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Call of Duty: WWII – War Machine DLC Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 5/10.
Estimated time to 100%: 10 Hours.
Trophies: 10. 40-platinum 0 / Gold 0 / Silver 3 / Bronze 7 .
Missable trophies: None.
Glitched trophies: None.
Difficulty related: None.
Playthrough: –


Welcome to the Call of Duty: WWII – War Machine DLC Trophy Guide!
The second DLC for Call of Duty WWII presents a more traditional zombies experience, with a simpler and easier map, and a less annoying and time-consuming Easter Egg.


Step 1: Practice the Map, Grab the Easier Trophies
You should begin this DLC by playing the map a few times to learn the layout, as well as how to get all the melee weapons and the wonder weapon.

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze Das ist gut
Bronze Ballistics Be Damned
Bronze Something Wunderful
Bronze Putting on a Show
Bronze Not a Prayer
Bronze Equal Opportunity Destroyer

Step 2: The Easter Egg
Once you have learned the basics of the map, time to tackle the Easter Egg, preferably using only melee weapons for most of it!

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Silver Stadtjäger Down
Silver Ammo Conservation
Silver This Belongs in a Museum
Bronze Lumberjack

Tips and Strategies:

War Machine is the second of four DLC’s for Call of Duty WWII. Aside from the typical new multiplayer maps, you also get a new zombies map known as The Shattered Throne. This map is noticeably easier than The Darkest Shore. The layout is more simple, the Easter Egg is less annoying, and the map is arguably more fun. That being said, the boss fight can be challenging if you aren’t prepared.

This map is heavily based around using melee weapons, as there are quite a few and they can be upgraded. There are a few good training spots, and a slightly better new wonder weapon in the Wunderbuss. The trophies are mostly based around clearing the EE (preferably using melee weapons) and some miscellaneous objectives.

Map Layout

You will begin in a small area underground. You can take one of two exits to either the apartment buildings or a destroyed building next door. Both of these eventually lead to a main plaza/street . From here, you can go to a museum or the cabaret/theater. Both have exits to a second plaza and a church. There is also the Refuge, accessed during the Easter Egg.

Treyarch vs Sledgehammer Zombies

Sledgehammer’s attempt at a traditional zombies experience is pretty similar overall to Treyarch zombies. You still get points for killing zombies, there are perks and a pack a punch, power ups, and Easter Eggs. However, pretty much everything has a different name, though they will usually be referred to by their traditional names.

  • Points = Jolts
  • Perks = Blitzes
  • Quick Revive = Lebenblitz (green)
  • Double Tap = Kugelblitz (purple, bullet symbol)
  • Stamina Up = Laufenblitz (red)
  • Extra Melee Damage = Faustblitz (purple, fist symbol)
  • Electric Cherry = Schildblitz (yellow)
  • Speed Cola = Schnellblitz (orange)
  • Pack a Punch = Ubersprengen
  • Insta Kill = Totengriff
  • Double Points = Double Jolts/Elektromagnet
  • Max Ammo = Taschen Voll
  • Nuke = Vernichten
  • There is no Juggernaut in this version of zombies. Instead, you will have to purchase armor from Geistchild machines. Normally, you will die on your third hit, but a piece of armor will block one hit. So with full armor, you will die on the sixth hit. Armor increases in price each time you buy it, starting at 500 points.
  • You also have a special meter, which fills up as you damage and kill zombies. This gives you access to your class special ability. There is a power up that fills this meter called Uberladen.
  • There are five types of zombies on this map: normal, pests, wustlings, bombers, and meuchlers.
  • There is no window repairing.

Abilities & Class Loadouts

While the class you choose is heavily up to your own personal preference, as well as the number of players you are playing with, a few very good loadouts have been left below.

Shellshock is by far the best of the four abilities for this map. When activated, it will send out a burst of energy that will temporarily stun and slightly damage all nearby enemies. What makes it so useful is the mods available.

  • Sustain Zone leaves a lingering red circle where the ability was activated. All enemies that step into the circle will be stunned, and some weaker enemies will die instantly. This is insanely useful for reviving, or keeping the heat off yourself and teammates while working on certain steps of the Easter Egg.
  • Exploit Weakness causes enemies to take 3x damage while affected by Shellshock. When combined with Sustain Zone, the enemies will be stuck in place or knocked back and left open to highly damaging attacks.
  • If you are playing in co-op, then either Protector or Defibrillate are a good choice for your last mod. The former gives all allies within range a piece of armor, while the latter will revive nearby downed allies.
  • If you are playing solo, then you may want to use one of the universal mods, or Fiery Burst, which sets nearby enemies on fire.

Freefire isn’t overly useful in Shattered Throne. The boss is only vulnerable for short periods of time, and the map is more heavily based around melee weapons. When activated, it gives the player infinite ammo for a short time, with no need to reload. Any combination of the following mods will generally get the job done.

  • Squad Tactics gives allies increased headshot damage when Freefire is active.
  • Suppressive Fire makes it so that enemies hit while in Freefire are slowed and staggered.
  • Fragmentation Skull increases your personal headshot damage while Freefire is active.
  • Mk II pack-a-punches your weapon while Freefire is active.

Frontline can be a bit helpful during the final battle to deal extra damage when the boss is vulnerable, otherwise it doesn’t do much. When activated, it causes all enemies to follow the player, and that player does double damage while it is active.

  • Vicious increases your damage output in Frontline from 2x to 3x. When coupled with powerful pack-a-punched weapons such as the M1A1 Carbine, SVT, or Bacon and Eggs, this can do insane amounts of damage to tougher enemies and bosses.
  • Team Effort grants the ability’s 2x damage boost to all players, and should absolutely be used in co-op games.
  • Resilient allows you to regenerate health faster while Frontline is active.
  • Determination grants you two pieces of armor when activating the ability.
  • So in co-op, Vicious and Team Effort are very good, while the third ability is up to you. In solo games, you should probably stick with Vicious, Resilient, Determination, or another universal mode you like.

Camo is almost entirely useless, simply stopping the zombies from attacking you for a short time. This ability should be avoided.

Trophy Guide:

Stadtjäger Down upscale-245262160018212
In The Shadowed Throne, defeat the Stadtjäger.

This is the Easter Egg trophy for The Shadowed Throne. The EE is a bit shorter and easier to set up than The Darkest Shore, but the boss fight can be quite challenging. Most of the EE is based around upgrading the melee weapons, along with a few other steps.

Step 1: Contact the Russians

Once you get onto the main street, interact with the radio in the square and note the letter/number combination on top. Now, work your way to the church to find a map and some charts. You will see a pin in one section of the map. Check the section of the charts that corresponds to the pin’s destination. Note the two different frequencies, one for the letters, and one for the numbers. Return to the radio and plug these in. The Russians will ask for help in shooting down Straub’s zeppelin.

In the section outside the museum with the double damage blitz, you will see a glowing flare. Melee or shoot the box a few times to open it, and then melee it again to launch a flare. This will cause the zeppelin to drop anchors around the map, including one right next to you. This will create one of the new fire zombies, causing them to become a common enemy for the rest of the EE. Kill the fire zombie with a melee attack to begin the next step.

Step 2: Build the Wunderbuss

The Wunderbuss is the maps wonder weapon. It fires a stream of energy that kills normal, pest, and fire zombies somewhat quickly. It also has a special attack by hitting  that launches an explosive probe; it will siphon ammo from the zombie it hits and then explode for a decent amount of damage.

Building the weapon is rather easy and only requires two parts: a bolt and a battery. By killing the fire zombie in step 1 with a melee attack, you will obtain the bolt. As for the battery, it is a small cylinder with a red dot, and can spawn in three places:

  • Next to the dead body and armor machine in the museum.
  • Next to the extra melee damage blitz in the museum.
  • On the upper floor of the theater building, next to the gun wall buy.

Once you have both parts, go to the lower floor of the apartments and hold  on the glowing power box to open a sealed room. Once inside, remove the battery from the power box and add the parts to the weapon frame in the middle of the room. Pick up the Wunnderbuss, and use it to power the box to escape the room.

Step 3: Charge the anchors

There are three anchors around the map you will need to charge. One is stuck in the roof of the church, another in the roof of the destroyed building, and the third is the original in the plaza with the double damage blitz. To charge the anchors, shoot them with the Wunderbuss. Each one will require about 125 ammo to fully charge, so this may take a couple rounds.

Step 4: The upgraded axe

Note: steps 4-6 can be done in whatever order you want. Since some steps will require you to wait entire rounds, it is best to try and work on all three weapons simultaneously.

For this weapon, you will need to locate a radio frequency. The numbers can be found in one of six different locations:

  • On a dresser next to the 1500 point door in the cabaret.
  • On the granite slab below the M1 Garand wall buy in the museum.
  • Inside the broken elevator in the apartment.
  • At the base of a pillar directly to the left of the stairs in the museum.
  • In the cabaret backstage, on a crate behind the purple dress.
  • On the ceiling of the doorway that leads between the apartments and main street.

Once you find the frequency, input it into the radio. It will begin broadcasting a 3 or 4 digit number in morse code. The video guide below contains a more detailed explanation and some additional resources to help you translate the morse code. Once you have the 3 or 4 digit code, go to the second floor of the cabaret. You will find a couch with a briefcase and top hat near the wall buy; on it is a magnifying glass to pick up. Take this to the map in the church.

Now, you will have to place the magnifying glass over the correct square on the map. The first number(s) from the morse code corresponds to the horizontal axis, the second number(s) correspond to the vertical axis. For example, if you get the code 12/15, you would move the magnifying glass 12 to the right and down 15.

However, if you don’t really want to bother with the morse code at all, you can technically brute force this step through trial and error. There are at least 13 known coordinates, so you can just input each of those until the step completes. The known codes are as follows:

  • 8/11
  • 10/8
  • 11/8
  • 12/15
  • 12/19
  • 18/5
  • 18/10
  • 18/11
  • 19/21
  • 19/22
  • 19/25
  • 21/19
  • 25/19

Once you have found the correct spot, a cabinet next to the map will open revealing a bowl. Take this to the set of scales at the top of the stairs in the museum and place it. Now, wait until a fire zombie spawns and kill it next to an armor machine. This will cause the head to get stuck in the machine. Purchase armor from that machine to receive the head, and take it to the scales. Finally, kill zombies around the scales until the cabinet opens to reveal the axe.

For each melee weapon step, you will need to take the upgraded weapon to a wall outside the church. The wall will have three holes shaped like the three weapons. Insert the upgraded axe into its slot in the wall.

Step 5: The upgraded baseball bat

In the room where you built the Wunderbuss, shoot the cash register on an upper ledge using the Wunderbuss’s primary fire. It will open and reveal a picture with a radio frequency. Input this into the radio in the main square to contact the Smuggler.

Head over to the BAR wall buy outside the cabaret and you will find a small square grate in the ground. Hold  to open it and begin talking to the Smuggler. He will request a weapon to defend himself. The weapon he accepts seems to be random each game. However, if you look at the desk next to where you built the Wunderbuss, you should see some ammo. Larger bullets means he wants a larger gun such as a sniper or an assault rifle. Smaller bullets indicates an SMG or pistol. Shotgun shells indicate a shotgun. Once he accepts a weapon, you will need to progress two full rounds.

After two rounds, go to the main plaza with the radio and look for another grate; this one will be just down the stairs in front of the cabaret. Open it and talk to the Smuggler again. You will need to drop lots of jolts into the hole. The amount seems to be random and somewhat dependent on the number of players. Once you have given him enough, a prompt will appear on screen and in the notebook saying the Smuggler has been paid.

Now, go down to the room where you built the Wunderbuss and melee the wooden door three times. If it doesn’t work, keep trying on different parts of the door. When it opens, kill the Wustling that spawns and pick up the upgraded bat from the Smuggler’s corpse. Take the weapon to the wall outside the church and place it.

Step 6: The upgraded dagger

Go to the apartment building and enter the bedroom. You will see a picture above the dresser, hold  on it and pick it up when it falls. Next, go to the cabaret and place the painting in front of the projector near the entrance. Look straight up to see a film reel; shoot it, pick it up, and place it in the projector. Shoot it with the Wunderbuss to power it up.

An image of the map will now be projected at the back of the cabaret, showing a green dot somewhere on the map. This dot represents a hidden clown doll, which will function like a soul box. There are nine possible clown doll locations; a link to a map showing and explaining all nine has been included (thanks to for the link). Once you have found the doll, fill it like a soul box, but make sure to keep track of exactly how many souls it takes! This will be important soon. Return to the cabaret and you will find that the green dot has moved. Repeat this process until you have filled four dolls.

WIth those four numbers in mind, go to the safe in the apartment building and input the code. Rotate the dial clockwise three full cycles to clear it. Input the code by turning clockwise, counter clockwise, clockwise, and counter clockwise. You have to be very precise, so this may take a few tries to get it exactly right. Once the safe opens, you can pick up the dagger. Take it to the wall outside the church and place it.

Step 7: Barbarossa’s refuge

Accessing the Refuge from this point is actually rather simple. Once the upgraded weapons have been placed in the wall, they will function as a set of soul boxes. First, you will need to kill 20 regular zombies. Next, you will have to kill 10 fire zombies near the wall, definitely the hardest part of this step. Finally, you will have to kill 10 pest zombies near the wall. It is best to save this step for a pest wave so you can knock it out very quickly.

Once you have charged all the weapons, the nearby wall will open to reveal the Refuge. Have at least one player stay outside training zombies in the main square, and the rest of the players can go into the Refuge. Use the Wunderbuss to charge the battery on the anchor in the center of the area to close the doors and complete the step.

Step 8: The blade

Inside the Refuge, you will see four walls of statues, three walls contain four statues, and one wall only contains three statues. For this step, you need to rotate all the statues so that they face the center of the Refuge. You rotate the statues by shooting or melee’ing them repeatedly. The statues will rotate either 90, 180, or 270 degrees, and some statues will affect other statues around it. Each wall is a separate puzzle with different rules.

You can either try to brute force this step through a lot of trial and error, or you can plug the positions of the statues into a solver. Here is the link to one, and another can be found in the description of the video guide below.

Once you have solved the puzzle, place the ravens that emerge from each of the four walls on the central statue. They will glow red and then scatter onto the ground. You will now need to put them back on with very specific placements. This is very difficult to describe, so refer to the 19:00 timestamp of the video guide. Once all the ravens are properly placed, you can hold  on the statue to retrieve the Blade. Place it in the hole in the wall at the top of the stairs to leave the area.

Step 9: Pre boss

At this point, you will be able to access the boss fight. Before you go in, you have to make sure each player in the lobby has a fully charged Wunderbuss. As for other weapons, pack a punched LMGs, the M1 Carbine, SVT, M1911, 9mm SAP, and MP40 are all good options (the MP40 has a wall buy in the boss arena so you can refill ammo). For perks, if you are going to do this fight the normal way, you will need double tap, speed cola, quick revive, and a fourth perk of your choosing. However, if you are going to use the melee method, then the only major requirements are the extra melee damage perk, quick revive, and the Blade. Jack in the boxes are good for both strategies.

When everyone is ready, have all players get into the drop pod in the main plaza and look up toward the battery. Have everyone shoot the battery with their entire Wunderbuss charge to reach the zeppelin. Once inside, you will be fighting zombies like normal, but you will also find some computer type terminals with a light and wires. You will need to use these terminals to guide the light from the left to the right. Each terminal can only move the light a short distance. Most of the players should focus on keeping the zombies away from the terminals while one player moves the light to Dr. Straub’s chamber. This will activate the boss fight.

Step 10: Boss fight

Surprise! Straub is not the final boss of the map. Instead, you will be fighting the Stadtjager, a heavily mutated zombie. The fight lasts for three main phases. There is a normal method for completing this fight, and there is also a bit of a cheese method that is almost entirely melee driven.

If you are doing the fight normally, then the first phase is relatively simple, The boss will attempt to charge at you, especially after you shoot him. When he charges, orange spots will glow on his body; these are his weak points. The boss himself isn’t too hard to damage or avoid, but you will be getting swarmed with zombies the whole time. If you can, try to have a player lead some of the zombies to another part of the zeppelin so the rest of the team can focus on the boss. Aside from the charge attack, the boss can swipe you if you get close, taking out two armor or 2/3 of your health.

Once enough damage has been dealt, the second phase will begin. In this phase, the boss will be able to shoot powerful saw blades at you, and he will be able to turn some zombies into fire zombies. Otherwise, the strategy is pretty much the same, though he won’t be vulnerable for as long during charges.

Once you have dealt enough damage in the second phase, the final phase will begin. Now, the boss will have a deadly electrical attack where he will electrify a large amount of the ground around him. Not only will this very quickly drain your health, but the electricity will follow him around for a few seconds if he moves. During this phase, you will only be able to do damage when he does the electrical attack, and you will only be able to damage him by using the Wunderbuss. He will still do some charging attacks, and you can still deal a little damage during these segments, but it is best to focus on the Wunderbuss. Eventually, you will deal enough damage to kill the boss. When this happens have all players return to the drop pod to return to the main map. After the ending cutscene you will get the trophy and all six perks.

There is an alternative but rather risky strategy that you can do with 3 or 4 people in the game. As soon as you activate the boss fight, have all players run back to the drop pod. Two or three should stand at the entrance with their swords out, while the final player should stay at the back of the pod. As soon as the boss gets close to the front of the pod, the players in front should start attacking with their swords non stop. The zombies will be unable to get inside, as they will die very almost instantly. The front players will go down A LOT during this fight, and that’s what the last player is for. The player in the back will focus on immediately reviving the players in front. All players should alternate using shellshock or frontline to keep the boss at bay and deal uninterrupted damage. Using this strategy, you can kill the boss in less than 10 minutes, and there is a chance he will never go into his third phase at all. That being said, this method is obviously quite risky, as a few missed attacks or a lapse in concentration and communication could lead to multiple players quickly going down and leaving the survivors unable to escape the pod. Ultimately it is up to you and your squad as to which method works better.

The Shadowed Throne Easter Egg Guide

Credit to MrDalekJD for the video.

Das ist gut
In The Shadowed Throne, find the Ubersprengen.

The Ubersprengen is this game’s version of the pack a punch machine. The machine itself is located in an alcove in the destroyed building next to where you spawn. Unlocking the machine on this map is very easy compared to Darkest Shore and Final Reich, but it will require you to have built the Wunderbuss. Refer to step 2 of Silver Stadtjager Down for instructions on building the weapon.

To access the machine, you will need to activate two hidden panels around the map. For each panel, throw a grenade at it to blow it open, then shoot it with the Wunderbuss. The first panel is located just beyond the gate found in the starting area. The second is on the upper floor of the destroyed building on the same wall as the pack a punch machine. Once both panels are charged you will be able to access the machine and earn the trophy.

Shadowed Throne Pack A Punch Tutorial

Credit to MrDalekJD for the video.

Ballistics Be Damned
In The Shadowed Throne, reach wave 15 using only melee weapons.

Reaching wave 15 with only melee weapons actually isn’t too bad on this map, as there are a bunch of strong/upgraded melee weapons you can use. Unfortunately, this trophy can’t be combined with Silver Ammo Conservation since that trophy allows you to use grenades and the Wunderbuss.

The only upgraded melee weapon that can be obtained without the use of a firearm, grenades, or the Wunderbuss is the upgraded axe. If you obtain this weapon, then you will have little trouble surviving to round 15. Make sure to purchase the extra melee damage perk as early as possible, and buy as much armor as you need. You are probably better off going for this trophy solo or with just one other player, and will probably have to dedicate an entire game to earning it.

Once you hit wave 15 (you don’t have to clear the wave), the trophy will unlock.

Something Wunderful
In The Shadowed Throne, kill 50 Gekocht with the special weapon in one match.

Gekocht are a new type of zombie on this map, and one of the most annoying in the entire game. They will be referred to as fire zombies throughout this guide. During the first step of the Easter Egg, these zombies will start spawning. About every minute, a bolt of lightning will come down from the sky and strike a random normal zombie, turning it into a Gekocht. These zombies are insanely fast, easily able to outrun players, and can down you in two hits, even with armor. Thankfully, they don’t have a lot of health. Also, this lightning only affects normal zombies, not pests or tougher zombies.

For this trophy, you will need to kill 50 of these zombies using the Wunderbuss in a single game. See Silver Stadjager Down for instructions on how to build the weapon. Once you have the weapon, grinding 50 kills is relatively straightforward, but time consuming. The best way to farm kills is to train zombies in the main square. About two minutes into each new wave, fire zombies will begin spawning. Once it spawns, separate yourself from the horde of zombies so the fire zombie can sprint at you. Once it gets near, kill it with the Wunderbuss, and repeat that process until the trophy unlocks. Given that the fire zombies only spawn about once per minute, expect to spend a solid hour on this trophy.

Putting on a Show
In The Shadowed Throne, keep a Gekocht alive on the stage for 1 minute.

This is one of the easier trophies on this map. See Bronze Something Wunderful for more information on the new Gekocht zombies. For this trophy, all players in the game should equip Shellshock and wait until it is fully charged. Then, lead a fire zombie into the theater and onto the stage. Once you are on the stage with the zombie, activate your Shellshock.

Thankfully, this trophy is glitched in a good way. The zombie only has to stay on the stage for about 30-45 seconds for the trophy to unlock. Also, all players in the lobby will get the trophy.

Ammo Conservation upscale-245262160018212
In The Shadowed Throne, obtain the Blade without firing a gunshot.

See everything you have to do for Silver Stadtjager Down? Well, now you have to do the first eight steps (basically the entire EE except the boss fight) without firing a single bullet. This applies to all players in the lobby; if one person fires a bullet, it voids the trophy for everyone. That being said, this trophy isn’t quite as tough as it sounds. The standard melee weapons are powerful enough to one hit normal and pest zombies into the double digit rounds, though it will take a bit more to kill the fire zombies. The upgraded melee weapons that you will unlock during the EE are even stronger, especially if you buy the extra melee damage perk.

Despite what the trophy description says, you don’t just have to attack with melee weapons. Grenades are perfectly fine, and will be needed to dislodge the film reel while upgrading the dagger. The Wunderbuss also doesn’t void the trophy, as it must be used to charge the anchors around the map. Since you need to use the secondary fire against zombies in order to recharge the weapon, it is likely that killing zombies with the Wunderbuss is also allowed. As for the statue puzzle in step 8, you will need to melee the statues many times to move them.

For the most part, the EE doesn’t become too much harder. Obtaining the Wunderbuss and the three upgraded melee weapons shouldn’t be heavily affected, since you don’t have to kill too many zombies on most steps. The toughest part to do without gunshots is any time you have to deal with fire zombies, especially during step 7 where you have to charge the upgraded melee weapons.

This trophy heavily comes down to running through the EE as quickly as you can. It is entirely possible to reach the boss by round 15 if you work quickly and efficiently. The more rounds you complete, the tougher the trophy will become, as the zombies will become tougher and more numerous.

The trophy will unlock upon picking up the blade at the end of step 8 of the EE.

Not a Prayer
In The Shadowed Throne, after round 20, survive at least two full rounds without anyone leaving t

For this trophy, you will need to survive two full rounds past round 20 in a specific section of the church without anyone in the lobby leaving the area. Your playable area is the small square at the back of the church with the mystery box, FG42 wall buy, and the map used during the EE. Stepping all the way up to the hallways on the left and right seems to be enough to void the trophy.

The best strategy for this trophy is to make sure you are well equipped by the end of round 19. Most or all players in the lobby should have jack in the boxes, and all players should have a strong assault rifle or LMG that has been pack a punched. Shellshock is the best class ability, though Freefire and shockingly Camo can be useful. You should also make sure all players have double tap, speed cola, quick revive, and a fourth perk of your choosing, as well as full armor.

Once everyone is ready, head to the church at the end of wave 20 (which will be a pest wave) and get yourself set up. From this point, you will need to survive for two full waves without leaving. Going down is fine, and there is an FG42 wall buy if you run out of ammo. Bringing in consumables isn’t a bad idea. Another strategy is to do this during the EE or after defeating the final boss. Survival becomes somewhat trivial with the Blade’s  attack, especially in such close quarters.

To make this trophy even worse, it is known to be quite buggy. If you enter the church at the end of wave 20, some players will earn the trophy as early as the start of wave 23, while others won’t have it unlock until the start of wave 24. So, if the trophy doesn’t unlock at the start of wave 23, stay in the church and keep clearing waves of zombies until it pops.

This Belongs in a Museum upscale-245262160018212
In The Shadowed Throne, while inside the museum, kill 250 zombies with the Blade in a single matc

You will obtain the Blade during one of the last steps of the Easter Egg, so refer to Silver Stadtjager Down for more information on getting the weapon. The Blade has a very strong  attack that will make quick work of the zombies, killing them in one hit until about wave 24. Unfortunately, for some reason, zombies killed with this attack will not count toward the trophy. Instead, you must use the weak  attack, which is a low range swiping motion that has awful hit detection.

Grinding 250 kills can be tough, and it is highly recommended to do this in co-op. Have one player train some zombies in the main square where the radio is, while the other player farms blade kills in the museum. The outer player can bring in extra zombies and revive the player using the Blade. You should absolutely make sure to always have armor, quick revive, and increased melee damage, and jack in the boxes are certainly helpful.

You can do this kill grind before or after fighting the boss. If you choose to do it after the boss, you will have all six perks, but this of course comes with the risk of dying in the boss fight and having to do everything again.

Equal Opportunity Destroyer
In The Shadowed Throne, collect geistkraft from each zombie type in a single match.

For this trophy, you will need to use the Wunderbuss to collect ammo (geistkraft) from each of the five different types of zombies on the map. Refer to Silver Stadtjager Down for more information about building the weapon. The Wunderbuss has a standard attack that damages the zombies over time, and a special  attack. This attack, which recharges quickly and can be used infinite times, launches a grenade type device that sticks to zombies and absorbs ammo for the main attack. You simply have to hit each type of zombie with this attack for the trophy, no need to kill them with the Wunderbuss.

The zombies you will have to hit with this weapon are as follows:

  • Standard Zombies (wave 1 onwards).
  • Pest Zombies (every 5 waves is a dedicated pest wave, though they sometimes spawn on normal rounds).
  • Bomber Zombies (wave 8 onwards).
  • Wustlings (wave 11 onwards).
  • Gekocht/Fire Zombies (will only appear after completing the first step of the EE).

Do note that you need to finish this trophy before getting all the way through the Easter Egg, as the Gekocht will stop spawning upon its completion.

In The Shadowed Throne, kill a Wustling using each melee weapon in a single match.

Actually not as hard as it sounds. You will need to kill a Wustling with each of the four findable melee weapons on the map: the baseball bat, the trench knife, the pickaxe, and the Blade. The starting melee weapon does not count. It is best to do this in conjunction with the Easter Egg, as you will need to upgrade the first three melee weapons anyway, and the Blade will be obtained later in the EE. Also, make sure to grab the extra melee damage blitz from the museum.

It is highly recommended to use the upgraded melee weapons for this trophy, but if you just want to use the standard weapons, that is acceptable. Refer to Silver Stadtjager Down for instructions on how to obtain all the upgraded melee weapons.

The locations of the standard versions are as follows:

  • The baseball bat is found on a corpse in the main plaza, just across from the radio.
  • The ice pick is found to the right of the stairs in the museum.
  • The trench knife is located at the back of the cabaret, next to the 1500 point door.

You won’t be able to start on this trophy until wave 11, when the Wustlings begin to spawn. Let them charge into a wall, and when they get stunned for a short time, hit them with your melee weapon as many times as possible. Repeat this process until the Wustling goes down. Do this with all four melee weapons to unlock the trophy.

Bug Note: unfortunately, this trophy has a really weird glitch associated with it. For some reason, only one player is able to obtain the trophy in any given game. Therefore, if you are playing in a four player group, you will need to do four separate runs of the map for each player to get the trophy.


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