Classic Snake Adventures Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 0.5/10 (With Invincibility Glitch). 
    Estimated time to Platinum: 3 Hours (With Invincibility Glitch).
    Trophies: 15.  40-platinumGold11  SilverBronze2
    Missable trophies: None.
    Glitched trophies: None.
    Difficulty related: None.
    Playthrough: 1.


    Welcome to the Classic Snake Adventures Trophy Guide!
    A PS4 reboot of the classic retro Snake mobile game from 1997. You know how it works, the concept is simple, eat the remaining fruit to pass a level, but don’t crash… but we won’t need to worry about that!

    There are 100 levels to complete, over 5 worlds. 20 levels per world, and a boss battle every 10 levels. Each level will take you about 2 minutes to complete. Using the invincibility glitch you will never die and so will always pass a level first try. You will also get 3 stars for passing a level without dying, so you will never need to replay a level for the all stars trophy either. It is an incredibly easy and effortless platinum to achieve using this glitch.

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    Step 1: Use the Invincibility Glitch
    When every level starts just let it run straight into the wall or obstacle, just when you are about to crash press then select ‘No‘ when asked if you want to restart.

    The snake will then auto reverse off the right hand side of the level.

    When it is coming forward again and reaches about the centre of the level you will regain control of the snake.

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    Now you are invincible and can go through all obstacles in the level, including your own tail! Enabling you to collect all fruit in the fastest most direct way, hassle free. Cutting the plat time in half.

    NOTE: However don’t go outside of the levels borders as it will auto reverse retracing all your steps back to the beginning, which wastes time, so if you accidentally stray outside of the borders it is quicker to just press and press restart level.

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    Credit to PS4 user DaftenMiescha / YT user inter5tella555 for discovering this glitch.

    Tips and Strategies:

    • Use the invincibility glitch at the beginning of all levels including boss levels for the quickest simplest way to obtain the platinum.
    • Only ONCE do you need to collect all the letters for the Gold Get Bonus. trophy. After that you can ignore all letters and just collect the fruit all levels.
    • Only ONCE do you need to collect a heart for the Gold Spare heart. trophy. After that you can ignore all hearts and just collect the fruit all levels.
    • 3 stars all levels is guaranteed if you simply don’t die, so just using the invincibility glitch grants you the Gold Perfect Player trophy for free.
    • After you have completed any level, go to the title screen (before the map screen) and select the top left corner icon for Bronze Export Hiscore trophy, any old score is fine for the trophy.
    • The rest of the trophies are unmissable for just completing the game!
    • It is beneficial to collect the chicken drumsticks as they make you go FASTER. (win for a quicker plat).
    • Use whirlpools/boosters as they will make you temporarily FASTER. (yay).
    • Avoid the soda cans as they make you go SLOWER. (booo we don’t want that).

    N that’s it really. that’s all you need to know its really easy peasy with a very straightforward trophy list, have fun and enjoy your new effortless platinum!

    Trophy Guide:

    Complete all tasks.

    Get all other trophies for this stunningly beautiful platinum trophy tile to be yours!

    Get started.
    Finish any round with 3 stars.

    If you don’t die you will get 3 stars, so using the invincibility glitch will net you 3 stars in all levels anyway, so no worries here.

    Export hiscore.
    Export your hiscore in the cloud.

    Complete any level first, then from the title screen (before the map screen) select the top left icon to export your hi-score for this trophy. It doesn’t matter what the score is.

    First 10000p. upscale-245262160018212
    Get your first 10000 points.

    Unmissable. As I finished the game with 930,000 points.

    First boss. Gold
    Reach and win the first boss.

    Unmissable. There is a boss battle every 10 levels. You will need to defeat all bosses for the complete the game trophy. Again it is VERY easy using the invincibility glitch. You can even travel through the bosses.

    Spare heart. Gold
    Finish a round with 4 hearts.

    In one level you need to just collect a heart. Might as well do it in the first level. Then you can ignore all other hearts for the rest of the game.

    Long Snake. Gold
    Make the snake 20 pieces long.

    Unmissable. Your snake will grow every time you eat fruit or the chicken drumsticks.

    Get Bonus. Gold
    Complete and get one bonus.

    In one level you must collect the 5 letters to spell Bonus. Might as well use the first level. Then you can ignore all letters for the rest of the game. Waste time avoiding fruit avoiding completing the level until all the letters have spawned.

    Yellow face. Gold
    Eat the yellow face item.

    Unmissable. For the last 10 levels they have replaced the fruit you need to collect with these yellow faces.

    Complete World 1. Gold
    Complete world 1 – Forest.

    Unmissable. Story related. Complete all 20 levels of world 1.

    Complete World 2. Gold
    Complete world 2 – Swamp.

    Unmissable. Story related. Complete all 20 levels of world 2.

    Complete World 3. Gold
    Complete world 3 – Village.

    Unmissable. Story related. Complete all 20 levels of world 3.

    Complete World 4. Gold
    Complete world 4 – Ice.

    Unmissable. Story related. Complete all 20 levels of world 4.

    Complete all the game. Gold
    Complete all the game with any score.

    Unmissable. Story related. Complete all 20 levels of world 5.

    Perfect player. Gold
    Complete all the game with 3 stars.

    You get 3 stars for completing a level without dying, and/or finishing a level with 3 or more hearts. So using the invincibility glitch every level will effortlessly 3 star all levels automatically for you.


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    1. Has anyone else had the issue with getting the perfect player. Trophy.. I have 3 stars on all levels and my progress on the leader board says I have 100% but the trophy isn’t unlocking. I’ve tried deleting the game and reinstalling it but no joy..
      Any help would be great fully appreciated

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