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Chronos: Before the Ashes Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 6/10.
Estimated time to Platinum/100%: 15 – 25 Hours.
Missable trophies: Too Clever 
Glitched trophies: Worth It 
Difficulty related: Yes.
Playthrough: 1 or 2 (recommended)


Welcome to the Chronos: Before the Ashes Trophy Guide!
Chronos is a prequel set one month before the events of Remnant: From the Ashes. Chronos feels more like a classic RPG than a ‘Souls’ game compared to Remnant. There is also a big focus on solving puzzles.


Step 1: Casual Difficulty Playthrough (optional)
If you want to just experience the game and learn the mechanics/how to solve the puzzles then do a quick playthrough on the lowest difficulty.
This will prepare you for your ‘hardcore’ playthrough and your hardest difficulty (heroic playthrough)

I’ll list all trophies you’ll get during this step under step 2 as this can be considered optional.

Step 2: Heroic Difficulty Playthrough
Whether you did the optional step 1 or not, I suggest doing Heroic Difficulty next. Enemies hit a fair bit harder but you’ll quickly gain levels especially if you follow what I will outine in the Tips and Strategies section of the guide. 
You’ll also aim to get most miscellaneous trophies out of the way here. There is only one trophy that is missable so make sure to read the info for the Too Clever trophy.

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Bronze Not Your Enemy
Bronze You Can’t Touch This
Bronze Don’t Fear the Reaper
Bronze Point the Sharp End at Enemies
Bronze Rock Wall
Bronze More of a Buckler
Bronze First of Many
Bronze Riddle me this
Bronze It Burns!
Bronze Stories of Old
Bronze Is this safe?
Bronze Do it yourself
Bronze A Hidden Treasure

Silver The Bigger They Are…
Silver Many Faces, Few Words
Silver What is the Labyrinth?
Silver All Seeing Eye
Silver Shouldn’t Have Done That
Silver Your Royal Highness
Silver Mirror, Mirror
Silver Ball and Chain
Silver I’ll take it!
Silver Maximum Power!
Silver Like Thunder
Silver Light our Darkest Hour…
Silver What Evil Lurks…
Silver Strength in Numbers
Silver Surprisingly Spry
Silver Continuance of Life
Silver Well Read
Silver A Small Momento
Silver The Hero’s Journey
Gold A Heroic Feat
Gold A True Adventurer

Step 3: Casual Difficulty Playthrough (age 21 or less)
For the Old Enough trophy you must complete the game on any difficulty at age 21 or less.
Every time you die your character ages by 1 year. Starting on age 18 this means you can only die a maximum of 3 times in this playthrough. However this is made very easy by using the method of backing up  your save data and reloading when you die.

You can of course combine this with your Heroic playthrough but depending on skill and how well you know the game you might be best separating them as speeding through the game won’t take you long anyway.

If you need any other trophies aside from the missable one then you can simply press  continue at the main menu to be placed back to before you beat the final boss.

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
Bronze Too Clever
Bronze Hard Choices

Silver With Age Comes Wisdom
Silver Old Enough

40-platinum BFA 

Tips and Strategies:

A few quick basics:
– Selecting the XP trait at age 20 is a big boost to how fast you will level up and will pay off massively the more and more you progress
– utilize backing up your save to the cloud/USB and restoring which will save you a lot of trouble in getting Old Enough
– enemies only respawn on death
– Dragon Stones only refill on death

Trophy Guide:

Unlock Everything

Unlock Everything

The Bigger They Are…
Defeat the Krell Guardian

Story related, Unmissible
See Shouldn’t Have Done That

Many Faces, Few Words
Defeat the Pan Guardian

Story related, Unmissible
See Shouldn’t Have Done That

What is the Labyrinth?
Defeat the Labyrinth Guardian

Story related, Unmissible
See Shouldn’t Have Done That

Shouldn’t Have Done That
Defeat the Dreamer

Story related, Unmissible
None of these story related trophies are missible and you will of course find them as you progress through the game.

All Seeing Eye
Defeat the Stone Golem

Story related, Unmissible
See Shouldn’t Have Done That

Your Royal Highness
Defeat the Red Widow

Story related
See Shouldn’t Have Done That

Mirror, Mirror
Travel to Ward 16 by Way of the Mirror

Unless you look at the code I have provided down below to get this trophy sooner. To get it the ‘normal’ way you must first acquire the keycard and then get to the room with the mirror back in Ward 16.

To get there, once you are back in Ward 16 and up the elevator, go through the single door that unlocked once you shut down the emergency lockdown at the beginning of the game. Follow the path to the right, follow it around and go left to see a set of double doors. Use your keycard here and walk straight ahead to the room with the mirror but be careful of the enemy patrolling this room. After killing it turn around to see the mirror portal. 
You will see this code next to it.

Go through the mirror to return to where you can input codes and change it to the one above and just walk back through the mirror.

Or you can get there earlier by just entering the code above when you first reach the mirror input.

Ball and Chain
Craft a Krell Mace

See Not Your Enemy.

Not Your Enemy
Meet the Krell Blacksmith

The Krell Blacksmith is found at the very beginning of the game. Progress through the level at bit and you will come to this area.

Go through the door on the right to meet the Krell Blacksmith. He will also tell you to bring him the Golem’s eye which you will obtain after getting All Seeing Eye then bringing this back to the blacksmith will award you with the Krell Mace and therefore Ball and Chain

You Can’t Touch This
Acquire the Krell Hammer

You will be required to progress the story to lower the water and reach the following area.

The item to progress is on the right but first head left through the skill door to find this weapon straight.

Don’t Fear the Reaper
Acquire the Labyrinth Scythe

In the rooms and corridors before the entrance to the labyrinth you will come across a broken down enemy. Using the Toy Soldier Wind Up item on it will cause it to move to a pressure pad on the floor that will open up the door next to it. Follow this linear path to find the Labyrinth Scythe.


Point the Sharp End at Enemies
Acquire the Pan Spear

Early on the the Pan area, you will need to find an embalming hook and rope to combine to progress. Where you find the embalming hook, go down the ladder and facing the ladder the door to your left is where the rope is but the door to the right is where you will find the Pan Spear.

Rock Wall
Acquire the Krell Shield

When you reach the area that has your first Krell spear enemy, tuen around to the right to spot the Krell Shield on the wall.

More of a Buckler
Acquire the Pan Shield

You’ll have to find a hidden level to open one of the axe doors. Proceed through and then immediately look to the right and open this next door.
The shield is found inside.

I’ll take it!
Acquire the Krell Hidden Weapon

From the room mentioned in Rock Wall, facing the stairs head through the right corridor then take a left. Go up the stairs to where you will see another spear enemy. Past them you can see a door to your left but ahead of you there is a torch you can interact with to reveal the Krell Hidden Weapon.

First of Many
Upgrade Any Weapon

See Maximum Power!

Maximum Power!
Upgrade Any Weapon to Max Level

Weapons can be upgraded to a max of +5. To upgrade them you use Dragon Shards and Rare Dragon Shards.
Here are the requirements for each upgrade level:
+1: 3 Dragon Shards
+2: 5 Dragon Shards
+3: 8 Dragon Shards
+4: 3 Rare Dragon Shards
+5: 5 Rare Dragon Shards

Riddle me this
Meet the Pan Flautist

Story related, Unmissible
See Too Clever

It Burns!
Acquire the Fire Stone

Close to the start of the game after you reach your second world stone in the next room will be a giant tree.
When you try to go through the door it will grab you and grant you your first power which is the Fire Stone.

Like Thunder
Acquire the Lightning Stone

On your way to where you eventually find the embalming tool and rope, there will be a big set of stairs you go down. Before going left which will progress the story, turn right and follow the linear path to where you will find the Lightning Stone.

Light our Darkest Hour…
Acquire the Sun Stone

In the room before the place in the Krell area that has the big hole in the floor, there is a locked wooden door in front of you. Once you have the master key you can open it to find the Sun Stone.

What Evil Lurks…
Acquire the Shadow Stone

Eventually you will come across a double door with statues on either side. Go straight ahead past this door and you’ll be outdoors again. Clear the enemies and head to the rightmost path (its visually actually straight ahead of you) follow this linear corridor around and down some stairs and you will see the Dragon Statue that contains the Shadow Stone.

Too Clever
Solve the Flautist Riddles

To progress the story you need the flute from the Pan Flautist.
Talk to him and he will ask you riddles, correctly answering all will grant you this item and this trophy.
Get them wrong and you’ll have to fight him to obtain the flute and will void this trophy. Therefore use the answers below to save yourself doing this on another playthrough.

1) A fire
2) A cat
3) ???
4) ???


Hard Choices
Unlock Your First Trait

Every time you die you age up one year starting from age 18. A trait choice will unlock at level 20 and every 10 levels following that.

Strength in Numbers
Put 30 Attribute Points into Strength

See With Age Comes Wisdom

Surprisingly Spry
Put 30 Attribute Points into Agility

See With Age Comes Wisdom

With Age Comes Wisdom
Put 30 Attribute Points into Arcane

Every time you level up you gain 2 points to send on attributes.
While your character’s age is under 30, upgrading Vitality, Agility and Strength only cost one attribute point whereas Arcane costs 3 attribute points.
However above age 30, Arcane will now only cost 2 points.
Therefore for all but Arcane it is best to invest in those first to get to level 30 as getting Arcane to 30 while it costs 3 points is very inefficient. 

I suggest if you don’t get this naturally then simply start a new game, keep clearing enemies for xp then dying to reset them. Selecting the extra xp trait at 20 years old is a good way to speed things up as well.
Also make sure to not spend points until Arcane cost is reduced to 2 points (just keep dying a bunch) and you should by now have levelled up enough to reach Arcane 30. 

Continuance of Life
Put 30 Attribute Points into Vitality

See With Age Comes Wisdom

Old Enough
Complete the Game at age 21 or younger

Every time you die you age 1 year. Starting at age 18 this means you can only die a max of 3 times.
This trophy is made easy by uploading your save to the cloud or USB and downloading it in the event of your death.

Since enemies only respawn when you die you will be limited in how much you can level your character up. I suggest getting all or most of the way through the game with no deaths and then if the final area/final boss give you trouble then you can allow yourself to die as to kill enemies again to level up some more.

Also note that when you reach 20 years old you will gain a trait and this can really help strengthen you up a bit.

Stories of Old
Read 5 Books or Scrolls

See Well Read

Well Read
Read 10 Books or Scrolls

These are all in plain sight and you shouldn’t have to search too hard to find them. There are more than enough throughout the game and it is possible to backtrack and reach all of them.

Hard Choices
Exchange you Starting Weapon with a Krell Version

Potentially Glitched
I did not get this on my first playthrough (casual difficulty) as the character that starts with the axe. I was able to get it on my second playthrough (heroic difficulty) with the character that starts with a sword.

After going through the double doors with the statues on either side proceed up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs go left and you’ll find yourself in a small room with a Krell weapon on a pedestal.
The door will close if you have nothing on the pedestal so take the Krell Weapon and interact with it again to place your starting weapon on it which will open the door back up and award this trophy.

Is this safe?
Acquire a Dragon Heart

Dragon hearts are your healing item in the game. You can find up to 4 of them and they only regain their usage when you die. 
The first one is right at the beginning when you use the portal to go to your first area. There will be a big set of double doors and the Dragon Heart lies straight ahead in plain sight. 

Do it yourself
Create a Rare Dragon Shard

You will find an item called Dragon Oil, combining this with a regular Dragon Shard will turn it into a Rare Dragon Shard.

A Hidden Treasure
Open a Dragon Inscribed Box

These boxes can be found all throughout the game and you only need to find one. They contain either shards or dragon oil used to make a shard into a Rare Dragon Shard. 

The first one you find is located in the corridor before reaching the outside area where the blacksmith is found. It will be through a wooden door and in plain sight. Simply interact with it in your inventory for the trophy. See image below for where this side room is located.

A Small Momento
Return a Keepsake to the Krell King

You will have obtained an item called the Silver Locket. Amongst the corridors leading up to the entrance to the labyrinth you will find a closed door and interacting with it will give you dialogue options to talk to the Krell King. After running through these options you will had over the locket and receive this trophy.

A Heroic Feat
Complete the Game on HEROIC

This is the hardest difficulty of the game and will unlock all other difficulty related trophies as well. So you can technically get the platinum in only 1 playthrough

The Hero’s Journey
Complete the Game on any Difficulty

See A Heroic Feat

A True Adventurer
Complete the Game on ADVENTURE

See A Heroic Feat




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