Concept Destruction Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 2/10.
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 20 Minutes.
    Missable trophies: None.
    Glitched trophies: None.
    Difficulty related: None.
    Playthrough: You need to win 1 Championship.


    Welcome to the Concept Destruction Trophy Guide!
    Brought to us by Thinice Games & ported to consoles by GrabTheGames & Ratalaika Games, Concept Destruction is an interesting take on a Destruction Derby type game.

    The “cardboard prototypes” within this game are very imaginative and the gameplay is certainly fun. Can you survive the destruction..?!

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    Step 1: Complete School
    You will need to pass 3 very easy lessons for this step. During the first lesson “Car Control” ensure that you take the opportunity to jump out of the arena for a trophy.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Silver The Learner
    Gold The Rebel
    Gold The Killer

    Step 2: Win the Championship
    Now it’s time for you to win the championship. You do not have to win all of the 8 events, but you do have to have the most points at the end of it. In order for an event to finish you must either last the full 3 minutes, or eliminate all the other cars (See the Tips & Strategies for how to speed this up). 

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    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
    Silver The Champion
    Silver The Pilot
    Gold The Collector
    Gold The Serial Killer

    And keep an eye out in which arena you are in to earn these trophies:
    Bronze The Artist
    Silver The Player
    Gold The Escapist
    Gold The Roofer
    Gold The Scorer

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    Step 3: Tourism & Survival
    Drive around in Tourism mode for 5 minutes and take the opportunity to earn Bronze The Bully & Gold The Hater trophies by selecting the “ZIP JX” as your car before heading in and ensure you adjust your settings to the lowest resistance to easily destroy your opponents.

    For the last step head to Survival Mode and last for 3 minutes with all the other cars trying to destroy you (See Tips & Strategies to make this easier).

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
    Bronze The Bully
    Gold The Hater
    Gold The Survivor
    Gold The Tourist
    40-platinum Platinum Concept

    Tips and Strategies:

    Playing with the Gameplay options make this game a walk in the park. See the below set ups for both the Championship & Survival Mode to ensure you are the winner every time.
    The below settings can be further adjusted to make the relevant Mode a cake walk, however be wary that you need to earn enough points (2000) within the Championship to unlock the car needed for Bronze The Bully. I suggest that you set the Number of Rivals to at least 3 opponents within the Championship Mode to ensure you do get enough points and ensure you are able to obtain Gold The Collector &Gold The Serial Killer without having to farm these at the end of the game.

    Suggested Championship Set-Up


    Suggested Survival Set-Up

    Trophy Guide:

    1L75c775Platinum Concept
    Get all other trophies

    Get all other trophies

    2L1ac2b7The Artist
    Get to the paint zone in “The Rooftop”

    This can be obtained during the Championship, Survival, or Tourism and is located around 5 o’clock to your starting position. You will need to “exit” the main arena and head to this area for the trophy to unlock.
    “The Rooftop” is also a great arena to obtain Silver The Pilot.

    2L1ac2b7The Bully
    Destroy car “TIFA X/2” using car “ZIP JX”

    The biggest car Vs. the smallest car…. Why would you do such a thing?!.
    You can only obtain this trophy after reaching at least 2000 points within one Championship mode, as you have to unlock the “ZIP JX”. Be wary that you have to earn enough points within the Championship Mode in order to unlock the ZIP JX, so you will need to destroy your opponents whilst in that mode.

    This trophy is best obtained within the Tourism, as there is a clear chance for you to hunt down the tiny yellow “TIFA X/2”.  Select the ZIP JX prior to entering Tourism from the Single Event selection then destroy the TIFA without any payback.

    “ZIP JX” & “TIFA X/2”
    20L35ad35The Champion upscale-245262160018212
    Win the Championship

    There are 8 event arenas total for you to pass. Remember it is more about survival than destroying the most cars, as you have to finish the events in order to be in with a chance of winning the championship.
    Take it careful and only get involved in battles if you really need too.

    Points are awarded for hitting/destroying opponents and you are required to have the highest aggregate score across the 8 events in order to obtain this trophy.
    Should you get “wrecked”, you will have to restart the event (not championship, so not too bad); however if you look to the Tips & Strategies for your gaming set-up you will have no problems finishing first in every event, as well as having the time to obtain some of the other trophies along the way.

    22Lff65e1The Collector Gold
    Pick up 5 batteries from other cars (it doesn’t need to happen in a single event)

    When you destroy, or wreck another car there are occasions when their battery will be flung from the vehicle. I found that only batteries i collected immediately after destroying a car counted, as those i picked up from the ground did not seem to advance the number.

    You should obtain this trophy without even trying, however if you have not achieved it prior to finishing the championship then head over to Tourism and repeatedly crash into the side of cars to try and release their battery.

    22Lff65e1The Escapist Gold
    Get out of the arena in “The Bulls”

    This can be obtained during the Championship, Survival, or Tourism.

    When you first start out in “The Bulls” arena, which looks like a Roman gladiator arena, you will simply need to reverse out of the arena from your starting point.
    As with all other arenas, you can enter back in to continue to fight if you wish.

    “The Bulls”
    22Lff65e1The Hater Gold
    Destroy a rival car in Tourism mode

    See Bronze The Bully.

    22Lff65e1The Killer Gold
    Destroy a rival car

    You will automatically obtain this as part of “School”, where you have to destroy a car to pass your lessons.

    20L35ad35The Learner upscale-245262160018212
    Pass all school lessons

    Pass the 3 simple lessons and this trophy will be yours.
    During “School” you have to pass three lessons that offer very little difficulty.

    1. Car Control – Simply, drive around the Yellow Pages in the middle without hitting any cones and return to the starting point.
    2. Damage Control – You have 1 minute to destroy your first car.
    3. No Control – This lesson will teach you how to get your car back onto its wheel when you roll onto your roof.
    20L35ad35The Pilot upscale-245262160018212
    Jump and stay in air for more than 3 seconds

    You may obtain this trophy without even trying, however a perfect arena to obtain this trophy is “The Rooftop”. Take a run up to any of the four ramps in the main area and jump over the barrier. This will enable you to take some flying lessons all the way to the floor. Remember you can boost with to make sure you get over the barriers.

    20L35ad35The Player upscale-245262160018212
    Hit the hidden ball in “The Stadium”

    As described, the hidden ball is located within “The Stadium” and can be found on top of the “Thinkola” can in the middle of the Football Field.

    Boost into the can to knock it down and the football will now be in play. You only need to touch the ball in order for the trophy to unlock.

    22Lff65e1The Rebel Gold
    Get out of the driving area in School

    This can be obtained in any of the “School” lessons and is done by driving up the ruler that is aptly placed for you to use. It is located in around the 1 o’clock of your starting position. Boost with to make sure you clear the trees when you are lined up.

    22Lff65e1The Roofer Gold
    Drive on the roof in “The Plaza”

    This can be obtained during the Championship, Survival, or Tourism.

    When you start out head up one of the ramps on the left or right and then up to the upper section. When there turn to face the middle of the main arena and boost onto the roof of the standalone building.

    22Lff65e1The Scorer Gold
    Drive through one of the goal posts in “The Stadium”

    This can be obtained during the Championship, Survival, or Tourism.

    The Football Field has goalpost either end and you will need to boost your way up one of the ramps to score a field goal with your car.

    22Lff65e1The Serial Killer Gold
    Destroy 3 rival cars in a single event

    Obtained during any of the event types. 
    You will not get this done within Championship if you decide to adjust the settings, so you will need to select Normal from Single Event and keep trying to destroy 3 cars in one event after changing the amount of Opponents back up.

    22Lff65e1The Survivor Gold
    Survive over 3 minutes in Survival mode

    This is the hardest trophy on the list. The only reason this is hard is because ultimately Survival Mode will not normally last 3 minutes due to everyone destroying themselves. That is if you do not decide to adjust the gameplay settings of course.

    The idea is that all of the other 14 cars are after you, but in their desperate need to get you, they tend to destroy themselves. I found it best to do this on “The Forest” and drive around outside round and round in circles until i was prompted to hit something.
    You will not get this warning if you decide to adjust the gameplay settings prior to heading into the Survival Mode, so you can simply idle if you chose to do it this way.

    22Lff65e1The Tourist Gold
    Drive over 5 minutes in Tourism mode

    Select Single Event, Tourism and then the trophy will pop after 5 minutes into the event. You do not even have to move for this one, but it is best combined with Bronze The Bully & Gold The Hater.


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