missable trophies: None (Chapter Select)
Glitched trophies: Yes (NanoSuit Veteran, Halfway to Hell)
Difficulty related: Yes
Playthrough: 1


Welcome to the Crysis 3 Remastered Trophy Guide!

The Fight calls you back Soldier. Finish what you started on Linshan back in 2020 with the Ceph, Take the fight to the strongest champion the Ceph have sent against you, and Rise as Prophet in the battle to determine the future.

2047, War takes a toll on all, Cell have risen beyond the corporation Alcatraz fought off in Manhattan back in 2023. The Ceph threat to the human race has diminished and Nano-Soldiers the likes of Psycho, Nomad, and Prophet are no longer needed to deter and fight the good battle. Like Jacob Hargreaves stated “We are all just Dead Men Walking”, never sounded truer than now. Late November an elite unit are sent in to extract a specific hardware unit now under Cell quarantine awaiting decommission, the massive conglomerate now in control of the most fundamental facilities, and relying of an unnatural source of energy needs to be brought under control. There is only one Human for the job, Prophet!


Step 1: Complete all 7 Chapters on Supersoldier
The shortest of the Crysis games but still as engaging as ever. The story sees Prophet take the fight to the Alpha and fulfill what he knew was coming one way or another. Along your journey you will want to collect all the collectibles to minimize the work needed in Section 2.

You’ll be earning these trophies:

Bronze Staying Sharp
Bronze Welcome to the Jungle!
Bronze A Flawless Getaway
Bronze Off the Grid
Bronze Turning the Tide
Bronze Brink of Apocalypse
Bronze Belly of the Beast
Bronze The True Measure of a Hero
Bronze Perk Of The Job
Bronze The Gibson
Bronze I'll Have That!
Bronze Taste Of Your Own Medicine
Bronze Breaking the Lore
Bronze Nanosuit Ninja
Silver Nanosuit Veteran
Silver World Saver
Silver Geared-up
Silver Can You Hear Me Now
Silver Who Needs Rockets?
Silver White Rider
Silver Inside Job
Gold Halfway to Hell
Gold Bring it On
Gold Professional Superher

Step 2: Clean up and Platinum
Since you played through the campaign on Supersoldier you will have bypassed some of the more hands on trophies like Poltergeist, Clever Girl!, and Suited-up. This section will be all about collecting these trophies.

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

Bronze Be a Pro, use a Bow!
Bronze Maximum Strength
Bronze Hunter-Gatherer
Bronze Bang For The Buck
Bronze Improviser
Bronze Stick Around
Bronze Clever Girl!
Bronze Poltergeist
Silver Suited-up
Silver RoadKill
Silver Ping Pong!
Silver Arrow to the Knee!
40-platinum Platinum

Tips and Strategies:

Just like the other Crysis games there is nothing strictly missible in them due to having mission select. There are some tricky trophies but other than that the game is easy. Like the first game Crysis 3 has stability errors and even crashes from time to time.

The main encounter problems can count Crashes, freezing, and on 1 occasion game corruption (Same instance as Crysis), on top of this there are glitched trophies, which makes the road to platinum a long one (refer to “Halfway to Hell” for a work around). Thankfully there is a silver lining, which is the campaign is shorter and easier than either of the other Crysis games in the series to date.

Overall the game is easy to platinum in less than 9 hours even with a high death rate, and trial and error strategies that you might want to try out. There are a few tips that you might need to know though, which are located below;

  • Take cover frequently
  • Stealthiest approaches are best in any situation
  • Combat should be a last resort
  • Don’t forget your Bow is the best weapon. It will not deplete Energy when fired, and is silent.
  • Look before you leap!
  • Enemies will use EMP or Pulse weapons if they know you are in the area. These will disrupt your Energy!
  • The 2 main boss fights of the game are tough as combat is un-avoidable in these situations

Any other tips and tricks can be found in the respective trophy you are looking for.

Trophy Guide:

Earn all available trophies for Crysis®3 Remastered

Collect all other Trophies in Crysis 3 Remastered

Staying Sharp
Complete Tutorial


This is for the first part of the campaign where you will learn how to play; it is skip able and playable later from the menu. Just follow the directions given to learn how to play and complete the tutorial.

Welcome to the Jungle!
Complete Post-Human


This is the very first mission of the game where Prophet will be brought back into the fight over 2 decades after the end of the second game.

A Flawless Getaway
Complete Welcome to the Jungle


The Second mission of the game starts to take the hand holding off and lets you play more or less how you are comfortable within the parameters of the mission.

Off the Grid
Complete The Root of All Evil


Mission 3 sees Prophet meeting with the resistance and revealing the Alpha Ceph which Prophet knows is coming.

Turning the Tide
Complete Safeties Off


The battle for earth starts to shift in mission 4, secretes are revealed and friendships shattered in the truth searched for.

Brink of Apocalypse
Complete Red Star Rising


Time is running out as Cell plan strategic strikes on the dome to wipe out the Ceph threat, but the Ceph won’t fall so easily in mission 5.

Belly of the Beast
Complete Only Human


The Earth under siege, a Threat from beyond the stars, only a human has the power. The battle for intensifies as it looks like the Ceph have won in Mission 6.

The True Measure of a Hero
Complete Gods and Monsters


Man vs Monster in an battle to decide the fate of all, Prophet stands alone against the strongest of the Ceph, The Alpha as the dark plan unfolds in mission 7.

Nanosuit Veteranupscale-245262160018212
Complete 3 of 7 levels on Veteran difficulty


Refer to Halfway to Hell for a work around.

Refer to Professional Superhero

Halfway to HellGold
Complete 3 of 7 levels on Supersoldier difficulty


Both of these are (Nanosuit Veteran and Halfway to Hell) are glitched. The best way to address these and making sure you can obtain them in your current run, is to make a backup save when you head up to the last Data Pad when you are in the lift. If you do not get the trophies recover your save and try again till they pop.

It should be noted that if you have gone past this point then you will need to redo the campaign to this point and back up the save in order to obtain these 2 trophies.

Refer to Professional Superhero

World Saverupscale-245262160018212
Finish the campaign in any difficulty


Complete all 7 missions of the campaign in any difficulty. Refer to Professional Superhero

Bring it OnGold
Complete the campaign on Veteran difficulty


Refer to Professional Superhero

Professional SuperheroGold
Complete the campaign on Supersoldier difficulty


This mode is available from the very beginning of the game and in all truth is not that hard. The Stealth mode and Bow make this mode ridiculously easy to complete in around 6 hours including deaths. There are some tricky situations, however nothing a little practice won’t solve, below are some tips that might help you through this mode;

  • Use cover if you plan to go guns blazing
  • The bow is the ultimate weapon, abuse its power
  • Mark enemies with the visor
  • Stealth will serve you better than combat
  • Hack turrets, Mines or Ceph to distract enemies
  • When you buy a power up work on upgrading it directly after, do NOT save them all to do at once!
  • Unless using upgrades that slow the degrade of energy you will need to keep an eye on it so you are not caught short.

These are alright for general areas of the game but what about if you are fighting a boss;

  • Mission 6 Boss
    • He will pulse so staying away is advise
    • Overpower yourself if you need to in order to take him out
    • Shooting him is useless, take out the little flying bots that can be launched at you then drain him in the QTE
    • Wave 2 brings troops, you might need to use Ceph weapons with Overcharge to dispatch them quickly.
  • Mission 7 Boss, The Alpha Ceph
    • This is a tricky fight if he EMP’s you at the first instance, try to encourage him to use rockets or lasers to attack.
    • When you are overcharged you expend no Ceph weaponry ammo. You are also immune to harm
    • Once you hurt him enough he will try to drain your energy, counter this and drain his to deal damage.
    • Once you have drained him and he has retreated use turrets to wipe out the Ceph footmen and locate the Batteries
    • When the Alpha tries to drain you, you will lose your overcharge making you vulnerable to damage and death.
    • Re-overcharge yourself to take the Alpha
Perk Of The Job
Save a Nanosuit module package

When you pick up your first mod kit in Mission 2 at the start you will be able to buy an upgrade. DO this and then hold one of the 3 face buttons designated in the bottom corner of the screen. You will see after a second or two that you currently selected upgrades have been docked in the store slot and your trophy has unlocked.

Unlock all weapon attachments

This is done much the same as in the first 2 games of the series where you will find new attachments by picking up new weapons. There are 20 in total to find, most if not all will come naturally as you work your way through the game. Below is a table showing what you will need;

Attachment Attachment Place on weapon Location Weapon Types
Silencer Barrel Default/ Post Human Pistol
Muzzle Brake Barrel Root of All Evil Rifle
Match Barrel Barrel Welcome to the Jungle Pistol
Bayonet Barrel Safeties Off Shotgun
Flashlight Barrel Gods and Monsters Pistol
Laser Sights Barrel Default/ Post Human Pistol
Foregrip Under-Barrel Welcome to the Jungle Rifle
Extended Magazine (4.7mm) Under-Barrel Welcome to the Jungle Rifle
Extended Magazine (12g) Under-Barrel Red Star Rising/ Gods and Monsters Shotgun
Extended Ammo (4mm) Under-Barrel Welcome to the Jungle Rifle
Double Magazine (4.7mm) Under-Barrel Welcome to the Jungle Rifle
Double Magazine (12g) Under-Barrel Red Star Rising/ Gods and Monsters Shotgun
Mini Typhoon Under-Barrel Safeties Off Rifle
Single Shot Under-Barrel Default/ Post Human Rifle
Grenade Launcher Under-Barrel Red Star Rising/ Gods and Monsters Rifle
Iron Sights Scope Default/ Post Human Most weapons
Reflex Sight Scope Default/ Post Human Rifles
Assault Scope Scope Post Human Rifle
Sniper Scope Scope Root of All Evil Sniper
Tech Scope Scope Root of All Evil Sniper

Collecting all these will net you the trophy, you only need to pick the weapon up for the attachment to be collected so feel free to change weapons back after you have collected them.

Table Key;

Weapon Type What they are
Pistol M12 Nova

Hammer 2


Rifle Feline X3

Scar MOD 2

ScarAB Mod 2



Shotgun Marshall

Alpha Jackal

Sniper DSG-1

These are the main ones that seem to have the attachments.

Upgrade all Nanosuit modules to Maximum level

This trophy will require you to pick up all the upgrade kits in the game of which there are 28 (refer to “Breaking the Lore” for a video guide on locations) and then fully maximize all abilities. This means if it asks you to sprint for 3000m you will need to cumulatively sprint for that distance. Below is a table showing all upgrades and what they require;

Module Requirement A Requirement B
Endurance Sprint 3000 Meters Swim 1000 Meters
Super Stealth Clocked near Enemies for 100 Seconds
Sensor Upgrade Tag 25 Targets
Brute Force 15 Power Kick Kills 15 Air Stomp Kills
Reflex Boost Kill 50 enemies 1 second after aiming down the sight
Deflection Absorb 150k Damage
Threat Detection Tag 20 Enemies
Energy Upgrade Regenerate 5k Energy
Super Strength Grab 25 Enemies Power Melee 25 Enemies
Weapon Handling Kill 50 Enemies
Extended Cloak Clocked near Enemies for 100 Seconds
First Aid Survive 10 Near-Death Moments Regenerate 25k Health
Assassin Perform 25 Stealth Kills
Light Armor Absorb 100k Damage
Verticality Perform 30 Power Jumps Perform 30 Ledge Grabs
Heavy Armor Absorb 150k Damage

As the table illustrates there are some that could be tagged up and worked on together, below are all of these;

  • Super Stealth & Extended Cloak
  • Sensor Upgrade & Threat Detection
  • Deflection & Light Armor/ Heavy Armor
  • Energy Upgrade & Light Armor/ Heavy Armor

It should be noted that the Deflection, Light Armor, & Heavy Armor needs to be in Armor mode. You cannot have them equip and work on them without using Armor Mode!

With all that in mind there are some in that which can be difficult or even seem impossible, there is an easy way to get them all done! The more troublesome ones have been outlined below with an easy method;

  • Deflection, Light Armor, & Heavy Armor
    • All these can be farmed fast on Mission 2: Welcome to the Jungle, The first set of mines will help, however progress to the guard tower and let it hit you till you are low or out of Armor, then run to cover. The best spot for this is the overturned train cars near the Bolt Sniper use that as cover and run out when you have Armor. They should be completed in no time
  • Brute Force
    • Power Kicks
      • This is one of the hardest challenges in the game. There are not a lot of places this can be done and the recommended one is at the beginning of Mission 3: Root of All Evil. Where this is a good method to farm kills it is not ideal and can fall apart on you pretty fast. The better way is to use the beginning of Mission 4: Safeties Off. The reason for this is there are 3 guys, one who you will need to kill stealthy and the other 2 will line up perfectly with a bath that you can kick into them. Proceed to the nearest checkpoints, which is a little way ahead of them and restart the level. This way should net you the challenge in a less than an hour even if you only get 1 per run.
    • Air Stomps
      • These are easy provided you have the Energy. Simply get near an enemy or group and jump and press the Circle button to slam down.
    • First Aid
      • This is a difficult one to do as you can die easy if you’re not careful, the best method is to use a hackable gun turret and wait till the game tells you your health is critical and jump into cove. Remember that you can use Armor mode to defend yourself if needed.
Be a Pro, use a Bow!
Kill 10 enemies with every arrow type

There are 4 arrow types in the game;

  • Normal
  • Thermite
  • Electric
  • Frag

You will only be able to carry 3 or the latter 3 arrows and 9 of the standard, they are also the only arrow variant that can be recovered once fired. With the Thermite and Frag it is best to get multiple enemies with a single arrow, speeding up those types. Normal Arrows you shouldn’t have any issue getting the required kills with, and you can retrieve them to shoot someone else. The Electric arrows will only attack a single enemy unless they happen to be in a puddle or a source of water, If the opportunity where a few enemies are standing in water try shooting into the water to zap a few guys. This didn’t work in testing but you might have more luck.

Maximum Strength
Kill 25 enemies using only the Nanosuit’s enhanced powers instead of guns

The easiest way to achieve this is on the Ceph stalkers, in Mission 2. When you first encounter them there will be 2 who attack you and you can use stealth to get the “Clever Girl!”, or the more effective way is to use the armour mode and melee the stalkers when they move in close. This will mean that you do not take damage, you waist no ammo, and work on this trophy. Mission 2’s ending in the Train yard is a good place to farm this out just don’t bother finding the jammer or going to Psycho and the Stalkers will just keep coming.

Retrieve 10 arrows from pinned enemies

Refer to Stick Around

The Gibson
Complete 20 hacking challenges

This is a little misleading; there are no “Challenges” for hacking, what it is referring to is the little hacking mini-game. Simply successfully hack 20 items and you will gain the trophy.

I’ll Have That!
Rip off and use all alien weapon types

There are 5 in total, this can be achieve as early as Mission 5: Red Star Rising after you have interfaced with the Ceph Hive mind. Below are the Ceph weapons needed and where to get them;

  • Bolt Sniper
  • Pinch Rifle
  • Incinerator
  • Reaper Cannon
  • X-Pac Mortar

With the exception of the Bolt Sniper the others you will need to gain from enemies, by defeating them. The Bolt Sniper will be a mission requirement in Welcome to the Jungle and will count for this trophy.

Taste Of Your Own Medicine
Kill 25 enemies while supercharged

This should come naturally as you make your way through Mission 7: Gods and Monsters. Within the mission you will get supercharged a good number of times and you can always head over to the batteries for another quick charge up. This is better done with a Ceph weapon like the Mortar as you can just aim in the direction and turn anything in the area to mush.

Breaking the Lore
Retrieve all CELL Intel

This is the only real collectible trophy in the game and has a good number of things to collect in order to achieve the trophy. Below is what you need and how many;

  • Data pads: 41
  • Posters: 6
  • Black Box: 20

There are also the 28 upgrade units that are a form of collectible for the “Maximum Strength”. Including the Upgrade units there are 95 total collectibles. There is a video below which shows how to get the trophy, however you should note 2 things:

  • The trophy pops before the last collectible is collected
  • The Data pad count is off, but in game is tracks properly.

Bang For The Buck
Kill a deer using explosive arrows

At the start of Mission 2: Welcome to the Jungle, when you have had the door open to the outside is your first chance to do this. Simply walk outside and there should be a deer not far in front of you when you step outside. Equip the Frag Arrow and shoot it.

Can You Hear Me Nowupscale-245262160018212
Welcome to the Jungle: Disable the Nanosuit Jammer

This is at the end of the second mission and can be tricky to find, thankfully there is no time limit. Thankfully there is an easy way to locate it, which is after you have regrouped with Psycho you will need to find a way to extract Follow Psycho when he knows how to open the door and you will come to a platform looking area. The jammer is on this platform and Psycho’s plan is the red train tanker nearby.

Who Needs Rockets?upscale-245262160018212
Post-Human: Take out an attack helicopter using the Predator Bow

This is for the first mission of the campaign. When you get to the bridge get caught, this will trigger an alert state and a helicopter will be called. Now take aim with either Thermite or Frag arrows and shoot that helicopter down.

White Riderupscale-245262160018212
The Root of All Evil: Surf the donut down the river for 20 seconds

This is in mission 3, after you have destroyed the dam and made your way a distance up the stream you will come to an area that looks like a pond with two streams and a floating ring on the shore to your left. This is the donut that you will need to surf down the river. You are allowed to jump over the branches in your way and even fall off into the water and continue the ride; however it is better if you didn’t. There is a video below for guidance;

Red Star Rising: Crush 5 enemies with the Buggy

This is easy and shouldn’t be a problem for you to get. There is a cheap way of getting this trophy in the first instance of using the vehicle, which is to drive to the bridge and draw the enemies into the road so you can run them down. The second way is to wait till you have descended the bridge and are in the second buggy, in this area there are lots of enemies, pick 5 and get the alien flesh in your bumper.

Ping Pong!upscale-245262160018212
Only Human: Kill all Pingers

There are 3 Pingers that you will need to destroy in order to get this trophy. Once you have found the statue of liberty’s head, south of the hill you start on, you will get a secondary mission to save the mortar team. Save them from the Ceph and they will be able to fire 2 volleys at enemies you paint with your binoculars. Conveniently they are in mortar range and will be destroyed in a single mortar shelling. This will leave 1 for you to destroy any way you see fit. When all 3 have fallen you will get the trophy.

Inside Jobupscale-245262160018212
Kill 10 enemies using hacked sentry guns

Mission 2: Welcome to the Jungle is the first time that you will be able to achieve this (there is 1 at the very end of Mission 1 but it more fun in Mission 2), once you are sent the other way round to Psycho in the sewer, and after the tower, you will see a turret that can be used to attack and kill a good number of enemies. Just hack it successfully and wait for it to get disabled if enemies an still be hit always re-hack and get as many out the way as you can. All you need is 10 and that will not prove difficult.

Post-Human Warriorupscale-245262160018212
Kill 10 enemies in a single Supercharge boost

Easily achieve in Mission 7: Gods and Monsters. When you have interacted with the third node and drained the power to overcharge you will stay in that state till you fight the Alpha, just kill anything brave enough to cross your path.

Arrow to the Knee!upscale-245262160018212
End an enemy’s career as a CELL operative by wounding him in the knee with an arrow!

Enter the world of a sci-fi Skyrim with wounding an enemy in the knee. For this trophy you will need to quick draw your bow so you do not kill the enemy. There are a few things that you need to do to get this trophy;

  • Normal arrows
  • Aim for the Knee
  • Low Draw Speed
  • Tap the Fire so there is no real power

Provided that you pull of shooting them in the knee and they survive it the trophy is yours.

Kill two enemies in one strike using the environment

This can be done in Mission 1: Post Human, by waiting for 2 enemies walk by an explosive barrel. This proves troublesome and difficult to pull off, therefore there is a better place. In Mission 3: The Root of All Evil you have to ascend in the elevator to the top of the damn. Head to the Left side where there are only 2 guards on ground level, and go up this lift. When you get to the top enter Stealth mode and hide on one side of the doors, go into visor mode and hack the mines while the enemies at the top fire at you. When they stop and move forward the mines will detonate and net the trophy. Alternative to this is in the video below, where the same place is used by shooting the mine was used to get the trophy.

Nanosuit Ninja
Perform 20 Stealth Kills without alerting nearby enemies

This should come naturally as you work your way through the game, and not just in Supersoldier difficulty. Just use Stealth mode and sneak up behind an enemy and use the melee button when prompted.

Stick Around
Using the Predator Bow, pin 10 enemies to walls with arrows

This trophy needs you to pin 10 enemies to the wall with normal arrows. This is done by doing a few things;

  • Fast Draw mode on the bow
  • Finding an enemy
  • Make sure there is a wall or something that you can pin an enemy to behind him
  • Retrieve the arrow for “Hunter-Gatherer”

It really is simple to do and will probably come naturally if using the Fast Draw. The one thing that you will need to remember is to go and recover the arrow once successfully pining an enemy so you can get a second trophy for no extra work.

Clever Girl!
Stealth kill a Ceph Stalker

Mission 2: Welcome to the Jungle is the first instance of meeting this enemy type and you can get it here by entering Stealth mode and sneaking up behind one and killing it. It should be noted that it is by far easier to sneak up on humans or standard Ceph.

Kill 10 enemies with thrown objects without being detected

This trophy is a little annoying as you need to kill enemies undetected with thrown objects. Fret not there is an easy place to achieve this, which is Mission 1: Post Human. Once you reach your first enemies of the game you will get a perfect chance to eliminate 5 with thrown objects without being detected. This can be tricky but it is easier than other places. The first guy will have his back to you and someone provided a pretty red tool chest ready to use. Pick it up and throw it at the guard killing him in a single blow, recover the chest and hide back with Psycho and wait for a new victim. Once 4 have been killed you will be able to sneak round to the last one in the control room and kill him in the same way, you will need to progress to the next checkpoint before restarting level and going again. Completing it a second time should net the trophy provided you have not alerted anyone and taken them out with thrown objects.


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