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Call of Duty: WWII – The Resistance DLC Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 7/10.
Estimated time to 100%: 15 Hours.
Trophies: 10. 40-platinum 0 / Gold 0 / Silver 3 / Bronze 7 .
Missable trophies: None.
Glitched trophies: None.
Difficulty related: None.
Playthrough: 3. 


Welcome to the Call of Duty: WWII – The Resistance DLC Trophy Guide!
The first DLC for Call of Duty WWII brings with it a new zombies map, continuing the story of the new characters as they hunt down Dr. Straub on his island research base. Expect a real challenge this time around!


Step 1: Practice the Map, Get the Easy Trophies
You will want to begin this DLC by playing the map a few times to learn the layout and grab a few fairly easy trophies.

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze Own the Fog, Be the Fog
Bronze Going Up…
Bronze Still Lurking
Bronze I Got This

Step 2: Ripsaw Trophies
The two trophies based around the new Ripsaw wonder weapon are best done in their own game(s), due to the weapon being fairly weak.

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Bronze The Bakers Dozen Massacre
Bronze Always on Spine

Step 3: The Easter Egg
Finally, you will need to complete the map’s Easter Egg and the miscellaneous trophy tied to the Barbarossa’s Pommel special weapon that you get late in the EE.

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
Bronze Severe Pommeling
Silver Making History
Silver Black Winds to Darker Lands
Silver This Damn Island

Tips and Strategies:

The Resistance is the first of four DLCs for Call of Duty WWII. Like most DLCs, it includes some new multiplayer content, but more importantly, a new zombies map, The Darkest Shore. This map takes place after the events of The Final Reich, with the four main characters following Dr Straub to a secret base on an island, tasked with capturing or killing him and stopping the zombie experiments before they can reach other parts of the world.

This is one of the most annoying DLCs in the franchise for trophy hunters. The map is rather large and complicated, and features an Easter Egg that will take even the most experienced players over two hours to complete. It is highly recommended to do most of these trophies, especially the Easter Egg, with a full group of four players, as this will give you more flexibility when it comes to abilities and loadouts.

Map Layout

You will spawn on a beach with only one way up. You can then take a right to a pathway along the cliff, or a left into the interior of the map. You will find a workbench to build the Ripsaw, as well as the submarine pens. Both of these paths will eventually lead you to a concrete staircase to the upper area of the map. Here, you will find the pack a punch on the right, and a path forward to the left. There is also a short path blocked by a gate that will lead back to the cliff pathway. If you keep exploring the upper area, you will reach the artillery bunker. There is also a network of caves that can only be traversed by using mine carts, as well as a secret room that is part of the Easter Egg.

Treyarch Vs Sledgehammer Zombies

Sledgehammer’s attempt at a traditional zombies experience is pretty similar overall to Treyarch zombies. You still get points for killing zombies, there are perks and a pack a punch, power ups, and Easter Eggs. However, pretty much everything has a different name, though they will usually be referred to by their traditional names.

  • Points = Jolts
  • Perks = Blitzes
  • Quick Revive = Lebenblitz (green)
  • Double Tap = Kugelblitz (purple, bullet symbol)
  • Stamina Up = Laufenblitz (red)
  • Extra Melee Damage = Faustblitz (purple, fist symbol)
  • Electric Cherry = Schildblitz (yellow)
  • Speed Cola = Schnellblitz (orange)
  • Pack a Punch = Ubersprengen
  • Insta Kill = Totengriff
  • Double Points = Double Jolts/Elektromagnet
  • Max Ammo = Taschen Voll
  • Nuke = Vernichten
  • There is no Juggernaut in this version of zombies. Instead, you will have to purchase armor from Geistchild machines. Normally, you will die on your third hit, but a piece of armor will block one hit. So with full armor, you will die on the sixth hit. Armor increases in price each time you buy it, starting at 500 points.
  • You also have a special meter, which fills up as you damage and kill zombies. This gives you access to your class special ability. There is a power up that fills this meter called Uberladen.
  • There are five types of zombies on this map: normal, pests, wustlings, bombers, and meuchlers.
  • There is no window repairing.

Abilities and Class loadouts

While the class you choose is heavily up to your own personal preference, as well as the number of players you are playing with, a few very good loadouts have been left below.

Shellshock is almost universally considered to be the best of the four abilities. When activated, it will send out a burst of energy that will temporarily stun and slightly damage all nearby enemies. What makes it so useful is the mods available.

  • Sustain Zone leaves a lingering red circle where the ability was activated. All enemies that step into the circle will be stunned, and some weaker enemies will die instantly. This is insanely useful for reviving, or keeping the heat off yourself and teammates while working on certain steps of the Easter Egg.
  • Exploit Weakness causes enemies to take 3x damage while affected by Shellshock. When combined with Sustain Zone, the enemies will be stuck in place or knocked back and left open to highly damaging attacks.
  • If you are playing in co-op, then either Protector or Defibrillate are a good choice for your last mod. The former gives all allies within range a piece of armor, while the latter will revive nearby downed allies.
  • If you are playing solo, then you may want to use one of the universal mods, or Fiery Burst, which sets nearby enemies on fire.

Freefire isn’t overly useful for a majority of the map, but can make a huge difference in boss fights and fighting Wustlings and Meuchlers on the higher waves. When activated, it gives the player infinite ammo for a short time, with no need to reload. Any combination of the following mods will generally get the job done.

  • Squad Tactics gives allies increased headshot damage when Freefire is active.
  • Suppressive Fire makes it so that enemies hit while in Freefire are slowed and staggered.
  • Fragmentation Skull increases your personal headshot damage while Freefire is active.
  • Mk II pack-a-punches your weapon while Freefire is active.

Frontline serves a similar purpose, being most useful in boss fights and fights against tougher enemies on high rounds. When activated, it causes all enemies to follow the player, and that player does double damage while it is active.

  • Vicious increases your damage output in Frontline from 2x to 3x. When coupled with powerful pack-a-punched weapons such as the M1A1 Carbine, SVT, or Bacon and Eggs, this can do insane amounts of damage to tougher enemies and bosses.
  • Team Effort grants the ability’s 2x damage boost to all players, and should absolutely be used in co-op games.
  • Resilient allows you to regenerate health faster while Frontline is active.
  • Determination grants you two pieces of armor when activating the ability.
  • So in co-op, Vicious and Team Effort are very good, while the third ability is up to you. In solo games, you should probably stick with Vicious, Resilient, Determination, or another universal mode you like.

Camo is almost entirely useless, simply stopping the zombies from attacking you for a short time. This ability should be avoided.

Trophy Guide:

Making History upscale-245262160018212
In The Darkest Shore, escape from the island before the bombing starts.

This trophy is earned by completing the map’s Easter Egg. This is one of the longest EE’s in the entire Call of Duty franchise, with a ton of time consuming and sometimes luck based stages, not to mention the map is more difficult than The Final Reich.

It is highly recommended that you do this EE with four players, though it is technically possible to do solo. At least two players should have Shellshock, with the other players choosing between Shellshock, Freefire, and Frontline. The best weapons to use (when upgraded) are the M1 Carbine, 1911A1, SVT, 9mm SAP, and the light machine guns. It is highly recommended that you bring along some consumables.

Step 1: Turn on the power

The map contains two power switches. The first is just outside the submarine pen, and the second is in the artillery bunker at the very top of the map. Start out by turning both of them on.

Step 2: Obtain the upgraded Ripsaw

Next, you will need to obtain the upgraded Ripsaw. See Bronze The Bakers Dozen Massacre for instructions on how to build and upgrade the Ripsaw.

Step 3: Corpse Head

With the upgraded Ripsaw in hand, go up the stairs directly above the bunker with the Ripsaw. You will see a corpse hanging there. Shoot the head off with the Ripsaw, pick it up, and take it to the submarine pen. Place it on the corpse covering the door near the mine cart.

Step 4: Submarine Pen gas valves

Have one or two players sit inside the submarine pen and get kills next to the corpse door. As soon as they get enough kills, the gate at the entrance of the pen will close, sealing players inside. Any players outside the sub pen will not be attacked by zombies and can infinitely revive the players inside. Once the pen is closed, sections of the floor will begin to catch on fire. Players inside the pen will need to turn three gas valves: two are in the corners of the pen on the wall with the corpse door, and the third is near the stairs. Be patient, and do your best to dodge the fire, as it will kill you very quickly. Once the valves are closed, the fire will stop. Players inside the pen can then open the corpse door by holding  and killing the Brenner zombie inside.

Step 5: Destroy the Stukas

There will now be Stukas flying over the map that can kill you very quickly if you step outside. Have one player go to the upper part of the map and use one of the three flak guns up there to shoot down the stukas. The number you have to destroy seems to be a bit random on each playthrough. You can stay in the guns an infinite amount of time, but the gun will take damage from the planes and zombies if you aren’t careful. The other players in the game should train zombies in the sub pen. The stukas will disappear when the objective updates.

Step 6: Bomber Escort

Go down to the secret room behind the corpse door in the sub pen (which will be referred to as The Freezer) and hold  on the head to summon the artillery bomber, AKA a friendly bomber zombie. You will have to escort it to the artillery bunker. As long as you have some fairly strong weapons and some jack in the boxes, you should be fine. However, if the bomber dies, you will have to wait until the next round to summon another.

Once the bomber has reached the artillery bunker, it will place a battery by the cannon. Charge this like any other soul box. This will be used for the artillery battle step.

Step 7: Build the radio

Note: you can do steps 7 and 8 after the zombie escorts if you want.

You will need to collect two radio parts. The first is on a dead soldier’s body in the upper area of the map, next to the gate that connects you back to the cliffside path. The second part is on the dead body of a pilot hanging above the cliffside path. Shoot the body with a ranged ripsaw shot to drop the part. Take the parts to the table outside the artillery bunker and assemble the radio. Once the dialogue ends, three German warships will arrive.

Step 8: Artillery battle

Have one player go the artillery bunker and the rest go to the sub pen. The player in the bunker will have to destroy the three ships using the artillery cannon. There is a map on the wall that can help you locate the ships, but it is completely possible to just trial and error your way through. If you run out of ammo, you will have to kill zombies in the room, just as you did in step 6. The left side panel changes the elevation of the cannon (it’s range), and the right side panel changes the direction. Once all three have been destroyed, the objective will update.

Step 9: Access the secret room

To access the secret room, you will need to take the mine cart from the upper area to the beach (Graben to Strand), or the beach to the upper area (Strand to Graben). The first time you ride the mine cart on any round, it will be filled with bomber zombies. You need to kill a bomber at a very specific point in the mine cart ride (10:20 mark in the video guide). Then, every time you take that path in the mine cart, you can hold  while facing the hole in the wall to enter the secret area.

Once inside, pick up the monk’s head to the right of the giant stone door, then go back to the crack and hold  to exit to the beach. Take the head to The Freezer and place it on the left side terminal.

Step 10: Obtain the 3 Nerthus stones

You will now need to find three stones to open the giant door in the secret room.

  1. Activate the flak gun closest to the artillery bunker and use it to destroy the nearby boulder. The first stone will drop on the beach.
  2. Use the ripsaw to shoot the stone on the cliff walls multiple times. This step is hard to explain, so it is best to consult the video (12:45 timestamp) for the exact locations the stone can end up. After getting hit a few times, it will drop to the ground and can be picked up.
  3. Harvest a charged spine from a normal zombie and drop that spine into the bucket in the freezer room. This will spawn a normal zombie that will go down to the beach. The zombie shouldn’t be attacked by any other zombies. He will walk into the ocean and bring out the third stone.

Once you have the three stones, take them one at a time to the door in the secret room. Once it opens, kill the meuchlers if you want, then exit the area.

Step 11: Pest Escort

Note: Steps 11-13 can be done in any order.

Harvest a charged spine from a pest zombie and drop it in the bucket in The Freezer. This will spawn a friendly pest zombie that will loop around the sub pen.  This is another step that is very complicated and tough to explain, so consult the video guide (17:00 timestamp) for the step by step process. Basically, you will be bouncing ripsaw shots off of fuses to hit the pest at specific times.

Once this part of the step is complete, all players need to go to the secret room and kill the zombie with the purple glow after the door closes. Once it dies, pick up its head and place it on a hook hanging from the ceiling. This will allow you to leave and complete the step.

Step 12: Wustling Escort

Harvest a charged spine from a Wustling zombie and drop it in the bucket in The Freezer. This will spawn a friendly Wustling. It will follow you around, and will only move if a player is nearby. Have at least one player train zombies somewhere far away. You will now need to lead the Wustling around the map to various perk machines in a specific order.

Start out by leading it to double tap by going to the left from the sub pen and going up the stairs. Next, lead it to the extra melee damage blitz in the artillery bunker, being careful to avoid the stamina up machine; it is best to lead the Wustling off the small cliff and far around stamina up over to the bunker. Next, go back the way you came and let him take stamina up. Finally, lead him down to the beach to take quick revive. If everything was done correctly, he will disappear into the crack in the wall. If you did it wrong, he will die and you will have to start over with a new Wustling. Do note that you can shoot the Wustling if it tries to go the wrong way, just don’t let it get killed by other zombies.

Once this part of the step is complete, all players need to go to the secret room and kill the Wustling with the green glow after the door closes. Once it dies, pick up its head and place it on a hook hanging from the ceiling. This will allow you to leave and complete the step.

Step 13: Charged Meuchler Spine

Harvest a charged spine from a Meuchler zombie and drop it in the bucket in The Freezer. This is by far the hardest spine to obtain, not only because Meuchlers aren’t common spawns, but because of how many ripsaw hits they take to get the spine. It is best to have one player go to the secret room and wait about 45 seconds to automatically spawn a Meuchler. Deal a lot of damage to it with upgraded weapons, and then start trying to harvest the spine. Once you drop the spine in the bucket, a friendly Meuchler will spawn somewhere on the map and will start screaming.

Here, you will need to find the Meuchler three times. Each time you find it, kill any other zombies nearby and melee the friendly Meuchler to make it run away to another part of the map. This step is timed, so have players spread out and listen for the screams. He usually spawns in the upper part of the map in the fog, near the artillery bunker, on the cliff path, or on the beach.

Once this part of the step is complete, all players need to go to the secret room and kill the strongest Meuchler in the center of the room. You will be attacked by a lot of Meuchlers and some normal zombies, so use all your most powerful weapons, abilities, and jack in the boxes to stay alive. Once it dies, pick up its head and place it on a hook hanging from the ceiling. This will allow you to leave and complete the step.

Step 14: Barbarossa’s Pommel

After completing the previous three steps, have one player pick up the Monk’s head from The Freezer and have all players return to the secret room one more time. Placed the head on the final hook, and the door will close. Survive the massive onslaught of zombies for a few minutes and the Pommel will appear on the statue. All players should pick it up and leave the room.

At this point, all that is left is the boss fight, so go ahead and purchase all your perks, weapons, armor, and pack a punch everything. Once everyone is ready, go to the radio outside the artillery bunker and throw the pommel at it. Hold  on the radio for a cutscene and the beginning of the fight.

Step 15: Boss fight

This boss fight is a bit different from the rest of the fights in this game. Instead of one main boss, you will be fighting a bunch of super Meuchlers in multiple locations.

In the first phase, you will be on the beach. All players should camp in front of the mine cart or on the top of the staircase leading into the interior of the map. Alternate throwing the pommel between all players, using shellshock and freefire as needed to hold off the enemies. Don’t worry about ammo usage, as you will get a max ammo at the end of each phase. Once you have done enough damage, the fog will dissipate, the zombies will disappear, and all players will need to ride the mine cart.

In the second phase, you will be in the sub pen. Not only will you have to deal with the zombies and super Meuchlers, but parts of the floor will constantly be on fire. Thankfully, if all players camp on the stairs, you won’t have to worry about the fire. So, just like the first phase, alternate using the pommel and shellshock between all players until the Meuchlers retreat. Take the mine cart to the upper part of the map.

In the third phase, you will be in the upper part of the map. You have a lot more room to maneuver, and you will have access to three blitz machines and an armor machine (in the artillery bunker). Have all players camp in the artillery bunker, as this will allow you to continually grab armor, and use the same strategy as the first two phases. Once you have dealt enough damage, the fog will lift and you will be able to take the mine cart one last time.

For the final phase, you will be back on the beach and actually able to finish off the Meuchlers. All players should camp in front of the mine cart, once again repeating the same strategy as the first three phases. The super Meuchlers you kill will not respawn, so the more you kill, the easier this will become. Once you eventually kill all the super Meuchlers, you will get an ending cutscene, the trophy, and all the perks, though they aren’t permanent in this game.

Credit to MrDalekJD for the video.

Black Winds to Darker Lands upscale-245262160018212
In The Darkest Shore, retrieve Barbarossa’s pommel.

Barbarossa’s Pommel is a special grenade that will explode upon being thrown, then create a bit of a stasis field for a few seconds before exploding again. It will replace Jack in the Boxes if you have them. The Pommel regenerates after 10-15 seconds, so you never have to worry about running out of ammo.

You will gain access to the Pommel upon completion of step 14 of the Easter Egg, so see Silver Making History for more information.

Severe Pommeling
In The Darkest Shore, kill 250 zombies with Barbarossa’s pommel in one match.

See Silver Making History for more information on unlocking the Pommel.

Once you have obtained the Pommel, you will need to grind out 250 kills with it. There are two main ways of doing this:

  1. If you are playing in a solo or two player game, you should train zombies on the beach or in the Submarine Pen. Throw the Pommel, get some kills, let it recharge, and repeat the process until the trophy unlocks.
  2. If you are playing in a 3 or 4 player game, have all players go to the Pack a Punch machine and camp there. Players should then sequentially throw the Pommel, so the zombies will constantly be getting hit and killed. This may take more time due to multiple players splitting the kills, but it is a pretty safe option with a good group.

It is up to you whether to do this before or after the boss fight. Once you have managed to kill 250 enemies in one game with the Pommel, the trophy will unlock.

Own the Fog, Be the Fog
In The Darkest Shore, kill a Meuchler in the fog

Meuchlers are an extremely annoying new enemy type. They look like larger versions of normal zombies with four arms. They are very aggressive, move quickly, and can kill you in one hit. They primarily spawn in the fog, but will also spawn at a few points during the Easter Egg. On higher rounds, more of them will spawn. The fog rolls in every few rounds and covers the outdoor regions of the map, such as the beach and the upper area near the artillery bunker. The fog will last for about 1.5-2 minutes, and the Meuchler will leave the map when the fog leaves.

Meuchlers have a lot of health, with their heads being the weak point. Additionally, the Meuchler will constantly run away and climb walls, only to reappear shortly after, usually somewhere behind you. It is recommended to use Freefire with the Mk II mod and either the M1911, SVT, or M1 Carbine. That mod will upgrade your weapon while Freefire is active, allowing you to fire a long volley of high powered shots, potentially knocking the Meuchler down to prevent escape. Once you have killed one in the fog, you will get the trophy.

During the boss fight of the Easter Egg, you will fight multiple Meuchlers in four different settings, ending on the foggy beach. There is a very good chance you will manage to kill at least one in the fog during this fight.

The Bakers Dozen Massacre
In The Darkest Shore, line up and kill 13 zombies with one Ripsaw shot.

The Ripsaw is the wonder weapon for this map. It is unfortunately one of the weaker wonder weapons in the game, only capable of killing a couple zombies per shot.

To assemble the Ripsaw, you will need two parts, a saw blade and saw handle. The blade is found on the wall directly next to the pack a punch machine.

The handle is found in the artillery bunker in one of three places:

  • On the table next to the perk machine.
  • On the table next to the armor purchase.
  • On the lower bunk bed next to the power switch.

Once you have both parts, go to the crafting table next to the entrance to the submarine pens and hold  to assemble the basic Ripsaw. Purchase it for 2500 points.

You will now need to harvest a charged spine from a normal or pest zombie. To do this, hold  to ready the saw and then attack a zombie, hitting  while the melee animation plays. This will rip out a spine. If the end of the spine has a bright glow and a small red meter appears next to your points, you have obtained a charged spine. Take it back to the Ripsaw assembly. The table will now act as a soul box, so you will need to kill around 25 zombies near the table. Once the weapon is fully charged, you can purchase the upgraded Ripsaw for 500 points if you owned the original version, or 3000 points if you didn’t.

Unfortunately the Ripsaw is not that good of a weapon. This upgraded version can be used as a normal, high damage melee weapon, or you can shoot saw blades that will kill a few enemies in a straight line. For the trophy, you will need to kill at least 13 zombies with a single shot. This is impossible unless you have an insta kill active. The best strategy is to train zombies in the submarine pen either in solo or 2 player, and wait until an insta kill spawns. Pick up the power up, line up your zombies, and hopefully the shot will kill at least 13. Alternatively, you can use your own insta kills that you get from supply crates.

Going Up…
In The Darkest Shore, unlock the Ubersprengen.

The Ubersprengen is this game’s version of the Pack a Punch machine. Unlocking the machine is pretty easy on this map, and will most likely come naturally in a long game, or while going for the Easter Egg.

To unlock the machine, you will need to find three glowing Uberschnalle containers. They are all located in the mines. To get them, you will need to take specific mine cart routes and hold  when you get close to the containers.

The routes are as follows:

  • Beach (Strand on the track switch) <———-> U Boat Pen
  • U Boat Pen <———-> Upper part of the map (Graben on the track switch)
  • Upper area (Graben) <———-> Beach (Strand)

To change the route of the minecart, hold  over the switch at each minecart entrance. Also keep in mind you will need to spend 250 points per minecart ride.

Once you have collected all three glowing containers, take them to the machine next to the Pack a Punch tower (directly above the bunker with the Submarine Pen) and insert them one at a time until the machine is activated.

Still Lurking
In The Darkest Shore, find and shoot Dr. Straub.

Dr. Straub is the main villain of this game’s zombie storyline. Just like in the Final Reich, he will be a gray haired man in a lab coat that can spawn in out of bounds areas of the map. The best place to try and get this trophy is the window on the path that you have to take to leave the beach. If you look through the window, you will see a hallway; this is his most common spawn point. He can also be found randomly in the mine cart tunnels, in the windows of the Submarine Pen, on top of the submarine, and in the windows of the artillery bunker.

The best strategy for this trophy is to walk past the window near the beach once per round until he shows up. Once he does, put a bullet into him to get this trophy.

Always on Spine
In The Darkest Shore, rip out the spine of every Zombie type.

For this trophy, you will need to harvest charged spines from four different zombie types: standard zombies, Pests, Wustlings, and Meuchlers. Bombers and Brenners are not required.

To harvest spines, you will need the Ripsaw wonder weapon, detailed under Bronze The Bakers Dozen Massacre. The regular and pest zombies can be harvested with the initial saw, while the Wustling and Meuchler will require the actual Ripsaw.

The main issue with this trophy, aside from the sometimes low Meuchler spawn rate, is that the spine must be charged to count toward the trophy. When you harvest a spine, it will either barely be glowing, or it will have a bright light at the end. The bright light indicates the spine is charged, and a small red meter will appear in the bottom left of the screen to confirm.

Standard zombies and Pest zombies are easy. They will go down in one hit. If you are using the original saw, then you can just use and  to hit them with a melee attack and harvest a spine.

For Wustlings, you will need to hit them 4-6 times with the Ripsaw. Additionally, you will need to use the bayonet charge to have a chance at harvesting. This is done by sprinting () at the Wustling and hitting your melee button as the enemy is hit. Then, while the animation is playing, start hitting  to rip out the spine. Wustlings begin to spawn on round 11.

Meuchlers are the toughest, as they are not particularly common and take a ton of hits to kill. They will spawn whenever the fog covers the map, and they will spawn constantly during the Easter Egg if you enter the secret room. You will almost certainly need to do some damage to them with other weapons before trying to get the spine. The other issue is that they will often run away before you can do enough damage to get the spine. It is best to have a good Shellshock or Frontline loadout to stun the enemy and do more damage.

I Got This
In The Darkest Shore, survive the initial beach rush without using any machine gun turrets.

At the beginning of each playthrough of The Darkest Shore, players will spawn on a beach on round 0. You will be attacked by a large wave of zombies coming out of the water. You will have access to the M1 Carbine and Quick Revive Blitz, as well as a couple mounted machine guns. For this trophy, you have to survive this initial rush without using the machine guns. This is actually extremely easy, as the zombies go down in just a few pistol shots or a single melee. If you start to get overwhelmed, feel free to buy the Carbine. Once round 0 ends, the trophy will unlock.

This Damn Island upscale-245262160018212
In The Darkest Shore, explore the entire island.

The Darkest Shore is a medium sized map with a fair number of areas to explore. Most of them can be discovered with no issue by simply running around the map and opening all the doors. As long as you enter the beach, submarine pen, artillery bunker, and all the connecting pathways and tunnels, you will pretty much be done with this trophy. The mine cart routes are not required.

However, you won’t be able to complete this trophy until you reach step 9 of the Easter Egg, as the secret rooms count toward this trophy. For more information on this room, Silver Making History for more information on this room.

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