Cat Quest 2 Review

Welcome to Cat Quest 2, the sequel to the silly, funny, action RPG, Cat Quest. Where you play as two kings. One a cat, and the other, a dog. It’s your job to stop a war from destroying the land, and get two kings to come to their senses.


Now this game’s story is quite good! The writing also really compliments the charm and wit of the world. There’s cat puns galore, and while some are well crafted and funny, some feel forced and out of place. So there were times where I was wondering, why even bother making a pun? The world is beautifully crafted, and this time split into two regions. The Cat Kingdom and the Lupus Kingdom. You slowly learn what the king’s have done to their own kingdom to be able to succeed in the war, and what the citizens think.

There is a surprising twist, that might actually shock you. Although, it is quite obvious what it is, if you pay attention to it all. Though there were a few times where I was zoning out while reading dialogue, because it was never super engaging. But, it was still a fun, silly time!


The game is a basic action RPG though in gameplay. You run around, basically mashing the attack button and the dodge button, for the entire 10 hour playtime. Yes, there are over 100 pieces of equipment to find and upgrade, but there were so many times where I didn’t bother looking at the new equipment, but it was no where close to as good as what I had on. Even after I would upgrade it at the blacksmith!

The nice thing is though, you can have two builds at once. How? Well, you control two characters at once. Or if you have a friend, you can play in couch coop! So one character can be a heavy hitting melee character, while the other is a spell caster from afar! This was a good way to set it up for myself, for when my melee character died. Id then become the magic character and be able to kill the enemies from afar, so I never game over’d while doing the main content. It wasn’t until some side dungeons where I had to change my tactics because of a very hard enemy.

On the top of magic though, is that you can get a dozen spells. All are unique and actually all come in very useful! So I was having a hard time on what to have on my attack buttons, once I would level them up. Although, to level them up, you had to go to a mages tower, and pay gold to level them. This wasn’t bad. The bad thing was that there was only one tower in the whole game! In the first game, there were multiple! So I never had to go out of my way to upgrade my spells to make them better. The trek to the mage tower in this one, stopped me from keeping all my spells up to date for damage.


Now the game has a very nice look to it. It’s vibrant, and bright, and just brings a certain pop to it that you would expect from a game about cats. All the armor and weapons look good as well. With their own separate appeal. Whether it’s maces or wands or helmets or chest plate. When you walk on water, you even get a ripple effect!


Onto the last portion, of this lovely game, is the side content. Ohhhh my the amount of it all! There’s so many quests to do and so many dungeons to see, that there were times where, I wasn’t sure where to start! Side quests slowly unlock as you progress through the story, so you’re not bombarded with them, and the dungeons all have a recommended level for completion, but it was so fun walking around to find the dungeons I could actually do! Yes it sucked when I found a dungeon I couldn’t do because I was too low level, but it also felt great when I completed a dungeon, being a few levels under the recommended! There’s always something to do in the game, that isn’t the main story, and that’s great!


This game is so great to play, even just to relax. There’s so much stuff to do, with silly characters to meet, and a ton of equipment to collect. Even if it’s usually worse than what you have on. The best part is, you can play it in couch coop with someone, for double the fun! I can’t recommend this enough. It does everything the first does, and then some. If that isn’t enough, I don’t know what is.

Cat Quest 2











  • Silly Puns
  • 2 characters for different builds
  • Couch Co-op


  • Some badly placed puns
  • A somewhat unengaging story


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