Crysis 2 Remastered Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 5/10
    Estimated time to platinum: 15 hours
    Missable trophies: None (Chapter Select)
    Glitched trophies: None
    Difficulty related: Yes
    Playthrough: 1


    Welcome to the Crysis 2 Remastered Trophy Guide!

    Enter Manhattan marine ground zero for the Ceph forces. Enter the city as the human Alcatraz, fight as a Nano Soldier, Rise as the Prophet.

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    2023 the island of Manhattan is a warzone made worse by the Cell Corporation forces, an infection is spreading through the city of which is alien in origin sent by the alien species known as the Ceph, await an opportunity to rise. Take the mantle of the most elite fighting machine available in the form of the Nano Suit piloted by Special Forces member Alcatraz, and finish what Prophet and Raptor Squad started in Lingshan.


    Step 1: Complete the Game on SuperSoldier Difficulty
    Your first play through of the game should be focused on learning the basics, however it is advised to work through in SuperSoldier Difficulty as you will obtain a good few other trophies. It is also recommended that you collect up all the Collectibles and get the respective trophies minimizing the amount of clean up required.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:

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    Bronze Can it Run Crysis?
    Bronze Foreign Contaminant
    Bronze More than Human
    Bronze False Prophet
    Bronze Internal Affairs
    Bronze Into the Abyss
    Bronze Once a Marine, Always a Marine
    Bronze Hung Out to Dry
    Silver Fire Walker
    Silver Dark Night of the Soul
    Silver Crossroads of the World
    Silver Theseus at Last
    Silver Home Stretch
    Silver Start Spreading the News
    Silver City That Never Sleeps
    Silver Heart Of Darkness
    Silver The Tourist
    Silver Speeding Ticket
    Gold Evolution
    Gold Medal Of Honor
    Gold Men of Destiny
    Gold Supersoldier

    The Above will cover the Campaign and the Collection, Below you will also find a few that you should get if playing in Stealth:

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    Bronze Close Encounter
    Bronze Death Grip
    Bronze Popcorn
    Bronze Headhunter
    Bronze Food For Thought
    Bronze Hole in One
    Bronze Literary Agent
    Bronze Stealth Assassin

    Step 2: Clean up and Platinum
    To finish off your journey to platinum Crysis 2 Remastered you should have some outstanding trophies like Grab Kills and the like, which will be the focus of this section. All the Trophies that are listed below are misc ones which can be obtained in your first play through. Provided you take the rout of stealth in your first run of the game and it is in Supersoldier difficulty then you should have no trouble getting anything like Close Encounter.

    During this step you'll earn these trophies:
    Bronze Death Slide
    Bronze Blast Radius
    Bronze Headhunter
    Bronze Two Heads Are Better Than One
    Bronze Popcorn
    Bronze Death Grip
    Bronze Fast Ball
    Silver Band of Brothers
    40-platinum Platinum

    Tips and Strategies:

    Just like the other Crysis games there is nothing strictly missible in them due to having mission select. There are some tricky trophies and some that you will need to grind for but other than that the game is easy. Unlike the first game Crysis 2 is a really reliable and stable game, FPS held up far better than Crysis and even complex physics simulation ran smoothly, or as complex as the system would allow. However with all that being said Crysis 2 does have its fair share of Skeletons in its closet, Like the original PS3 release of the game.

    The main encounter problems are nothing as serious as can be counted as “Game Breaking”, but they are still annoying all the same. The majority of them are in regards to random blocking volumes and areas where Alcatraz would suddenly stop or get caught on something. The biggest ones were when enemies would just disregard Alcatraz’s existence, where this would be beneficial for Supersoldier difficulty it detracted from the overall experience slightly and made a challenging mode a walk in the park. The area this happened the most in was the last area of the game, Mission 19: A Walk in the Park.

    Overall the game is easy to platinum in less than 15 hours even with a high death rate, and trial and error strategies that you might want to try out. There are a few tips that you might need to know though, which are located below;

    • Take cover frequently
    • Stealthiest approaches are best in any situation
    • Combat should be a last resort
    • Don’t forget to customize your weapon if a specific set up is not working right.
    • Look before you leap!
    • Enemies will use EMP or Pulse weapons if they know you are in the area. These will disrupt your Energy!

    Any other tips and tricks can be found in the respective trophy you are looking for.

    Trophy Guide:

    Earn all available trophies for Crysis®2 Remastered

    Obtain all other trophies in Crysis 2 Remastered

    Can it run Crysis?
    Complete In at the Deep End


    This is just a show off chapter and there is really not much you will need to do. Most of this is cut scene and all you will need to really do is navigate and follow what the marines tell you. Once you reach the bay you will watch a cut scene and get the trophy.

    Foreign Contaminant
    Escape the Battery Park evacuation center


    The first real mission of the game and where you will learn most of the basics you will need to get you through the game. Once you have learnt about stealth killing you will have to open the door and go into the main city where you will gain this trophy.

    More than Human
    Assimilate alien tissue at the crash site


    Once you reach the downed Ceph ship and have exited it you will meet the Ceph, the alien race from Lingshan, who have evolved and are not particular happy to see you. Kill this unit and you will have to interact with him to collect some samples.

    False Prophet
    Find Nathan Gould


    When you finally make it to Gould’s office you will need destroy his server and fight a load of Cell forces and a gun ship. Complete this and then make your way towards Gould’s location where Gould will find out you are not who he thinks you are.

    Internal Affairs
    Infiltrate the CELL facility at Wall Street


    This is what is shown in the show off load screen of powers at the beginning of Mission 2. Basically make your way to the building opposite your spawn location; there are a good number of troops so cation is advised. Once inside you will need to clear the inside and head down the elevator, navigate a little bit after leaving the life and the trophy is yours

    Into the Abyss
    Infiltrate the alien hive


    Once you have the objective to destroy the Spore Conduits you will need to make your way to 3 separate locations guarded by Ceph units, either clear them out for upgrade resources or use stealth to get through without much hassle. Once the third is destroyed you will be able to enter the Spire that is conveniently located just a little way right of the final Conduct. Enter it and clam your trophy.

    Once a Marine, Always a Marine
    Assist the Marines in Madison Square


    Once you have made your way the second squad you will need battle your way past a cargo ship while defending the squad members. When this is done you will have a base defense which is somewhat tricky in Supersoldier difficulty. Basically you just need to eliminate the waves, of which there are 3 main waves, and a gunship. The tricky part is the fact that they are Ceph units and they can take a little more punishment than the standard human enemies. The Gunship will take some killing as it does strafing runs on the marine base. Once all is clear you can ascend the hill and progress a short distance to get the trophy.

    Hung Out to Dry
    Reach the Hargreave-Rasch building


    In Mission 11 you will need to access the building that you are sent to, to do this you will need to get past a good number of Ceph and blow open the parking garage. You will know the area by the Statue of Liberty’s head in the middle in a lake of water. Once you have the explosives you will need to blow the garage and swim inside, upon exiting the water you will gain the trophy.

    Fire Walkerupscale-245262160018212
    Assist the evacuation at Bryant Park


    After you have made your way out of the Library you will head over to the extraction zone where you will be informed that cover is needed to give time to get civilians to safety. Simply clear the area of hostiles and you will get the trophy.

    Dark Night of the Soulupscale-245262160018212
    Defend Central Station


    Once you have been told to fight off the Ceph to give the Marines time to evacuate everyone you will need to go up to the main lobby where there are Ceph forces. You would be wise to start this fight on the mounted gun opposite where you enter the room, kill the few enemies, but focus on the heavy if possible. If he approaches you then jump off the gun, using either armor or clock and run to a new position in the room to combat the next set of enemies. In the next wave you will only need to kill a single unit, however this unit is a Ceph Pinger. There are some explosive weapons located around the room to help with this and they should be used to deal a lot of damage to the unit. Once he is down you will finish the defense and a few marines will pick off anyone left.

    Crossroads of the Worldupscale-245262160018212
    Complete the evacuation at Times Square


    This one is much like the Central Station defense, however part way through you will encounter a blackout and Ceph Stalkers will appear making things a little harder. Like the Central Station you will only need to kill the Pinger, but to get the Pinger you will need to kill a few other units off first. Once killed the other units that are around will run away and you can head through the building and to an extraction.

    Theseus at Lastupscale-245262160018212
    Locate Jacob Hargreave


    After being captured on Roosevelt Island while attempting to get to Hargreave you will be freed and need to make your way to his office on the upper floors. Combat or Stealth the option is up to you how you play best, just as long as you get to the office. Once inside the trophy will unlock.

    Home Stretchupscale-245262160018212
    Reach Central Park


    The final part of the game, once you are in the helicopter on your way up to central park all you need to do is wait till Alcatraz jumps out. That is it trophy achieved, right at the start of the mission. You will still need to fight your way through Central Park which is swarming with Ceph forces.

    Note: there is a glitch that might happen, which is once you land on Central Park all the enemies will ignore your existence meaning you can rack up a mass amount of Ceph DNA for upgrading and not have to worry about fighting, just pick off the enemies.

    Start Spreading the Newsupscale-245262160018212
    Finish the single player campaign on any difficulty


    Refer to Supersoldier

    City That Never Sleepsupscale-245262160018212
    Complete 6 levels on Veteran difficulty


    Refer to Supersoldier

    Complete 12 levels on Veteran difficulty


    Refer to Supersoldier

    Heart of Darknessupscale-245262160018212
    Complete 6 levels on Supersoldier difficulty


    Refer to Supersoldier

    Medal of HonorGold
    Complete 12 levels on Supersoldier difficulty


    Refer to Supersoldier

    Men of DestinyGold
    Complete the single player campaign on Veteran difficulty


    Refer to Supersoldier

    Complete the single player campaign on Supersoldier


    Much like the other 2 games in the series Crysis 2 isn’t all that hard on Supersoldier, and can be attempted on your first run. There might be some tricky spots where you will need to kill enemies to proceed however these are not all the bad and shouldn’t present a problem. The way that you are going to want to achieve the Supersoldier is by using stealth a lot of the time, maybe 80% or more of the game can be skipped by using stealth.

    • DO not engage in a losing battle
    • Stealth is your best friend
    • Only engage in combat where needed like with the area defenses
    • The Binoculars are the best tool you have, make sure you mark enemies.
    • Try not to draw too much attention to yourself
    • Grenades are invaluable in Supersoldier, as well as easier modes, use them as crowd control and you might end up popping “Blast Radius”
    • If an enemy knows you are in the area they might try to disrupt you energy. Human enemies will use EMP Grenades, whereas Ceph will use a Pulse from their location.

    Ceph Specific tips;

    • These are deadly
    • Don’t just engage if you want experience points
    • Watch out for heavy units
    • Clock and stealth killing Ceph units is the fastest way to eliminating them

    Like mentioned above the Binoculars have had a massive overall since the last game and are way more use to you in Supersoldier difficulty than anything else. At the beginning of each area it would be a good idea to highlight all the enemies that you can identify with the Binoculars, this will give you a bonus when trying to navigate the environment in stealth, as well as give you a location of enemies in firefights.

    Close Encounters
    Stealth kill 25 enemies

    This should come naturally if you are trying to avoid conflict in Supersoldier difficulty. The basics are the same as in Crysis, sneak up behind an unaware guard and kill the enemy.

    The Touristupscale-245262160018212
    Find all New York Souvenirs

    Throughout your journey in Manhattan you will encounter collectibles some easy to find and some not so easy. Below is a breakdown of what they are and how many;

    • Souvenirs: 18 (The Tourist)
    • Speed Cameras: 10 (Speeding Ticket)
    • Dog Tags: 17
    • E-Mails: 10
    • Car Keys: 11

    You only need to collect up the Souvenirs and Speeding Cameras for trophies however if you feel you would like to obtain 100% then the video below has all the collectibles.

    Kill 10 enemies by throwing an object at them

    Where this might sound difficult it is really simple. Like in Crysis you need the throw any item that you can find in the environment and kill an enemy with the thrown item. Humans are the best enemies to do this on rather than Ceph, so keep that in mind when going for this.

    There is an easy place that you can use to get this, which is the beginning of Mission 8, once Alcatraz has woken up and you have made you way forward you come to a park area. Use your binoculars to mark the 5 bugs in this area, then grab a bench and throw it at the bugs. Once all 5 are dead proceed to the net checkpoint, which is in the settlement, and restart the mission and repeat. This will net you the trophy in 2 runs and because the enemies will not attack you could attempt this on Supersoldier difficulty.

    Death Grip
    Kill 10 enemies with grab and throw

    Just like in Crysis, you will need to go up to an enemy and press the Reload button to grab, as long as you have the energy. Pressing the Fire button will throw the enemy, and hopefully killing them. Although you could do this on human enemies this is best saved for Ceph as it is a fast and easy way to kill them without using up ammo. Simply kill 10 with this method and the trophy is yours.

    Kill 20 enemies with the Microwave cannon

    This will require you to use the X-43 Mike, which is found in Mission 9 in the subway. You will find about 10 or so little bug things in this area which will count towards the kills with this weapon. Kill these with quick burst shots and move on. Attacking anything else like Ceph or humans will take a good amount of power to kill them so the bugs are your best option for a fast solution to this trophy. You will find the weapon in the later stages of the game like Central Park and the Roosevelt Island/ Bridge so get what you can here and then kill some enemies in the late stages of the game. If for some reason that you still need to kill some enemies return to mission 9 and hunt some bugs.

    For reference below you will find an image of the easy enemy you are looking for, not just for this trophy but a few of them.

    Two Heads Are Better Than One
    Kill two enemies with a single bullet

    This can be a tad bit tricky to pull off as you will need to get timing and precision spot on to achieve this. The best weapon by far would be a sniper or maybe a shotgun, however finding a location when you have one of these is difficult. It was attempted on the little bug things with a shotgun but that didn’t seem to pop, therefore the best location would have to be in Mission 2. The part to do this is when you learn about stealth killing, and if you are fast enough you will be able to pull off a double head-shot with single firing on your rifle. There is a short video showing this below.

    Blast Radius
    Kill at least 3 enemies with a single grenade

    This isn’t too difficult in combat situations, cook a grenade for a few seconds or till you see the grenade indicator flashing then toss it at enemies. With luck they won’t be able to evade it before it explodes killing them. If you happen to be trying this on Supersoldier difficulty then it is imperative that you use grenades for crowd control and elimination of large grouped targets meaning this should come pretty naturally.

    Kill 4 enemies in a row with headshots

    Pretty simple, just take your time and aim for head shots, the best enemies to get this on are humans as the Ceph are a little harder to hit the heads on. You shouldn’t have any trouble getting this when you first encounter enemies in Mission 2.

    Death Slide
    Kill 5 enemies while sliding

    Where this trophy sounds really difficult there is a quick and painlessly way to meet the criteria. In the start of Mission 8 you will have a lot of the little bugs around you. Simply slide into them, the slide will kill them so no need to shoot or anything other than sliding. To slide you will need to be running and then press the Circle Button. There is a video below showing this.

    Food for thought
    Kill a CELL operator with a giant donut in Lower Manhattan

    In Mission 3, after you have learnt about Armour mode, you will come to an open area above a donut shop. Simply mark all the hostiles in the area and wait by the donut for some unlucky person to walk under. When they do press Square to interact with it pushing the donut and killing whoever is below.

    Hole in One
    Throw an alien down the sinkhole in Dark Heart

    This trophy takes place in Mission 9 after you have found the X-43 Mike. When you have disabled the first two Spore Conduits and heading to your third you will come to the area where there is a hole in the middle and on the far left you will see the third conduit. This hole is what you need for this trophy. Simply grab and enemy Ceph and throw him into the center of the hole where the water is going down.

    Note: you can achieve this another way which is highlighted in the video below. If you are not very confident in throwing the Ceph into the hole then just grab a Ceph and jump in with him throwing him when you are in the hole. You will unlock the trophy and have escaped any other Ceph hunting you. The hole will let you out back down at the first Spore Conduit so you will need to make your way back up but the trophy will be achieved and the Ceph will have forgotten about you.

    Band of Brothersupscale-245262160018212
    Keep all marines alive during the rescue in Semper Fi or Die

    Although this is regarded as a buggy trophy and difficult it is really rather simple, in Mission 10 you will be greeted by a group of marines at the start. These 5 marines need to be kept alive until you reach the building at the far end of this section. On the plus side if you hear that you have lost someone you can restart from checkpoint to get the trophy. The only real advice for this point is to kill all the Ceph and cover the marines. Playing on easy is highly recommended as it make the task that much easier and you will be able to take more damage, meaning you can keep the Ceph attention on you.

    Literary Agent
    Scan all of Richard Morgan’s books in the NY public library

    This trophy is obtainable in Mission 12. Only you have turned on both batteries you will need to fall back to the library, once inside you will need to head up the stairs towards the exit. This trophy is located on the upper floor in the room that is burning. Use your armor and head through the flames, open your visor and there should be a point of interest in front of you, simply tag it and the trophy is yours. Below is a video for reference.

    Stealth Assassin
    Re-route the power in Eye of the Storm without being detected

    This trophy is in Mission 16 and you need to go from the start to the generator room on Roosevelt Island without being detected. This is easy, just use stealth and make your way through all the guards not disturbing them or killing them. Hide in good spots to recharge your energy to use your clock if you need to. It should be noted that restarting checkpoint will allow you to gain this trophy if you make a mistake, however it would be best to try and not rely on retrying from checkpoint if you can help it.

    Note: The upgrade Stealth Enhancement will make this easier; this is due to the amount of time you can stay clocked for.

    Speeding Ticketupscale-245262160018212
    Break the speed limit in front of 10 speed cameras

    Refer to The Tourist


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